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Vendetta version 1.6.15

  • Corvus stations don't have license restrictions for equiping weapons
  • right-justifymmo prices in Welcome menu
  • added 'c' to end of credit string in secondary info region
  • new equipment sell menu uses tree control to see and sell local items.
  • moved tabs around
  • merged ship status and select tabs in new interface
  • mission timer is in location region for PDA and station menus
  • purchase preset button is greyed out if there is nothing defined for that preset
  • moved some buttons around in Purchase Ship menu
  • "You cannot afford this item." is displayed in info of item if you cannot afford it
  • mouse wheel up defaults to "Select Next In Front"
  • fixed some lua errors
  • removed mouse-over sounds from edit boxes

Vendetta version

  • radar detection distance increased from 3000m to 5000m
  • fixed lua error when trying to Unload & Sell in new Welcome menu
  • fixed bug where wrong tab is highlighted when station bar is updated
  • engines can no longer be removed from ships
  • Buy and Sell Ship tabs now just say Ship because Buy and Sell is implied by the tab they're in.
  • mission log should always retain the mission names now.
  • new mission is selected in mission log when new mission comes in.
  • fixed bug with HUD settings being saved in the wrong format to config.ini
  • HUD target name doesn't clip as short now
  • fixed bug with HUD cargo box not showing more cargo icons when acquiring a third cargo icon
  • glowborder capability for buttons
  • right-justify matrix columns with numbers in them
  • fixed typo in message when trying to launch without power cell

Vendetta version 1.6.14

  • fixed a bug when running VO on an intel mac with OS 10.4.6
  • mac version should now properly detect gamepads
  • fixed lua bug when trying to set up HUD Settings with old HUD
  • fixed a bug where ship mass was displayed as 0kg in station
  • new station welcome menu for new station interface
  • HUD visibility settings work better
  • display your licenses in secondary info area in station and pda
  • 'Choose a color:' label for ship purchase menu
  • HUD target info shows cargo quantity and volume
  • HUD self-info shows cargo used and max capacity
  • new interface uses new maximized chat window style
  • addons/cargo icon containers in HUD shrink if there are not enough icons
  • fixed some typos
  • engines can no longer be detached from a ship through lua

Vendetta version 1.6.13

  • fixed bug with not being able to chat while jumping/warping
  • fixed bug where ending a mission may not update the available mission list
  • all ships in a station are visible but not purchasable
  • all items show their license requirements everywhere now
  • sort unusable (but purchasable) addons to the bottom of the lists
  • addon names are red in new station buy menu if they are purchasable but not equipable. they have a grey background if they are not purchasable due to them being too expensive
  • new hud options in Options->Interface->HUD Settings (only works for new HUD, not the default HUD)
  • ship name doesn't show up in target scan info region anymore
  • when cargo floating in space is selected, it displays what it is in the target info region instead of the target scan info region
  • changed selected color of text list boxes
  • default HUD license watch is now Light Weapons instead of Combat
  • station and pda main tabs are a little smaller now
  • display fact that there are no active missions if there are no active missions in mission log
  • portconfig displays stats of items in ports, etc...
  • equipment sell tab contents are broken into types, like the buy tab is
  • ship mass is displayed in personal info on right side of pda and station menus
  • Ion Blasters dropped by hive bots are now labeled as Hive Ion Blasters
  • moved station bar into commerce tab
  • don't notify player when someone leaves the bar
  • showbarupdatenotification config.ini setting
  • new powerbar textures for new hud
  • new radio button texture
  • changed uv coordinates of new hud powerbar skins

Vendetta version 1.6.12

  • corrected in-game news timestamp
  • fixed key-repeat in linux; it affected the new animated zoom-in feature
  • new HUD enabled when 'Use New Interface' is selected in Interface Options menu
  • client tries to fix-up the completed missions list when client doesn't terminate properly
  • some lua bug fixes

Vendetta version 1.6.11

  • fixed luaerror when receiving updated medal info
  • fixed spelling in the text for new commodities
  • station's desired items are listed in Welcome screen instead of as a news article
  • news headlines are auto-requested upon entering a sector instead of them heving to be manually requested
  • for skinning purposes, the HUD's leadoff reticle is made of two textures instead of one now: hud_target.png and hud_target_over.png
  • fixed a performance issue when missions are updated
  • zoom-in changed to animated zoom
  • missionchat is changed to a function instead of an alias. This will cause an error message to be generated once.
  • non-mission msgs are no longer flagged as mission msgs. This stops advancement messages from triggering the mission tab
  • news article dates are in-game dates now: 4434
  • Pirates are now limited by the same 1000m distance to determine warp-destination as players (they won't follow psychically)
  • If you warp away while a pirate is counting down, it will stop the countdown and start the chase
  • If you kill a pirate while they're counting down, chase starts
  • Respawning and limiting of pirates improved
  • Liquidation mission no longer exploitable
  • Increasing rewards for Liquidation- no more multiple missions per character
  • Improved messages in Liberation and Liquidation

Vendetta version 1.6.10

  • fixed a lua error when player receives a license level increase
  • fixed problem with pressing OK in Change Video Driver dialog and driver wasn't changed
  • changed 'Civilian textiles' to 'Civilian Textiles'
  • license levels are only checked when equiping addons
  • license levels are not checked when purchasing addons (but accomplishments, etc... still are)
  • license levels are always displayed
  • addons can be put into ship cargo area
  • more trade goods.

Vendetta version 1.6.9

  • fixed all references to 'battery' and changed them to 'power cell'
  • changed zoom button to 'Zoom to System' in nav menu
  • client updates faction/licenses correctly now
  • hud weapon progress bar is now more accurate and doesn't reset when the hud is closed and opened
  • new station/pda current cargo count is updated when cargo count changes
  •  %lastprivate% variable for who last msged you, so we can make a /msg %lastprivate% command and a /reply command.
  • station prevents someone from connecting an addon if they don't have the required licenses
  • tried to make advancement log only update when it is visible
  • changed sort function in ship load/unload tab to sort by name first
  • changed order of station dialog closing to handle port auto-save properly
  • support for animating controls. HUD cargo element uses this
  • mining tutorial uses 1) 2) menu so it works in the new station interface
  • limited support for hotkeys in pda and newstation

Vendetta version

  • bugfix for Logitech G15 keyboard LCD display crash (Windows only)

Vendetta version

  • fixed lua bug which occurred when the weapon group keys weren't bound
  • jettison menu cargo mass was off by a factor of 10
  • fixed tab highlighting bug

Vendetta version 1.6.8

  • pda closes when in mission log tab and player presses m
  • fixed help text in weapon group tab to say 1-6 instead of 1-7
  • fixed /wait command to not lua error if run with no params
  • fixed a couple lua errors if mission text file is corrupt
  • help buttons work now
  • joystick calibrator for mac should work and not have a white background
  • advancement log properly autoscrolls to the bottom unless you scroll it up
  • jettison menu allows 1-9 keys to be used to quickly jettison that indexed item
  • jettison menu doesn't falsely select items when they are added to the list
  • interface options menu has 'Show Tool Tips' setting
  • weapon groups are now saved when you leave the tab or change groups
  • weapon group key binds are shown in the interface
  • fixed guild and advancement tabs so they don't retain info from a previous login.
  • changed the word 'jump' to 'wormhole' in trade missions
  • pda's character tab will open with k if you don't have a target
  • taking a mission will auto-select the mission log tab now
  • Load/Unload tab shows ship's cargo used and max cargo above ship's cargo
  • jettison button no longer clips text when it goes to 'Jettison Selected'
  • print msg to new group member saying that they joined the group.
  • fixed problem with heavy behemoths dropping their cargo when docking in escort missions
  • new station interface should properly update when your faction standing or license level changes
  • changed names of all batteries to powercells
  • new station interface has faction text

Vendetta version

  • /TtGg doesn't create a lua error when done in HUD chat now
  • commodities are sorted the way they usd to be in buy list
  • fixed lua error in mission dialog when clicking on items
  • fixed problem of pressing Escape in maximized chat while in space causing HUD to regain capture

Vendetta version 1.6.7

  • fixed a lot of corner cases with the network code - should be more reliable across the board, including a fix for the sectors-not-starting problem
  • Weapon groups have been significantly changed.
  • Station news has been significantly changed.
  • new weapon grouping interface.
  • fixed background image coordinates for 3d ship in station menu
  • addon/group tab properly updates when info changes
  • pressing the j/n/u keys in the PDA tab will open the proper tab
  • pressing Escape in station menu opens the Options menu
  • moved Hail, Show Help In HUD, Font Scale settings into Interface menu from Controls->Input menu
  • only generate mission response buttons for the last line of the mission log
  • fixed some lua errors.
  • mission list is moved to PDA
  • you may view news in the PDA
  • mission text is now white
  • double-clicking on text of branch in inventory menu toggles the branch
  • /TtGg will auto-check the appropriate chat mode
  • /number will auto-join the specified channel
  • hail is saved per-character now and can only be set when logged in
  • more Help buttons, but they don't do anything yet
  • fixed all the bugs in the msgboard and luabugs
  • mission info is saved when it updates instead of when player logs out
  • pressing Escape in station chat doesn't go to options menu and instead just cancels chat
  • Intel macbooks and macmini users can enable texture compression so they can increase texture resolution and make VO look better if they are using OS X 10.4.7
  • news headline list is requested by client now.
  • current cargo count is updated when inv changes in jettison tab
  • focus isn't changed if items in jettison tab don't have focus
  • moved PDA tab to right side like it is on the station menu
  • old station uses new weapon groups
  • fixed bug with turning off new station interface
  • pressing 'm' will bring up the PDA with the mission tab active if using the new station interface
  • station bar is back for now
  • HUD chat tab isn't re-set to general all the time now
  • station bar tab text doesn't go red whenever you dock now.

Vendetta version 1.6.6

  • Added option for new (still a work in-progress) station/PDA interface
  • Hopefully fixed problem where sectors sometimes wouldn't start until you logged out and back in
  • Initialized random seed so that the name generator will generate names that aren't already taken

Vendetta version 1.6.5

  • Fixed mission menu problems
  • Escort, hive, and border skirmish missions now set nav routes for you
  • Fixed bug where escort missions wouldn't end
  • Border skirmish Heavy Assault Cruisers were not named properly; now they are
  • Fixed station inventory bug specific to Intel Macs
  • Added new capital ship -- the TPG Constellation

Vendetta version

  • Fixed several client crashes
  • Fixed bug where buyback sometimes wouldn't show up
  • Added network compatibility option; use this if you experience any problems connecting.

Vendetta version 1.6.4

  • Mission bugfixes (Trade Guild, Mining Tutorial, andRecon/Spy missions particularly)
  • Minor graphical fixes (planet bumpmaps, etc).
  • Lessened damage and increased force of Queen explosions
  • Network bugfixes and performance enhancements
  • Fixed various Hive Skirmish bugs

Vendetta version 1.6.3

  • Planets use bumpmap shaders if available
  • Fix for arrow-key cursor movement in Notes menu
  • Players no longer get put into a turret when they dock to a capship under certain circumstances
  • Major hive changes

Vendetta version 1.6.2

  • Default proximity distance is now 2000 m
  • Proximity distance is set when enter is pressed or when focus leaves the edit box
  • Proximity distance and checkbox settings are now saved properly
  • PDA mission tab: notes, advancement log, mission log; advancement log isn't saved across logins and mission log and notes are saved client-side
  • Raptor weighs slightly less and has more cargo capacity
  • Bus turbo energy drain is slightly less
  • Increased recharge rate of Free and Light batteries

Vendetta version 1.6.1

  • Fixed an error in Debeb's background

Vendetta version 1.6

  • New PDA interface, includes new proximity warning system
  • More shaders
  • Fixed glow problem on intel macbook pro
  • Fixed inventory item pricing bug in station ship cargo menu when worth is same as cost
  • Char stats are auto-updated when logging in on Logitech G15 keyboards
  • Added label to joystick config menu to show that you can select different joysticks
  • Fixed crashing problem on Intel Mac Mini, but it is not optimized
  • Forcefully disable shaders for SiS760 chipset
  • Sector lighting changed significantly
  • More detailed asteroids