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What is CrazySpence?

I am an Itani, have been since the old days when it was just plain blue. In the olden times I would get in golds way by heavily mining the flag in sector 1 to the point that it would take 30-45minutes before the flag could even begin to be touched.

These days CrazySpence mainly escorts convoys through Grey space. CrazySpence also owns the system of Pelatus and will sometimes patrol there to make sure everyone stays out. His favourite game is to tease pirates by announcing is trade routes then escaping or killing the pirate and taunting them about their failures

Should I be afraid?

No it is just a game silly. I will only attack if....

  • You are red on my screen
  • Trying to pirate me or others
  • Free for all battle in some sector
  • Guarding my system Pelatus and you do not say "Hail to the King, baby!"
  • Attacking my convoy


  • I fly a hog 90% of the time. I have been for over 6 years
    • Warthog Mark II - This is the hog of choice, handles well, infinite turbo but lacks in manueverability vs IBG or Rev C centurion's
    • Warthog Territorial Defender - This is the dream fighter of the hog pilot. If you are intent on short range dogfighting this thing has the speed, the moves, and the armour to do it in. So hog pilots, do not alienate the UIT for they hold the key to make all of your glorious dreams come true!
    • My weakness is prom pilots 1v1, the hog is undermatched versus the standard weapons config of the prom pilot I have been able to beat proms but usually at the cost of my own ship as well so beware!
  • I have favourite ships that I like to engage if you are an enemy target and flying one of these be sure I'll be knocking on your six
    • Centurion IBG or Rev C's - While I do mention the Mark 2 is at a disadvantage with these usually in my hands it is not! most people who pilot these super cents are over confident and I can usually chew their ship to bits.
    • Warthogs - Nothing is more exciting to a hog pilot than to engage one of his fellow warriors in combat!
    • Vultures - Vulture pilots are cunning and a worthy prey
  • I never keep a lot of cash on hand because trading is boring
  • Obsessed with Wing Commander. Do not be suprised if the 3 capital ships in my future fleet start with TCS.

What I am upto Currently

  • PCC Member
  • Creating Missions
    • In the pipe:
      • Training day (4 missions)
      • The Price of loyalty (4 missions)
      • Counter Strike (1 mission)
  • Updating the wiki's info
  • Combating wiki spam


  • The other side of the universe (5 missions)
  • The Gauntlet
    • This mission will test the endurance of new players with 4 rounds of 3 wave attacks. Each round ending with an XP reward. Round 5 pits the new player against a heavily armed bot
    • Lvl 2-4 at any barracks station
  • Help! Rogue Queen detected
    • This mission requires the new player to destroy the hive bots escorting the Queen so a wave of rags can make quick work of it
    • Lvl 0-5 at any barracks station


Alpha tester.pngBeta tester.pngTrader.pngRibbon trader 10000.pngRibbon pk 25.pngRibbon pk 100.pngRibbon pk 500.pngRibbon hive 500.pngRibbon queen 10.png