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(Added 1.8.432 & 1.8.433)
(Updated with 1.8.434-1.8.436, which roll out more (very large) test sectors in latos for feild debris)
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<div style="float: right;">__TOC__</div>
<div style="float: right;">__TOC__</div>
== Vendetta 1.8.436 ==
* New "Debris Test" sector in Latos D-14. This sector uses new asteroid-style debris, as opposed to exploded-ship and battle debris, but in much the same way these objects are physically interactive. The asteroid-derived debris has much higher mass than the ship paneling, as one might expect, but it will move if struck with enough force. We're still optimizing the performance of these kinds of sectors, to potentially use this type of content more widely in the galaxy.
* Fix for high-resolution asteroid on PC that was not loading correctly.
== Vendetta 1.8.435 ==
* New Centurion graphical ship assets, across all platforms.
* Fixed mouselook for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
== Vendetta 1.8.434 ==
* New Capella hulk assets.
* New enemy NPCs in Latos F-12.
* Updated test debris sector in Latos F-12, much denser debris (some slower devices may have performance issues).
* Debris chunks are no longer selected when selecting enemy ships.
* Engine performance optimizations for large debris fields.
* Fixed menu problem with lower-resolution Android devices.
* Linux version now properly selects the default desktop resolution instead of 800x600 for new installs.
== Vendetta 1.8.433 ==
== Vendetta 1.8.433 ==

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Note: Items in italics denote additions that were not mentioned in the official changelog.


Vendetta 1.8.436

  • New "Debris Test" sector in Latos D-14. This sector uses new asteroid-style debris, as opposed to exploded-ship and battle debris, but in much the same way these objects are physically interactive. The asteroid-derived debris has much higher mass than the ship paneling, as one might expect, but it will move if struck with enough force. We're still optimizing the performance of these kinds of sectors, to potentially use this type of content more widely in the galaxy.
  • Fix for high-resolution asteroid on PC that was not loading correctly.

Vendetta 1.8.435

  • New Centurion graphical ship assets, across all platforms.
  • Fixed mouselook for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Vendetta 1.8.434

  • New Capella hulk assets.
  • New enemy NPCs in Latos F-12.
  • Updated test debris sector in Latos F-12, much denser debris (some slower devices may have performance issues).
  • Debris chunks are no longer selected when selecting enemy ships.
  • Engine performance optimizations for large debris fields.
  • Fixed menu problem with lower-resolution Android devices.
  • Linux version now properly selects the default desktop resolution instead of 800x600 for new installs.

Vendetta 1.8.433

  • Fixed mouse issues when closing the PDA on the Mac OSX version.

Vendetta 1.8.432

  • The buzzing sign sounds are now muted when docked to stations.
  • Added a $2.99 Bag of 250 Crystals in-app purchase product for Play Store and Apple Store.
  • For mobile players, Station Storage rent now costs 25 Crystal per 10,000 CU in addition to credits.
  • Lite mode now adds a 50% increase to the maximum amount of daily crystal from NPC kills.
  • Fixed wrong menu being displayed after timing out from the server the first time the game is run.
  • Updated the initial Tilt/Touch menu on first run to be less confusing.
  • Added warnings for new players when attempting to set up a nav route outside of their nation.
  • Added HUD warnings when leaving your Capitol system for the first time and when entering nation border wormholes.
  • Increased the resolution of the Mic image in the virtual keyboard.

Vendetta 1.8.431

  • Your Home Station is now set to the station you're launching from if you're currently homed to a Training Station and you're no longer in the Training Sector.
  • If you have a Training Blaster and you're not in a Training Sector, performing a Buy Back after your ship explodes replaces it with a free Government-Issued Plasma Cannon.
  • Tilt calibration menu now displays the current tilt angle to help explain what it's doing.
  • Updated Training IV Station Interface tutorial mission to refer to swiping on touchscreen devices that are using Condensed UI mode (mainly phones).
  • In-App Purchasable item descriptions can now be canceled immediately instead of having to proceed to the given App Store's IAP menu and cancel from there.
  • The exit nav point in Training Sectors no longer choose a point behind the large station asteroid.
  • Fixed the direction of trackpad and mouse wheel scrolling on Mac OS X.
  • Added a Show Password toggle in the account conversion menu to reduce mistakes when entering a password and confirming it.
  • Fixed issue with XInput gamepads not getting their analog inputs set up properly on first detection on Windows.
  • Fixed spickle error message in the errors.log file.

Vendetta 1.8.430

  • Latos F-12 demonstration sector is now a larger and more complex scene, using all the capships hulks and floating pieces.
  • Mac version now requires OS X 10.9 or newer, and only supports 64bit Intel processors.
  • PowerPC support has been formally and permanently dropped from Vendetta Online.
  • Mac version defaults to OpenGL 4 drivers for all new installs. We recommend existing users also switch to GL4, and help report any remaining issues.
  • Mac GL4 version's auto-detection of discrete vs integrated GPUs and default graphics options have been updated to match the DirectX 11 version.
  • Mac Retina display support is now possible. Defaults to "off", but may be added with "Enable Retina Support" in Video Options. It may impact performance.
  • Mac version should now better handle Cmd-Tab, "Spaces" (virtual desktops), and other MacOS features.
  • iPad version now uses specialized archive files with much faster load times.
  • iPad users may now configure their gamepad sensitivity curves, under Options -> Input.

Vendetta 1.8.429

  • Items and Ships that are visible in the station menu, but not purchasable by the user, will now provide a more detailed explanation of their purchase requirements.
  • Fixed issue where selecting an un-purchasable addon via the arrow keys caused the 'Purchase Selected' button to not become disabled.
  • Fixed issue with the description of un-purchasable addons showing a "Item will be placed in station storage." message.
  • Added more hulk and space-junk assets, not yet released into the demonstration sector.

Vendetta 1.8.428

  • Updated Constellation hulk collision mesh.
  • Added more types of collidable debris.
  • Fixed possible crash or extreme memory usage under certain circumstances when starting Vendetta Online.

Vendetta 1.8.427

  • Added five new types of physically-interactive space debris.
  • Space debris can now be damaged and destroyed.
  • Latos F-12 test sector updated to use additional types of debris.
  • Capship hulk no longer requires 3000m distance for sector jump.
  • Capship hulk is now dynamically colored to a random color.

Vendetta 1.8.426

  • New test-content in sector Latos F-12, featuring dynamic ship debris and a damaged Constellation "hulk". The new dynamic debris can be pushed around and impacted by explosions, and will physically interact with objects in the sector. The new "hulk" objects are intended to be used for upcoming dynamic gameplay of discovery, rescue, salvage and other situations.
  • Fixed buffer overrun that could cause crashes at exit on some platforms, mainly Windows.

Vendetta 1.8.425

  • Players are no longer penalized for killing another player with their ship's explosion if they were killed by someone else.
  • When chatting while warping out, the virtual keyboard no longer disappears.
  • Increased accelerometer deadzone for mobile devices.
  • Advanced Options menu buttons now support the Touch-Hover feature like the main Options menu.
  • 'Enter Game' menu buttons now support the Touch-Hover feature.
  • Moved General tab's touch settings into a 'Touch' tab in the Controls menu.
  • Tabs are now larger in the Controls menu.
  • Tilt Sensitivity slider is larger in the Tilt tab in the Controls menu.
  • Fixed green texture on station docking bays on iOS.
  • Hide the 'Don't show this again' check for the Swipe to change menus message when entering station/PDA for 3 times.
  • Removed the 4:3 HUD option for mobile devices.
  • If a mission becomes unavailable just as you attempt to take it, it no longer says "error".
  • Renamed Input tab name to General in the Controls menu.
  • Renamed Accelerometer tab name to Tilt in the Controls menu.
  • Renamed Sensitivity to Tilt Sensitivity in Tilt tab of the Controls menu.
  • Removed Mouse tab in the Controls menu on iOS and Android.
  • Removed Keyboard tab in the Controls menu on iOS.

Vendetta 1.8.424

  • Fixed occasional crash on Android when scrolling the Sensor Log.

Vendetta 1.8.423

  • Fixed Samsung GearVR remote controller issues.
  • Optimized multi-threaded rendering.
  • Added basic Oculus Rift Touch controller support.
  • Fixed tutorial text for GearVR.
  • Increased the quality of dynamic shadows being cast onto the cockpit for Rift and Simulated VR mode on PC.
  • Adjusted the positions of HUD displays when using the Alternate 1 cockpit in VR.

Vendetta 1.8.422.1

  • Update to Daydream version to quit to 2D when the Back button is pressed.

Vendetta 1.8.422

  • Fixed collision hull of new Centaur ship to prevent it from bumping into capships when launching.

Vendetta 1.8.421

  • Fixed crash on exit on Windows 7.
  • Fixed lua error when logging off after changing the UI font.

Vendetta 1.8.420

  • New Centaur graphical ship assets, across all platforms.
  • New Ragnarok and Hornet graphical ship assets now available on iOS.
  • Improved Windows XInput device detection.
  • Fixed lines disappearing in Gamepad menu on Windows.

Vendetta 1.8.419.2/3

  • Fixed potential crash when quitting on Android.

Vendetta 1.8.419.1

  • Fixed blank screen on startup for Android HD and VR versions.

Vendetta 1.8.419

  • Android gamepad analog sticks now use a linked sensitivity curve.
  • Updated damage indicators for the new Hornet and Ragnarok.
  • Added a Gamepad Settings menu for PC when a gamepad is detected.
  • Fixed blank screenshots on Windows when Anti-Aliasing is enabled.
  • Fixed VR settings not getting properly reloaded when a gamepad is detected.
  • Fixed plugin issues when changing HUD options to hide touch-region discs or changing the size of the regions.
  • When a player with a passenger enters a sector and they are hated by the monitoring faction and the passenger is also hated by the same faction, the passenger no longer gets ejected.

Vendetta 1.8.418

  • Goliath may now be manufactured from the shipyards in Latos.
  • New Ragnarok graphical ship assets, across all platforms except for iOS (delayed there, but coming soon).
  • Older non-manufactured Goliaths purchased through the LTS testing program have been revoked, but their inventories and addons will be retained in the respective stations.
  • All Manufacturing missions will now return components to inventory if the mission is aborted before the current set of objectives are achieved.
  • Fixed possible buffer overrun in multi-threaded renderer when there are a lot of effects going on at the same time.
  • Fixed issue with many effects starting up concurrently when a entering a sector that has been running while empty of players.
  • Input menu should now fit on smaller screen mobile devices.
  • Touchscreen HUD components are now sized and placed relative to a 1920x1080 screen size for phones that are higher resolution.
  • Fixed an issue with the look-around tutorial in the Offline Training Simulator where it stopped responding to input.
  • Added option to hide the touchscreen discs on the HUD. It is located in Options -> Advanced -> Interface -> HUD Settings

Vendetta 1.8.417.1

  • Reverting Gear VR version due to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ crashes.

Vendetta 1.8.417

  • New Hornet graphical ship assets for Android.
  • Added "Designate Enemy" option in the Target HUD menu. It tags the currently selected ship as an enemy when pressed.
  • Added optional larger HUD touch regions on Android and default to using it on phone-scale devices.
  • Touchscreen analog (left) throttle/strafe region now uses linear input for more rapid response.
  • Touchscreen analog (right) orientation input now defaults to an improved "vector cube root" curve.
  • Multiple input curve options now available for both touchscreen analog regions.
  • Touch input regions now use linked X-and-Y axes for more uniform sensitivity.
  • Disabled input filtering for touchscreen devices, with options to re-enable.
  • Touch tracking circles are now drawn in the HUD touch regions.
  • New "flight/strafe" tutorial back-propagated from "HD" version to regular Android release.
  • All Android versions now default to the Platinum UI skin.
  • Android non-VR font now defaults to NTR-Regular.
  • Removed un-needed "Use UI With Head Tracking" option for Gear VR and Daydream.
  • Worked around device problem on Mali-G71-based devices, such as "international" versions of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Vendetta 1.8.416

  • Gear VR update: Temporarily reduced graphical quality defaults on Mali G71 graphics processors (Exynos S8 and S8+) to improve game stability, based on S8 user feedback. Greater debugging process with ARM is on-going.

Vendetta 1.8.415

  • Improved graphics for Hornet variants, on PC platforms.
  • The old EC-88 is now only available in the Latos N-2 station. Related missions have been updated to indicate this.

Vendetta 1.8.414

  • Fixed potential crash on Android Daydream version.
  • Daydream version now defaults to "look-to-select" user interface, if a full gamepad is detected.
  • VR Cockpit now defaults to Alternate 1 when HUD is not in locked-to-head mode on Android.
  • Moved the radar displays inward and chat display downward when VR HUD is in locked-to-head mode on Android.
  • Added Render Depth setting for VR Android versions. Gear VR version requires updated app from the Oculus Store.
  • Added better error messages when unable to create a new one-click account on Android.
  • Touchscreen strafe tutorial no longer resets when the screen stops being touched.
  • Changed exit timer for backgrounded Android versions to 20 minutes from 60.
  • Added a 30 second progress meter to the radar-look-select VR tutorial.

Vendetta 1.8.413.2

  • Reverted change that made Android HUD buttons too wide.

Vendetta 1.8.413.1

  • Fixed missing background stars in new strafe tutorial.

Vendetta 1.8.413

  • Added a strafe tutorial in the Offline Training Simulator for Android.
  • The initial in-station ship purchase tutorial now uses a custom voice- over instead of the text-to-speech system on Android devices with small screens.

Vendetta 1.8.412

  • Taking damage now aborts the logoff timer.
  • Added a new, third optional cockpit model for VR.
  • Muted players are now able to remotely command their capship via msg commands.
  • Private messages are now echoed to chat in the SendChat() lua function instead of being echoed by the caller of SendChat(). This is intended to make plugin chat activity more transparent to the person running the plugin.
  • Premium accounts that have never paid (used subscription keys instead) are not eligible for pledging as a Long Term Subscriber, unless the key is for at least a year of time.

Vendetta 1.8.411

  • Added two new cockpit designs to VR. They can be selected here: Options -> VR Options -> Cockpit Design
  • UI updates for upcoming Google Daydream release.
  • Attempt to fix rare crash on Android 4.4 devices.

Vendetta 1.8.410

  • Ship selection list cargo branch is now expanded by default.
  • Collision damage no longer resets the capship's shield repair timer.
  • NFZ TempKoS no longer gets triggered when a player shoots at their own capship.
  • Fixed bug on PC clients preventing mines from being destroyed by energy weapons.
  • Players under TempKoS with a specific faction may no longer gain standing for that faction, for the duration of the TempKoS timer period.
  • Players under TempKoS may now accumulate faction losses, for the given faction, during the TempKoS period. Losses are applied after the TempKoS ends.
  • If a player is docked to a capship that does NOT belong to them, and enters Guarded or Monitored space where their standing triggers the launch of a Strike Force, the player will be ejected from the capship, or returned to their home-station if they do not have a ship.
  • "/vote mute" will now succeed with only 5 votes, but mutes for only 30 minutes at a time. Successful mutes and participants are reported to the developers. Players found to be abusing the mute-voting feature may be permanently stripped of their ability to vote, and muted themselves for an extended period.
  • Added Decelerate to list of available commands for analog inputs on gamepads/joysticks.
  • Fixed Invert setting for Trigger inputs on XBox One controllers in Windows to go from center to left instead of right to center in the Joystick menu. This allows the Accelerate/Reverse command to work as Reverse on an inverted trigger.

Vendetta 1.8.409

  • Capship Hangar and station Manage Ship tab ship lists now show the addons and cargo of each ship, and display the ship's total mass in its description.
  • OpenGL 4 driver on Linux now uses 3.1 Core Profile to enable instanced rendering support on hardware that supports it.
  • Self Defense flag now expires only when the 15 minute timer runs out, or the original victim kills the attacker.
  • Gear VR now allows mining guns to operate when they are in the primary weapon group, and no gamepad is detected. The tap-to-select action changes to Select Nearest in Front and the mining guns auto-start when close enough to the asteroid.
  • Previously unseen character names coming from kill messages are now added to the name tab-autocomplete list.
  • Capella's rear launch bay is now also a docking bay.
  • Fixed visual artifacts and improved quality of the Capella's texture maps.
  • Increased number of turrets on the current Capella variant in convoy testing.
  • Fixed crash when starting VO for the first time on a system with no audio driver enabled.

Vendetta 1.8.408.1

  • Temporarily removed support for using the OpenGL 4 driver on hardware/drivers that do not have OpenGL 3.1 support. The OpenGL Reference driver will be used instead.

Vendetta 1.8.408

  • The Capella has been added to random NPC convoys.

Vendetta 1.8.407.1

  • Fixed a lua error when selecting the Gamepad tab in the Controls settings menu on Android when no gamepad is found.

Vendetta 1.8.407

  • Teller-Ulam mine ammo ow no longer free in capships.
  • Added a 'Local' option to the Mission Category filter that shows all missions that are local to the sector.
  • New gamepad configuration menu in Options -> Advanced -> Controls -> Gamepad for Android when a gamepad is detected.
  • Added an 'Insufficient Energy' warninig message when using weapons that require 400 energy or more and the power cell doesn't have enough available.

Vendetta 1.8.406.2

  • Fixed a bug introduced recently that sometimes causes the A button on gamepads to select the active button of newly opened menus.

Vendetta 1.8.406.1

  • Fixed freeze issue with OpenGL 4 driver on Mac and Linux platforms.

Vendetta 1.8.406

  • Auto-fire and the target lead-off reticule now work when non-blaster weapons are in the primary weapon group.
  • An itemized list of storage rental deductions is now displayed in the log when you are charged each week.

Vendetta 1.8.405

  • Gear VR 'Stop Ship When In PDA' setting is now saved on exit.
  • Ships launching from the Goliath no longer scrape the sides of the launch bay.
  • Fixed issues with resetting the calibration of the Left and Right Triggers on Android gamepads.

Vendetta 1.8.404.2

These changes are an attempt to fix connection problems with the Android version.

  • Increased timeout length of DNS server name resolution to 30 seconds.
  • Added IPv6 Support option in Network Settings to disable it if there are problems connecting to the game server.

Vendetta 1.8.404.1

  • Fixed lua error when taking missions and 'Mission Text To Speech Volume' audio setting is set to Mute.

Vendetta 1.8.404

  • Android version now defaults to first-person flight mode for new installs.
  • Text-to-speech is now disabled for Training V and Hive/Border skirmish missions.
  • Music and sound effect volume is now lowered while Speech-To-Text or Text-To-Speech are active.
  • Removed extra highlighted gamepad controls in the help menu before the Rings tutorial.
  • Fixed Mission History list control to work properly with controller and/or headset in VR.
  • The selected Nation logo in the character creation menu is now highlighted.

Vendetta 1.8.403.1

  • Fixed issue with being unable to equip Goliath Powercell to the Goliath after unequiping it.

Vendetta 1.8.403

  • Fixed issue with preferring IPv6 over IPv4. IPv4 is now preferred on Android platforms.

Vendetta 1.8.402

  • Fixed issue with mission log Text-To-Speech setting not being saved on Android.
  • Internal changes to support new Android APK expansion files for the Play Store version.

Vendetta 1.8.401

  • Fixed issue with power cell sometimes not recharging after jumping into a sector.
  • Fixed issue with text-to-speech and recorded voice-over playing at the same time for the Training I mission on Android.

Vendetta 1.8.400

  • Updated the crystal intro menu to better explain the Free-To-Play business model.
  • Added Speech-To-Text feature on the virtual keyboard for Android. It requires a Play Store App update.
  • Added Text-To-Speech for mission text for Android. It requires a Play Store App update.

Vendetta 1.8.399

  • Improvements to analog stick sensitivity is now applied to all Android versions.
  • Fixed launch bay positioning on the Goliath so your ship doesn't scrape the side of it when launching.
  • Removed unused device selection controls int the Voice Chat settings menu for Android.
  • Updated OpenSSL library on Android.
  • Updated the voice-over for the Offline Training Simulator's Ring tutorial intro menu.
  • Fixed a couple of uncommon lua errors.

Vendetta 1.8.398

  • GearVR: Significant improvements to analog stick sensitivity, for game controllers such as those made by SteelSeries, Moga, Razer and Nyko. Custom sensitivity curve is now applied, allowing better "small motion" accuracy when aiming. Center deadzone has been reduced, and outer saturation deadzone has been eliminated entirely, giving an additional 13% of analog input range. Continued feedback on this is welcome, on our forums.

Vendetta 1.8.397

  • Powercells are now classed as "Large" and "Small" for capships and fighters respectively. Each type of ship may only use powercells for the given class. This allows more expandability of powercell types for both classes of ship, without concern of exploitative usage of powercells on other-than-intended ship types.

Vendetta 1.8.396

  • All empty sectors in Capitol systems that contain Training Sectors are now Monitored.
  • Fixed issue where no menu was visible after doing an auto-generated account conversion on mobile devices.

Vendetta 1.8.395.2

  • Implemented a better fix for the analog trigger issue.

Vendetta 1.8.395.1

  • Fixed virtual pointer reticle orientation on Gear VR version that was introduced in 1.8.395 patch.

Vendetta 1.8.395

  • The Goliath has been added to random NPC convoys.
  • Gear VR version now applies a dead-zone to the analog triggers on gamepads; this mitigates flawed controllers with non-zero "button-off" states, and helps prevents spinning in space.

Vendetta 1.8.394.1

  • Fixed lua error when setting up a nav route when docked to stations.

Vendetta 1.8.394

  • Mines and cargo crates can no longer be layed inside of asteroids or stations.
  • Players are now moved outside of asteroids if they are found to be inside of one when they log in.
  • Self defense ability is now given to all crewmembers of a ship so they can defend theirselves. It is applied at the time of the attack and does not propagate to players who dock after the attack, unless the ship is attacked again.
  • Fixed capship station docking bay zone sizes and other rmisplaced station components.
  • Added Goliath assets for future debut.

Vendetta 1.8.393

  • Self-defense mechanism now propagates to the capship and all crew members if any member triggers it. If anyone docks before the self- defense timer expires, it will also propagate to them. The victim will be able to defend theirself without faction penalty from anyone who was ever inside the capship during the self-defense time.
  • Fixed crash/lockup at startup on Linux64 version.
  • Updated Oculus Rift version with updates from Gear VR.
  • Minor bug/crash fixes.

Vendetta 1.8.392.2

  • Fixed crash on Gear VR version when a gamepad is connected when the game is starting up.

Vendetta 1.8.392.1

  • Fixed issue with not being able to select ships to purchase in the Gear VR version.

Vendetta 1.8.392

  • Improvements to Gear VR version for gamepad detection.
  • Confirmation menus can now be closed without having to look directly at the close button in VR.
  • Left/Right shoulder buttons now properly change interfaces when looking at the nav map in VR.
  • Selecting news items now automatically bring up the news article instead of having to double-tap or press the 'Read Article' button in VR mode.
  • The 'Back' button now takes you out of a turret in addition to double- tapping in Gear VR.

Vendetta 1.8.391

  • UX improvements for Gear VR.

Vendetta 1.8.390

  • Gear VR version now uses ASTC compressed textures and load-time has been reduced.

Vendetta 1.8.389.1

  • Fixed lua error when using a gamepad's D-pad as the first action in the virtual keyboard on Gear VR.

Vendetta 1.8.389

  • Fixed issue with not being able to get to Gear VR Universal Menu from the login screen.
  • Improved stability of Gear VR version on Galaxy S7 devices.
  • Reduced loading times on Gear VR.

Vendetta 1.8.388

  • Increased efficiency of font rendering on Gear VR.
  • Changed how the Back button functions on Gear VR to conform to Oculus requirements.
  • Added experimental Speech-To-Text feature to the virtual keyboard on the Gear VR version.

Vendetta 1.8.387.1

  • Fixed issue on Gear VR version when exiting through Oculus Menu and then rerunning VO quickly would cause VO to not start properly.

Vendetta 1.8.387

  • Fixed lua error on iOS and Windows Store versions under certain circumstances.
  • All tutorial missions specific to GearVR and Game Controllers have been re-worked to be more Text To Speech compatible.
  • Fixed a problem with controller inputs being stuck after receiving a call on GearVR.
  • Further improved the login menu background for GearVR.

Vendetta 1.8.386

More improvements to the Gear VR version:

  • VR Cursor is now a white circle, similar to the Oculus Store.
  • Added support for "T3 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Gamepad Gaming Controller" with digital trigger controls.
  • Added 'Convert Account' button in the Options menu that only appears when you haven't connected an email address to the account.
  • Updated the VR Login menu scene.
  • The radar controls rotation on the HUD have been fixed.

Vendetta 1.8.385.1

  • Updates to the Gear VR version includes fixes to fixed-world flight models, lower CPU usage to reduce overheating.

Vendetta 1.8.385

  • Simulated VR Mode now has a bindable key or button for looking around, called "+VRLook". It currently defaults to right-mouse-button.
  • Fixed a Lua error for capship owners launching their fighter while manned to a turret.
  • New dynamic server packet-queuing and priority change to drastically improve chat and effect delays during larger capship battles. Tested in development with 200 close-proximity capships per battle. Prioritization only dynamically scales with larger numbers of ships per sector, so less populated regions and sectors are unaffected.
  • Changed the distribution of services within the game-server cluster, to enhance performance with higher peak player counts.

Vendetta 1.8.384.2

  • Fixed issue with dropped key and mouse inputs in OS X with the new OpenGL 4 video driver.

Vendetta 1.8.384.1

  • Fixed lua error when joining a group and Voice Chat is enabled.
  • Removed dark background of HUD notification text when not in VR mode.

Vendetta 1.8.384

  • Added a description overlay to the nav map in VR mode, when Look-To-Select is enabled, to shows the description of the currently selected sector.
  • Added /voicegroup set of commands, similar to /group, that creates arbitrary Voice Chat channels. Use the /voicechattoggle command to switch between subscribed channels, such as Group, Guild, and others. Type /voicegroup to display its usage.

Vendetta 1.8.383

  • Mines can no longer be layed in No Fire Zones.
  • Cargo inside of ships inside of the Trident's cargo hold now drops when the Trident is destroyed.
  • A message notification now appears on the HUD when attempting to pick up cargo but your ship's cargo hold is full.
  • Fixed Marauder, Valkyrie, Prometheus rendering issues in DirectX 11 dynamic lighting mode.

Vendetta 1.8.382

  • Fixed chat entry while changing sectors in Simulated VR.
  • Enhanced compiler optimizations for both Linux 32 and 64bit versions, potential performance benefits.
  • Glibc 2.14 and Glibc++ 3.4.15 are now required for the Linux 64 version (Linux from 2012+).
  • Large port on the Corvus Greyhound has been changed to a Small port (per extensive Suggestions forum thread).
  • Updated Oculus Rift PC SDK to version 1.6 and included basic support for the Oculus Touch controllers.
  • Improved default settings for the Oculus Rift, to enhance performance.
  • Added Simulated VR support for Mac and Linux.

Vendetta 1.8.381

These changes are for PC (Win/Mac/Linux) platforms only and will be released for the remaining platforms in a future update.

  • Added Simulated VR Mode for Windows. The option is located in Options -> Game -> Simulated VR Mode and can be turned on or off. A restart of the game is required for the setting to take effect. When in Simulated VR Mode, use the right-mouse button to look around. When the button is released, the view snaps back to the forward direction.
  • Added missing fonts: Michroma, Orbitron-Bold, Raleway-Regular.
  • Default to Play-Bold if a font fails to load.
  • Fixed the key/button activation of zoom.
  • Fixed /fps font size.
  • 'Front' and 'Rear' text should no longer appear briefly during sector transitions.
  • 'Press the Activate key...' no longer appears at the wrong time when entering sectors.
  • Fixed HUD chat box disappearing during jump cinematics.
  • Added sector loading progress bar to first-person-cinematics HUD

Vendetta 1.8.380

These changes are for PC (Win/Mac/Linux) platforms only and will be released for the remaining platforms in a future update.

  • New user-selectable fonts for PC platforms, with the new default font set to 'Play-Bold'. Fonts can be selected at Options -> Interface -> Font
  • New UI skin called 'Platinum' and it is now the default for PC platforms. The old skin can be set at Options -> Interface -> Skin
  • New option to enable first-person warp/jump/launch animations located at Options -> Game -> Cinematic Camera Mode
  • Performing 'Activate' will continue certain missions if there is only a 'Continue' button and nothing else to activate. Y-B gamepad chord added to open the jettison menu by default.
  • Added a shadow behind HUD Notification text for better legibility.
  • The blinking docking bay arrows are now angled inwards for easier head-on visibility.
  • New head-based flight models for VR.
  • Better interaction with the UI in VR.

Vendetta 1.8.379

  • Voice chat on Android now records at 44.1 KHz to support wireless microphones.

Vendetta 1.8.378

  • Fixed voice chat failing to load on Android.
  • Fixed lua error when leaving Offline Play mode on all platforms.
  • Fixed issue with Vendetta Online not resuming after waking up the Android device and it doesn't have a lock screen, like Android TVs.
  • Sony DualShock 4 controllers are now properly detected when connected via Bluetooth.

Vendetta 1.8.377

  • Serco border defense turrets have been added to the Geira Rutilus O-4 wormhole, on the Serco-Deneb border.
  • The giant Latos M-7 station has been replaced with something more reasonably sized, to let capship owners get from place to place more quickly.
  • Faction standing display and radar-color for ships with multiple docked players now shows the highest standing of any given player onboard the vessel.
  • Sporadic rendering glitch, related to shadows and threaded rendering, has been fixed on OSX and Linux.
  • Guild member limit increased to 1,000 members.

Vendetta 1.8.376

  • Improved performance of the DirectX 11 driver by utilizing instanced geometry.
  • Fixed rendering glitches when shadows are enabled on the Windows client.
  • Fixed issue where multi-threaded rendering wasn't being used the first time the client is run in DirectX 11 mode.

Vendetta 1.8.375.1/2

  • Fixed crash when logging in while being awarded a ship livery.
  • Improved the Offline Training Simulator's initial animation to be more VR-friendly.

Vendetta 1.8.375

  • Vendetta Online public VR Prototype now has support for Oculus SDK version 1.3, enabling consumer Rift headsets. To allow the game to use the Rift, the Unknown Sources option must be enabled through the Oculus App settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right, choosing 'Settings', selecting 'General', and then checking the 'Unknown Sources' option. https://support.oculus.com/help/oculus/878170922281071
  • Improved the VR in-station hangar bay.
  • Increased general performance of the Windows client.

Vendetta 1.8.374

  • Fixed lua error when viewing ship liveries under certain conditions.

Vendetta 1.8.373

  • Small bugfixes and security enhancements.
  • Furies are no longer attacked by conquerable station defenses if their owner has IFF rights.

Vendetta 1.8.372

  • Changed the way the Windows Updater handles missing installed path registry entry.
  • Changed Rift Offline Training Simulator initial demo scene and removed black backgrounds of tutorial menus.

Vendetta 1.8.371

  • The furie related missions have been added back into the game.
  • Furies no longer target players if they or the targeted player is in the No-Fire Zone. Temp KoS ramifications of Furie actions are now applied to the owner of the Furie, as though the action was performed by that player.
  • Removed support for Windows XP.
  • Added a CAPTCHA for anyone who is not a premium subscriber and has been logged in for 6 total hours over the previous 12 hours. The CAPTCHA must be solved within 5 minutes, or the player is kicked offline; after which it must be solved the next time the player tries to log in.
  • Updated Leap Motion drivers.

Vendetta 1.8.370

  • When a player gets kicked offline for logging in when already logged in while in space, their ship now stays around for 1 minute instead of disappearing instantly.
  • Added an Account Setup button to the Login menu that includes the ability to request a password recovery email.
  • In-game players are now informed of the duration of any mute that has been applied to them.

Vendetta 1.8.369

  • Updated Voice Chat, now available again on Mac OS X! (Intel only) Voice Chat quality should also be better, and use less bandwidth, thanks to a new codec (Opus 20kbit).
  • Improved pre-release Oculus Rift VR implementation, with new VR ship-cockpit and VR space-station hangar. Please understand, this experience and related graphics are still in development. VR-specific tutorials and other features are still missing.
  • Background Detail settings improved, now with Off, Low, Medium, High. The "Medium" setting is similar to the previous "Highest" setting, but uses higher resolution textures. The new "High" setting is similar to the previous "Super High" setting, but is faster to render thanks to some engine optimization. Because of these changes, the Background Detail setting will now reset to the new default for your particular hardware.

Vendetta 1.8.368

  • Missions that may only be taken a limited number of times for a given period will now remain visible, but grayed out, when unavailable. A countdown timer indicates when the mission may be taken again.
  • Border Patrol now tells Itani players to go to Deneb and records the final destination sector to the mission log.
  • Optimized rendering of individual stars in the background.
  • Active mission dialog now says to check the mission log for more information, and the nil 'Location' line was removed.

Vendetta 1.8.367.3

  • Fixed crash/lockup when entering sectors with multi-threaded rendering enabled for DirecX 11 and OpenGL 4 drivers.

Vendetta 1.8.367.2

  • Fixed crash when using the OpenGL Reference driver with multi-threaded rendering enabled.

Vendetta 1.8.367.1

  • Fixed issue with license levels showing up as -/-/-/-/-.

Vendetta 1.8.367

  • Linux version no longer attempts to rescan for joysticks whenever certain keyboard keys are pressed.
  • Radar blip coloring can be modified by plugins again. When a plugin wants to change the status of a player by overriding the GetFriendlyStatus function, it must call the UpdateRadarFriendlyStatus(<node_id>) or UpdateAllRadarFriendlyStatus() function to update the radar with the new status.
  • The Advanced Combat Training and Border Patrol group missions are now available.
  • For multi-theaded rendering with dynamic lights and shadows, shadows are now processed in their own thread.
  • Raptor UDV armor increased from 10,500 to 12000.

Vendetta 1.8.366.1

  • Fixed bug with radar blip coloring of ships.

Vendetta 1.8.366

  • New client CPU optimization should make the game run smoother and better across all platforms, but especially those with slower CPUs (older PCs, mobile devices, etc).
  • Strikeforces now include Warthogs in all levels of response.
  • Strikeforce Power Seeker combat tactics have been improved slightly.
  • Power Seekers no longer drop drain weapons or other addons on death.

Vendetta 1.8.365

  • Strike forces now include new "Power Seeker" NPCs, who fire energy- draining weapons.
  • Tab-complete on mobile devices now work the same way as on PCs.
  • Fixed issue with friendly IFF not getting set on turrets for conquerable station user keys when the station is first conquered.
  • Fixed the text at the end of the Offline Training Simulator to reference free-to-play instead of trial accounts on mobile devices. If you created an account on a mobile device but see references to a trial expiration time, please let us know immediately so we can fix it. Thank you.

Vendetta 1.8.364

  • Fixed issue with gamepads on Android and joysticks/controllers that don't have any D-pad/POVhat on PC platforms rapidly scrolling through menu items.
  • Fixed issue with flight controls getting changed by plugged-in but unused joysticks/gamepads on all platforms.

Vendetta 1.8.363

  • Fixed mouse becoming visible when using the mousewheel while flying in space.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to toggle the navmap and mission log with the n/m keys while in space.
  • Improved usability of the UI when using a gamepad.
  • Added ability to use a gamepad in the navmap to manipulate your navigation route. When the navmap is highlighted, press A to activate it. Then use the D-pad to highlight a sector and press A to select it or long-press A to add it to your existing route.
  • The gamepad help menu now highlights the relevant controls in the Offline Training Simulator.
  • The HUD is now locked to the ship instead of the player's view in the Offline Training Simulator demo scene when in Rift VR mode.

Vendetta 1.8.362.1

  • Fix for not being able to select a key's info in the Keychain list.

Vendetta 1.8.362

  • Keychain list is now properly sorted by id. Owner keys and their user keys are first, with user keys second.
  • Fixed issues with Offline Training Simulator not properly explaining gamepad controls when in Oculus VR mode.
  • Fixed backwards controls with horizontal scrollbar when manipulated with the D-pad.
  • New characters should now be automatically joined to channels 100 (general chat), 11 (nation chat), and 1 (help chat).
  • The 'Continue' button in missions should now always be the default focused button.

Vendetta 1.8.361

  • Oculus Rift "Beta Test" VR support updated to the 0.8 SDK. As always, the presence of a Rift is auto-detected on runtime, and prompts for the option of starting the game in VR mode. The game has been tested on DK1, HD, and DK2 units. DK2 is the current design target.
  • New "VR Welcome" panel on startup, lists the currently known issues and workarounds.
  • New "VR Options" added to Options area, when a VR headset is detected.
  • VR game startup environment, allows orientation and controller settings.
  • Improved Windows gamepad support for Xbox One, 360, PS4 and Logitech F710.
  • If you have a Rift, please consider posting feedback on the Windows forum of our site, vendetta-online.com!
  • Temporarily disabled default anti-aliasing (in non-VR, 2D mode) for new installs with AMD GPUs, due to a crash with their most recent drivers. It will be re-enabled when the issue is resolved.

Vendetta 1.8.360

  • Improved quality and efficiency of the glow effect.
  • Windows version now requires SSE2 support. It should be faster as a result.
  • Removed the loading progress bar under the Guild logo on startup
  • Fixed ice crystal rendering error when changing resolutions in DirectX 11 mode.

Vendetta 1.8.359

  • Modifications to Livery system to allow more dynamic addition of new ship skins.
  • Mitigated issue related to Hive Queens disappearing from the game universe.
  • F2P specific: Crystal limit on bot-kills is doubled to 20 crystal per day.
  • F2P specific: Some Hive bots now give increased crystal rewards, from 2 crystal for Assault-class bots, up to 5 crystal for Hive Queens.
  • F2P specific: All ship addons/weapons at or above level 3, in any license, now cost 1 crystal each.
  • Key IDs are now shown in key lists.
  • Key lists are now sorted by Key ID.
  • User keys now default to IFF and can-dock access.

Vendetta 1.8.358

  • Fixed rendering issue with fog on Android.
  • Added setting to toggle fog blob particles on Android. The setting defaults to on for Android 5 and above, and for higher-end Tegra and Snapdragon devices. The setting is at Options -> Advanced -> Graphics -> Show Fog Blobs if the effect is too slow on your device.

Vendetta 1.8.357

  • Specialty development for an upcoming OEM promotion, across phones, tablets and TVs.
  • Improved UI navigation with gamepads and remotes.
  • Rearranged some hotkeys for Capship PDA tabs.
  • Attempt to improve issues with ANR (Activity Not Responding) errors on Android.
  • Reduced black screen time on startup on Android and slower PCs.
  • Fixed issue where selecting the Livery button during the initial in-game ship purchasing tutorial would cause the tutorial to restart.
  • PatchStorm Update Server cloud has new nodes in Dallas, Texas and Sydney, Australia.

Vendetta 1.8.356

  • Fixed a server crash caused when too many hive skirmish missions were created at the same time.
  • Fixed player online status information leaks.
  • The automatic guild disband timeout that is started when there is less than 5 council members has been changed from 48 hours to 7 days.
  • Guild Commanders can now limit display of current-login status of their members, via interface on the website.
  • Improved server resilience to certain types of potential cloud issues.
  • Improved server status, emergency monitoring.

Vendetta 1.8.355.1

  • Worked around issue with some DX9-era GPUs giving "fatal error: could not open window" when freshly installing the game.

Vendetta 1.8.355

  • The Windows version now defaults to DirectX 11 on initial install.
  • Oculus Rift support has been temporarily disabled, until we can complete our update to the 0.7 beta of the Oculus SDK. Rift support will likely return next week.
  • Fixed crash bug when changing certain Video options and multi-threaded rendering is enabled.
  • Increased the font size of the list of available liveries on mobile.
  • Fixed hotkey for the 'Livery' button to be 'i' instead of 'p'.
  • Changed game-pad help placeholder text to say '(none)' instead of 'Stuff'.

Vendetta 1.8.354

  • Enabled multi-threaded physics engine, defaulting to 4 threads.
  • Fixed rendering issues for ships with liveries applied to them.
  • Livery is no longer applied to the Anniversary Edition Vulture.
  • Fixed issue with livery setting not being saved in ship presets.
  • Fixed issue with not saving /alias commands correctly if they contain double quotes.

Vendetta 1.8.353

  • Fixed DirectX 9 display problem of new configurable Ship Liveries.

Vendetta 1.8.352

Incarnate sez:

I asked Ray what happened to 1.8.352, he said it went to the same place as Windows 9.

Vendetta 1.8.351

  • Vendetta Online adds independently configurable "Ship Livery". This new type of skinning system will allow a variety of different aesthetic ship "looks" to be available. Ship Livery may have diverse requirements, including faction standing or affiliation, purchase with credits or crystal, or be related to an accomplishment or badge of some sort. Any mission outcome could result in a special Livery, and may eventually be something that can be picked up as Cargo. The "Livery" button can be found in the Ship Purchase menu, near the color-picker.
  • Commodities and ship lists now retain their current scroll positions when the station interface updates.
  • The rotating ship view no longer resets its orientation when changing ships.

Vendetta 1.8.350

  • 21 new missions added by members of the Player Contribution Corps! These new missions tie together and further extend a number of existing mission-trees. They also result in some interesting rewards, including limited creation of capship components. Credit for this new content goes primarily to Phaserlight for writing the new missions, along with Meridian for extensive editing, as well as further testing and feedback by Mr_Spuck and Darth Nihilus. Be sure to thank them for their efforts in bringing new content to the game. If you've never played any part of these mission trees before, you might start with "Hazardous Site Investigation" (UIT), "Lesson Among the Stars" (Itani), or "Errant Transports" (Serco). If you're interested in creating missions for Vendetta Online, check out the "PCC" area of the Vendetta Online website!

Vendetta 1.8.349

  • Trident capship-owners may now message basic commands to their ships ("/msg"), while they are un-docked. The "follow" command will cause the player's trident to follow them, as best it can, within the given sector. The capships will not yet follow across jumps or wormholes. The "park" command causes the given ship to park in its current location. An expanded command-set will be coming in a future release. Only the ship's owner may issue commands at this time.
  • We have mitigated and resolved a server-side issue that was causing brief moments of connection issues (~20 seconds) every night around 12:30 central time.

Vendetta 1.8.348.1

  • Factors impacting pricing of goods in the new dynamic economy are now more easily adjusted from the server.

Vendetta 1.8.348

  • New prototype dynamic economy in the Orion Mining station located in Latos N-2. Locally produced goods are now manufactured at a fixed rate, and can be depleted; non-local goods arrive only by NPC Trade Convoy or Player Trading. Any commodities, ships, and addons sold to the station become available for purchase, but currently retain the common pre-requisites for the respective item (Level, Faction Standing, etc). As the quantity of an item increases, the price drops, and vice versa. Custom items such as event trophies cannot be sold to the station at this time.

Vendetta 1.8.347

  • Updater and game client now use a threaded getaddrinfo to look up the server's IP address; if DNS fails to resolve within 10 seconds, it will fall back to a visible error, instead of using OS timeouts.
  • Updater now directly uses the patch cloud hostname, instead of redirecting through vendetta-online.com.
  • Hive Stronghold sectors idle timeout is set to 5 minutes, a more reasonable length of time to return and pick up Leviathan drops.
  • OpenGL driver restores the window title if it has to be recreated for video option changes.

Vendetta 1.8.346.1/2

  • Fixed lua error when automatically docking to stations.
  • Fixed lua error when a player dies outside of your scanner range while you are in a station.
  • Fixed lua error when ship preset is corrupt.
  • Fixed lua error related to plugins when they plot routes using strings instead of numbers.

Vendetta 1.8.346

  • Changed the 'Route' button in the Mission Info to 'Dock' and displays text saying to dock to the local station to accept the mission when clicked.
  • The "PLAYER_DIED" lua event now triggers for anyone who dies within your sensor range (15km). Chat messages are only displayed if you are the victim or the killer.
  • After un-docking from your own persistent capship, your capship now retains current velocity and slows to a stop, instead of stopping immediately.
  • Jumping into a sector and landing directly into a capship docking bay no longer auto-docks your ship.
  • Fixed typo in Training Neutron Blaster description.
  • Also, server-side changes from this week: new production database system, new game webserver, etc.

Vendetta 1.8.345

  • Removed older, deprecated method of creating account from within the game client.
  • Other background changes to make possible an upcoming server migration.

Vendetta 1.8.344.2

  • Fixed DirectX 11 anti-aliasing settings for some GPUs.

Vendetta 1.8.344.1

  • Fixed joystick input on the Windows version.

Vendetta 1.8.344

  • Mitigated issue with Mac OS X mouse cursor when cmd-tabbing in fullscreen.
  • Windows version now built with a better optimizing compiler, some performance improvements should be evident.
  • Fixed intermittent sector crashes.
  • Fixed a rare potential issue with /vote mute.
  • NPCs now require more collision damage to be applied to them before they will consider the attacker a threat.

Vendetta 1.8.343

  • New station designs for Sol II H-13.
  • Added anti-aliasing and gamma correction to the Mac OpenGL 4 driver. The Linux version already has anti-aliasing.
  • Added ability to manually set the screen rotation on Android. The option is in Advanced -> Controls -> Input and has Landscape, Reverse Landscape and Sensor Landscape as the three options.
  • NPC capships now target and attack PC capships with their primary weapons.
  • Optimizations to multi-threaded rendering.
  • Multi-threaded rendering is now default to enabled on DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4 versions. When switching to those drivers, a restart of the client is required to enable multi-threaded rendering. The setting can be turned off by editing the config.ini file and adding multithreaded=0 in the [Vendetta] section.

Vendetta 1.8.342

  • New station designs for Itan J-11 and Odia M-14.
  • Six missions updated in the LAR Project tree, substantially improving issues with the Stygian Furies.
  • The mission "Rush job! Ores and minerals needed" may now be re-taken (Xang Xi Research locations, Respect standing) to acquire the Xang-Xi Self Propelled Concussion Mine Launcher. Mission is available once per week, per character.
  • Concussion Railgun grid power requirements dropped from 12 to 9, allowing dual-usage on the Raptor UDV, etc.
  • Rendering optimizations for the new DX11 and GL4 engines. On some machines, that are more CPU-limited, these updates can make a big speed difference. More related improvements next week.

Vendetta 1.8.341

  • Please rate the Android version! The Android version gives the choice to review the app when docking to a non-training station after 10 minutes of being online or after an in-app purchase. You can choose to have it ask again later (one week later) or never.
  • Android version now supports both landscape modes. Requires Play Store App Update or sideload update. The Amazon Store version will come out at a later date.
  • Added Video driver options to change the number of dynamic lights and toggle shadows in the DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4 drivers.
  • Fixed a crash when switching from OpenGL 4 to the OpenGL Reference driver when multithreaded rendering is enabled and the glow effect is on.
  • Border Skirmish Teradon firing distance has been lengthened and the average combat distance is shortened by 100 meters.

Vendetta 1.8.340

  • New station design for Dau L10, more carefully integrating the Capship Hangar components. In the future, there will be more fully-customized stations replacing those with recently added capship hangars.
  • Experimental: Fog and radar limitations now impact bot's targeting visibility and aggression. However, this may have undesirable secondary effects, and may require on-going tweaks and changes. Strikeforce NPCs have integrated radar extenders.
  • Maximum rentable cargo capacity of new capship-capable stations now increased to 100,000 cu. Existing cost thresholds for extended cargo space still apply.
  • When a Trident pilot switches to a turret view, the local (Trident) ship is now properly visible.
  • When launching from a Trident while it is mining, the ore is now properly placed into the Trident's cargo hold.
  • Fixed a bug where a persistent Trident may collide with the player's copy during the change-over.

Vendetta 1.8.339

  • Fixed Deneb War Stats web page. The dates were off by one day under certain circumstances.
  • Integrated Mineral Scanner on ships can now be used for the prospecting missions.
  • Changed Conquerable station under attack warning timeout to 5 minutes from 1 hour and report each station separately.
  • Improved Updater robustness when unable to write to storage.

Vendetta 1.8.338

  • Added a larger mouse cursor for Retina and other high-res displays.
  • All cargo nested within ships inside of capships will now drop when the capship explodes.
  • NPCs can no longer turbo or jump/warp out of a sector if their energy level is too low.
  • Mac OS X Updater no longer crashes if there is no network connection.

Vendetta 1.8.337

  • Fixed issue with queens and its escorts getting reset to full health when the idle-sector timeout occurs.
  • Idle-sector timeout experimentally reduced back down to 30 seconds, except for conquerable station sectors which retain their 5 minute timeout.
  • Improved fallback resiliency of the game launcher/updater under certain conditions, particularly on Android.
  • Android version now includes a call to help translate the game, on non-English devices (vendetta-online.com/translate).
  • Geo-located patch servers are now back into usage, including two in Europe. For best results, we recommend using your ISP's local nameserver, and *not* a global public provider like Google DNS or OpenDNS.

Vendetta 1.8.336

  • New temporary placeholder "capship" stations in: Itan J11, Dau L10, Sol H13 and Odia M14. These will allow Trident owners to dock with these major capitols. The station configurations will be changing to something more customized to each sector (and nearby hazards, like asteroids), but for the moment they each have the same capship-hangar module, attached to the existing station.
  • Idle-sector timeout experimentally reduced from 5 minutes to 30 seconds, to potentially reduce server ram usage in high-concurrency situations (very large numbers of players). As we have recently made mines, capships and other content persistent, this change should not have a significant gameplay impact. Note, this is simply the sector-shutdown that occurs after all players have already left a given location.
  • Experimental "emergency instancing" added to all sectors: if a very large number of players should congregate in a single sector, additional players "jumping in" will be transparently sent to a secondary instance of the same sector, to better distribute load across the server cloud. This will only be an emergency-level tool to help deal with unexpected peak loads of huge numbers of new players (mobile-platform promotions, etc), and we'll be doing updated stress- testing to set it as high as possible. It can be dynamically defined on the server-side, to support very large future player-events, as needed.
  • Fixes to server-side issues related to players getting stuck at "entering universe" during the login process.

Vendetta 1.8.335.2

  • Fixed crash on startup of Android version when running on Atom-based devices.

Vendetta 1.8.335/.1

  • PowerCell Blaster has been buffed to 215 velocity, 8 energy per shot, 60 drain.
  • We are now accepting Character Nation Change requests again. Once per character, per lifetime, submitted by Support Ticket. The character inventory will be WIPED (ships, items), but credits and stats will remain. Be sure to sell your character's inventory before requesting a Nation Change.
  • We are in the process of moving to a much more robust and distributed patch-update architecture. However, the transition may continue to have some bumps as we discover and resolve issues. Please be patient with any connection delays.
  • Updated the secure-HTTP connection functionality of the Android version, and added it to all other platforms and versions. Will help enable future game features.
  • Training Sector Beam Cannon defenses have been significantly buffed, to reduce threats to newbies by more advanced player capships.

Vendetta 1.8.334

  • Fixed turret leadoff indicator color when target is outside the field-of-view.
  • Temperature Scanner now properly obeys its range limit.
  • Added Retina support for the OpenGL 4 driver on OS X.
  • Fixed touchscreen virtual keyboard issues when using plugins on Android.
  • Fixed double-press issue when going into the Nav menu from the HUD on Android.
  • Fixed issue with the Auto-Aim Advanced Game Setting being set to Disabled when touchscreen mode is disabled and a gamepapd is being used on Android.

Vendetta 1.8.333

  • Raptor UDV gains integrated Cargo and Addon scanners (2000m range), as well as Mineral and Temperature scanners (300m range).
  • New Training Neutron Blaster MkII is available in all capitol stations. The same stats as a Neutron MkII, with only one damage.
  • Training Sunflare Launcher also added to capitol stations. Same stats, but 15 damage.
  • The Windows Updater now waits until the game is finished starting up before exiting. This is an attempt to fix the issue with DirectX 11 sometimes not entering full screen on startup.
  • Fixed freeze when alt-tabbing back to the game after taking a screenshot with the /dump command on Windows.
  • Added a setting to the Mac OpenGL 4 driver to try to get it to choose the discrete GPU instead of the integrated GPU.
  • Android touch inputs that start while in space, and end in the station, will no longer activate any station buttons. This should avoid situations like accidentally triggering the Launch button just after docking.

Vendetta 1.8.332

  • New higher-definition asteroids for Verasi I-5 (and elsewhere), on PC versions.
  • Lifetime manufacturing limits for the Teller-Ulam Mine have been removed. Daily limits still in place.
  • Concussion Railgun mass reduced from 4000 to 2000.
  • Turret auto-aim field-of-view has been set to match the limitations of the turret object.
  • Further improved billing robustness for various mobile platforms, updates still being released on a platform-by-platform basis.

Vendetta 1.8.331

  • Improved High Drain Power Cell has been buffed to 50/sec generation and 18 grid power.
  • Extreme Drain Power Cell has been buffed to 52/sec generation.
  • Auto Aim for Turret weapons has been changed to use weapon stats rather than a fixed AA threshold.
  • Major changes to improve the robustness of billing support on Play Store and Amazon, which will require installation of APK updates from those stores. Please report any new billing problems as soon as possible.

Vendetta 1.8.330

  • Raptor UDV thrust increased from 215 to 225.
  • Renamed "Gatling Turrets" to "Gatling Cannon" MkII and MkIII.
  • New "Gatling Turret" created for actual turret usage, by small vessels with turret capabilities.
  • Fixed problems with collision hulls for recently-updated, high-def asteroids on PC platforms.
  • Fixed Voice Chat menu size issue on Android.

Vendetta 1.8.329

  • One set of asteroids (tan, shattered rocks) have been updated on the PC to a new "high definition" standard, with greatly increased polygon counts.
  • Fixed dynamic lights and shadow shaders for OpenGL 4 on Mac and Linux.
  • Fixed issue with DirectX 11 driver sometimes not restoring the correct screen size when alt-tabbing while in full-screen mode.

Vendetta 1.8.328

  • Fixed rendering errors when switching to the OpenGL 4 driver.
  • Fixed glow effect showing through objects.
  • Fixed shadow rendering errors.
  • Alt-tabbing should be more robust for the DirectX 11 driver.
  • Fixed inventory list and other tree-controls jumping around when selecting items.
  • Fixed Google Play Achievements being given at the wrong time.
  • Updated account creation process on mobile devices.

Vendetta 1.8.327

  • Fixed issue with not being able to type in chat while jumping and warping.
  • When alt-tabbing out in full screen DirectX 11 mode, alt-tabbing back will return to full screen mode.
  • The wireframe radar extender effect is now visible in DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.
  • The Windows executable binaries are now signed with a certificate.
  • The DirectX 11 version now uses a different shadow technique (Poisson PCF with slope-based depth bias), also implemented across all OpenGL 4 versions.
  • Very experimental, optional OpenGL 4 driver added to MacOS X. Switching drivers is a little strange, and a full game re-start may be needed to avoid graphics corruption. We're still working on it, this is an optional early-access, use at your own risk

Vendetta 1.8.326

  • Fixed the capship shield effect not rendering properly.
  • The glow effect should now work on the experimental Linux OpenGL 4 driver.
  • A plugins/ folder is now automatically created on first run for the Android version.
  • Changed the default active button for the EULA menu.
  • The 'Play' button is now automatically made the active button when changing characters.
  • When a menu is closed and it doesn't have active focus, the current active focus control no longer gets unfocused.
  • Fixed a couple of lua errors.

Vendetta 1.8.325.1

  • Fixed lua errors when using certain parts of the UI.
  • Updated PC gamepad defaults to match the Android version.

Vendetta 1.8.325

  • Improved experience of using the UI with a gamepad on Android.
  • Fixed flickering button in touch-hover mode on Android.
  • The /givemoney command is no longer case sensitive.
  • Successful /vote mutes now last for two hours.

Vendetta 1.8.324

  • Experimentally tweaked Crystal acquisition rates, for upcoming improvements to level caps and other F2P barriers.
  • Reduced the number of votes to mute someone to 10 votes.
  • Increased sound falloff of new ship and swarm explosions.
  • Added a reminder that chat channel 1 is only for Help questions and to /join 100 for main chat after every fifth time you chat in channel 1.
  • Increased usability of gamepads to navigate through the UI using mostly just the D-Pad and A button. The D-Pad now performs a key repeat for quicker scrolling.
  • D-Pad Left/Right no longer scrolls up/down. Instead they switch to the previous/next control.
  • Changed the default mouse-over/focus highlighting of buttons and tabs to be more noticeable.

Vendetta 1.8.323

  • Added new sound effects for small ship explosions, swarm missile impact; also updated and improved existing capship explosions.
  • Added dynamic light sources to additional "neon-style" signs and station floodlights, visible in the prototype DX11 and OpenGL drivers.
  • API enhancements for Android and AndoidTV.

Vendetta 1.8.322

  • Added prototype shadows to Linux OpenGL 4 driver. This implementation differs from the DirectX 11 version in that it uses a Percentage Closer Filter with a Poisson distribution to anti-alias the shadows.
  • Added dynamic light sources to more "neon-style" signs, visible in the prototype DX11 or OpenGL drivers.
  • Decreased the font size of the account conversion menu for mobile devices.

Vendetta 1.8.321/.1

  • Added dynamic light sources to many of the "neon-style" floating signs, visible in the prototype DX11 or OpenGL drivers.
  • New sound effects: Avalon Torpedo impact/explosions, queen and capship explosions, and special Heavy Assault Cruiser explosion effects.

Vendetta 1.8.320/.1

  • Preliminary dynamic lights have been added to the docking and launch bays.
  • Fixed the glow effect so it isn't so over-bright.
  • Shadowmap cascade levels are consolidated into 1 texture atlas instead of 4 separate textures.
  • Tweaked the shadow cascade transition to be more subtle.
  • Tweaked render state changes in the DirectX 11 driver.
  • Ice asteroids and solar panels now receive shadows.

Vendetta 1.8.319

  • Fixed long blank screen pause when switching video drivers.
  • Fixed performance issue for DirectX 11 driver when not rendering the station behind the station interface.
  • Improved and tweaked shadow settings for DirectX 11 driver. Shadows are now anti-aliased and the darkness of shadows has been decreased further.

Vendetta 1.8.318.1

  • Fixed Windows crash on startup.

Vendetta 1.8.318

  • Tweaked the shadow cascade level distance calculations to improve quality.
  • Decreased the darkness of the shadows.
  • Removed shadows in fog sectors.

Vendetta 1.8.317

  • Very "beta" prototype implementation of Shadows, for DirectX 11 only (OpenGL will require some changes and will come later). Contains numerous known artifacts, bugs and things that need tweaking. Made available as a demo-prototype only, to let people see something we have cooking.

To disable shadows if the framerate is too low, type "`/set rdoshadows 0`" (without quotes) in the console or chat.

For those interested in rendering tech, this is a test using cascaded variance shadow maps, and is not necessarily the final algorithm we may choose (and even if we did choose to use this, there would be many tweaks and fixes). We're in an R&D phase on much of this rendering technology.

Vendetta 1.8.316.1

  • Temporarily removed the rate request dialog for mobile devices.

Vendetta 1.8.316

  • Fixed buffer overrun in prototype OpenGL driver for Linux.
  • Added reminder to mobile version to convert the one-click account so character progression isn't lost.
  • Added a periodic request to rate the mobile version of Vendetta Online.

Vendetta 1.8.315

  • New prototype OpenGL driver has been added to Linux. To try it out, go to Options -> Video -> Change driver... and select 'OpenGL 4 GKGL driver'. Multiple dynamic lights are enabled with this driver if your GPU supports the GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility extension. Dynamic lights include weapon fire, rocket/missile/ship exhaust, and explosions.
  • Strikeforce are now launched when you have Temp-KOS against Corvus and you enter Corvus monitored space.
  • Auto-aim can only be toggled up to twice per second.
  • Fixed a bug where Capture-the-Cargo ended twice at the same time.
  • Fixed rendering issues when changing Scaling mode on certain Android devices.
  • Optimized nearby dynamic-light finding algorithm.
  • Added optimization to consolidate multiple nearby lights.

Vendetta 1.8.314

  • Trident Powercells now have 100 Grid Power, but very high mass.
  • New Trident-specific turrets, requiring 25 grid power, available in certain sectors (Capship Swarm Turret, Capital Cannon).
  • Added dynamic lights to the Jump and Warp animations.
  • DirectX 11 dynamic light shaders are more efficient.
  • Added screen resolution and anti-aliasing options to the DirectX 11 driver.
  • Added support for x86 based Android devices.
  • Added support for AndroidTV and the Nexus Player.

Vendetta 1.8.313

  • Mine explosions no longer do double-damage to the person laying them.
  • Weapon shot visual-effects are less likely to pass through objects.
  • Re-arming free equipment during Deneb War military missions now includes text to say the purchases are free.
  • Touch-screen HUD graphics slightly improved, to indicate the left input area is a region, as opposed to buttons.
  • Initial single-player tutorial now uses the TPG Raptor instead of the EC-89.

Vendetta 1.8.312

  • Added dynamic lighting to asteroid mining effect.

Vendetta 1.8.311

  • Improved two areas of player hit-checking to make hits more accurate under all circumstances. This should improve PvP for everyone, whether individual player ping-times are high or low.
  • Added dynamic lighting to ship damage fire effects.
  • Fixed problem with dynamic lights sometimes not being removed.

Vendetta 1.8.310

  • Multilight shaders are now supported on DirectX 10-level hardware when using the DirectX 11 driver.
  • Fixed X-based multithreaded rendering crashes on Linux.
  • Fixed problem with not being able to enter the universe on very lossy network connections.
  • Changed the fallback MTU network packet size if MTU discovery fails.

Vendetta 1.8.309

  • Lightsources from weapons are now colored to match their visual effect.
  • Added support for multiple lightsources to more ships.
  • Fixed crashes when changing video drivers or resolution when in multi-threaded rendering mode.
  • DirectX 11 driver now chooses window-mode if it cannot go to fullscreen-mode instead of falling back to the DirectX 9 driver
  • Switching video drivers should no longer cause graphical artifacts.

Vendetta 1.8.308.1

  • Fixed Android crash on startup.
  • Fixed crash when quitting the client.

Vendetta 1.8.308

  • New prototype DirectX 11 driver has been added. To try it out, go to Options -> Video -> Change driver... and select 'DirectX11 GKGL driver'. Multiple dynamic lights are enabled with this driver if your GPU supports DirectX 11-level features. Dynamic lights include weapon fire, rocket/missile/ship exhaust, and explosions. Note: The Oculus Rift has not been tested in DirectX 11 mode.
  • Corvus Greyhound (and Painted variants) changed from 250 to 190 thrust, 8250 to 7500 armor

Vendetta 1.8.307

  • Fixed weapon hit-check failures.
  • Masked off the regions near the HUD's touch controls from being used for touch-targeting so it is more difficult to accidentally change your target while flying.
  • Linux OpenGL drivers now use the pbuffer extension if available for off-screen rendering.
  • Fixed incorrect Vendetta Online logo size when loading the different Offline Training Simulator sections.

Vendetta 1.8.306

  • Added support for Oculus Rift DK2 by updating the SDK to 0.4.2. The DK2 must be in Extended Desktop mode and rotated to 1920x1080. If you experience a massive amount of flickering, try turning off Anti-Aliasing in Options -> Video -> Antialiasing mode.
  • The amount of Crystal your character has is no longer shown on Trial accounts and does on PC Lite accounts.
  • Fixed clipped Sector Notes menu on 1080p devices.
  • Fixed inter-sector loading screen size on mobile devices.
  • The 5 minute Lite warning menu is no longer shown on PCs if you are subscribed as a Lite account.
  • Training II mission's explanation of the No-Fire-Zone (NFZ) has been fixed to say 'damaged' instead of 'destroyed'.

Vendetta 1.8.305/.1

  • Introducing "Crystal": Vendetta Online's cash currency for Free-to-Play mobile players! Crystal may be acquired in bulk via in-app purchase, or accrued more slowly through gameplay, such as gaining experience and levels, destroying Hive Bots, and reaching Achievements. Lower level equipment requires little or no Crystal, where upper level ships and gear may have increased requirements. Crystal is used for each individual quantity of item purchased, and is in addition to Credits and other factional and license-related gameplay requirements (ie, all regular gameplay requirements remain).
    • Premium Subscription players do not need Crystal, and do not earn it through gameplay.
    • All non-Premium mobile players will retroactively receive Crystal for experience and achievements they have already earned.
    • As a special thanks to our supportive mobile players, everyone who previously made in-app purchases for access to ships and addons will receive double (2x) the Crystal that their funds would normally purchase. This has been automatically added to the most recently used character on your account.
    • The "Crystal" system replaces the previous interim "ship-access" in-app purchase method, which has been removed. Thus, it is no longer necessary to make a purchase to gain "access" to a given ship. Because Crystal can be acquired through gameplay, it further mitigates potential pay-to-win advantages between Free-to-Play users. Crystal will also make it easier for us to increase the Free-to-Play license caps in the future.
    • Free-to-Play mobile users who convert to Premium Subscribers will still retain any previously-earned Crystal if they revert to Free at a later point; but while the Premium subscription is active, the previously retained Crystal will no longer be visible, and they will not accrue additional Crystal until they have reverted to Free. - Added a new "First Kill" badge for new users, with a notification and description pop-up the first time the player docks after earning the badge.
  • New simplified account conversion menu and removed the captcha.
  • Improved readability of some menus on mobile devices.
  • Improved gamepad usability for most dialog boxes.
  • Fixed issue with swiping not always working on initial Ship Purchase tutorial.
  • Changed default framerate limit to 60 FPS from 40 for a smoother UI scrolling experience.
  • New Snapdragon splash screen for Snapdragon-based devices. - Increased default font size for high-res phone devices.
  • Fixed potential sector crash when a mine times out and gets damaged at the exact same time.
  • Fixed crash on iPad when docking after gaining the First Kill achievement.
  • Fixed issue with seeing <crystalexplanation> when logging in for the first time on mobile devices.

Vendetta 1.8.304

  • Fixed station conquering issue when player docks to the station just as the last defense turret is destroyed.
  • List control scrolling now follows the touch drag more precisely on Android devices.
  • Mission icons are now colored based on their category.
  • Fixed crash with multi-threaded renderer.
  • Chat mode radio buttons have been moved to the right-hand side In Condensed UI mode on mobile devices.
  • 'Press the Activate key to leave the turret' now fully persists.
  • The ship sell menu now only shows the local inventory instead of the whole inventory.

Vendetta 1.8.303

  • Fixed crash when logging in, mostly on the Android version.
  • Improved scrolling vs. panning on small screen Android devices such as phones.
  • Improved usability of a couple of menus on small screen high resolution Android devices.
  • The Purchasing menu no longer shows that mobile free-play accounts are in Trial mode.

Vendetta 1.8.302

  • Reenabled multi-threaded rendering for 64bit Linux. If you have previously disabled it by editing your config.ini, you will need to reenable it through the config.ini. If you experience crashes, manually disable multithreading by adding multithreaded=0 to the [Vendetta] section of your config.ini file. Please report any issues with the threaded renderer on Linux.
  • Renamed 'Free-Play' mode to 'Offline Play'.
  • Increased the default font size of 1080p Android phones.
  • The iOS and Windows Store versions now display a warning when attempting to perform an in-app purchase on an item instead of showing that the purchase was aborted.
  • All background textures are now loaded when entering a sector instead of on-demand to prevent stuttering when planets become visible, for example. iOS and WinStore versions will have to wait for an app update.

Vendetta 1.8.301

  • Macros in the virtual keyboard can now be saved when long-pressing the action button on gamepads on Android.
  • Fixed multithreaded rendering crashes. To test it, edit your config.ini file to add multithreaded=1 in the [Vendetta] section. Please report any issues.
  • Fixed the incorrect placement of layed mines relative to the port locations on your ship.
  • Fixed the bouncing 'm' HUD mission icon location when it finishes bouncing.
  • Fixed lua error and crash when attempting to swipe station/pda menus.
  • Fixed issue with PDA menu showing back up when pressing 'Jump' or 'Jettison All' buttons in the PDA in Condensed UI mode.
  • Fixed occasional crash when attepting to set a navroute to a training sector.

Vendetta 1.8.300

  • Fixed multithreaded rendering artifacts. We're still working on the crashing bugs.
  • Save Password checkbox is now always present on platforms that support it.
  • Touch-hover now works when dragging your finger from a listbox or textbox when they aren't scrollable.


  • Cleaned up more Android Java reference leaks.

Vendetta 1.8.299

  • Added a 'Save Password' option to the Android version. It saves an encrypted copy of your password to the private data area of the app.
  • Updated OpenSSL library on the Android version.
  • All small screen devices now default to a static background image in the station menu so swiping between menus is smoother.
  • Cleaned up more Java reference leaks.


  • Fixed issues with touches not working properly on Android.

Vendetta 1.8.298

  • Only Premium subscriptions are allowed to pilot Tridents now. Any non-Premium subscribers capships will be moved to the capship Shipyards in Latos M-7.
  • Optimized Panning feature to switch between station menus on Android.
  • Added macro buttons to the virtual keyboard. To set the macro, type in the text you want and long-press a macro button. To clear the macro, long-press when no text is entered.
  • Changed Linux 64 version to default to single-threaded rendering until the multithreaded rendering problems are fixed. It can be manually enabled/disabled through the config.ini as usual.
  • Fixed a very uncommon issue when attempting to launch from your own capship and you get an error saying that your grid power is too low.
  • New capship turret assets. These increase the framerate on mobile devices.
  • Fixed touch-hover overlay being displayed when it shouldn't be. For example, while rotating the ship view.
  • The Close button in the PDA menu did not have touch-hover enabled.

Vendetta 1.8.297

  • Reenabled multi-threaded rendering for 64bit Linux. If you have previously disabled it by editing your config.ini, you will need to reenable it through the config.ini. If you experience crashes, manually disable multithreading by adding multithreaded=0 to the [Vendetta] section of your config.ini file. Please report any issues with the threaded renderer on Linux.
  • Fixed lua error when attempting to take a mission that has a countdown timer in its description.

Vendetta 1.8.296

  • Added a new Condensed UI Panning feature to the Android version to be able to switch between station menus without the need for the Menu button. Quickly swipe your finger across the screen while in-station to switch between the different menus.
  • Added a new touch-hover feature to buttons around the edge of the screen for Android devices. Touch-drag your finger over tabs and buttons around the edge of the screen to show a large version of what button is under your finger. When you release your finger, that tab or button will be selected.
  • A 'Please wait...' msg now appears when showing the mission list for the first time to show that it may take a few seconnds to update the list.
  • Fixed a problem with allowing players to In-App Purchase an item even though they can't equip or use it.
  • The mission info dialog now includes the name and short description.
  • Fixed a reference to Amazon GameCircle when using Google+ for achievements.
  • Fixed issues with long-pressing the nav menu to add multiple navpoints.

Vendetta 1.8.295

  • Conquerable station defense turrets no longer fire on access key holders while the are leaving the sector.
  • Friendly-fire deaths caused by Avalon explosions no longer kick players out of Border Skirmish missions.
  • Added experimental network quality reporting. To enable report logging to your chat window, type /set nShowNetQualReport 1
  • Added idle-detection captcha to non-premium subscriptions.
  • Fixed problem where the player's persistent capship fails to leave 5 minutes after the owner logs out when the owner attempted to control their own capship but timed out or otherwise has excessive lag.
  • Deleted characters are no longer listed as holders of access keys.
  • Fixed some Java object reference leaks on Android.

Vendetta 1.8.294

  • Improved shaders for PC platforms. The secondary lightsource now uses the object's bump map.
  • Hangar tab was still visible in the Tactical tab in ships with turrets but no hangar.
  • Repair and Reload buttons were the wrong color.
  • If a player attempts to lay a mine and the mine limit has been reached, the client no longer thinks the mine was layed.
  • The password field no longer allows the text to be copied from it with CTRL-c. "************" is now copied into the clipboard.
  • Dueling players are now notified if the duel will not count towards their duel ratings. For example, if one of the players license level is too low.
  • When autodocking is enabled, the text on the HUD now says "Docking..." instead of "Press the Activate key to dock."
  • Fixed occasional clipping of the speed and energy indicators on the HUD.
  • Fixed various lua errors.


  • Fixed lua error that some players are experiencing.

Vendetta 1.8.293

  • CTC cargo gets auto-jettisoned when the capship owner leaves their capship and they have CTC cargo.
  • Ship buy-back/buy-preset no longer swaps empty weapons in storage with newly purchased weapons when they are auto-equipped.

Vendetta 1.8.292

  • Left and Right thumb buttons of the DualShock 4 controller on Android have been fixed to report as their proper buttons.
  • Reduced network traffic for cases where the player is being damaged with multiple weapons at the same time.
  • Removed trailing space at the end of the Outer Hull Plate name.

Vendetta 1.8.291

  • Improved high resolution asteroid LOD popping artifacts.
  • Added guild member login/out notifications.
  • Fixed problem when capship owner launches from their capship directly from controlling a turret.
  • All sectors are now running the new sector code.

Vendetta 1.8.290

  • Replaced some asteroid chunks with higher resolution models and textures for the Win/Mac/Linux versions.
  • Added support for Oculus Rift HD.
  • Oculus Rift is no longer required to be in mirror display mode. It should now auto-detect the secondary display.
  • Added code to the experimental sector code to try to identify why sectors are being randomly lost.
  • Fixed a crash bug when exiting early from the offline tutorial and attempting to log in.


  • Fixed lua error when trying to sell items.

Vendetta 1.8.289

  • Added more optimizations to help with lag during large battles.
  • Private messages, guild, group, and vote actions no longer reveal online status for privacy reasons.


  • Fixed problem with not being able to connect on the Mac OS X version.

Vendetta 1.8.288

  • Optimized of UI updates when mining asteroids.
  • Capship energy drain now properly persists between NPC and player controlled capships.
  • Capships can no longer be used to conquer stations by wedging it into the docking bay of the station when it is conquerable.
  • Players are now notified if they get Temp KOS by damaging a conquerable station defense turret.
  • Fixed conquerable station issue when a Temp KOS player attempts to conquer the station. The 30 secon requirement was no longer in effect after that case.
  • Fixed conquerable station issue when players set it as their home station. They weren't properly respawning there and were bounced to a different station instead.
  • Fixed problem when a player owned capship was destroyed when the owner was logged off and logging back in would send them to a station other than their home station.
  • When a player logs in while in a station and they are not allowed to dock at that station (access key is revoked for example), the player is bounced to another station but their ship stays at the original station. The player will need to regain access to the station to get their ship back.
  • Fixed disconnect error when a passenger is in a capship when it explodes.

Vendetta 1.8.287

  • All grey space systems are now running the experimental code. Please report any problems through support tickets.

Vendetta 1.8.286

  • Conquerable station sectors Bractus M-14, Latos I-8, and Pelatus C-12 are now running experimental code to test a solution to weapon hits sometimes not registering. Please test these sectors and report any problems through support tickets.

Vendetta 1.8.285

  • The virtual mouse (when used through a gamepad controller) on mobile devices now highlights the virtual keyboard button that was selected so multiple presses of 'A' on the gamepad will repeat the same action again.

Vendetta 1.8.284

  • The Capship Shipyards station maximum cargo storage limit has been increased to 150,000 from 50,000 cu.
  • Windows Store version has been updated to add gamepad support, tweaks to graphics settings on AMD tablets, and capship owners can control their own turrets like how PC/Android platforms can already do.
  • Capship owner's mines no longer get triggered by their capship.
  • Updated the Oculus SDK to drastically reduce drift.
  • Capture-The-Cargo convoys report updates on their respective channels (201/202) again.

Vendetta 1.8.283

  • Group owner's mines will no longer detonate on other group members if the mines were layed before the group was created.
  • Mines will no longer detonate on a group member if the member joined the group while in the proximity of the mine.
  • Fixed Voice Chat cross-talk.


  • Fixed lua error when in a player-owned capship turret when they jump sectors.
  • Fixed lua error when joining a group on mobile devices.

Vendetta 1.8.282

  • Trident Type M maximum shield strength bumped to 40k.
  • Player-owned capship shield repair timer now resets after each hit, like the NPC shields.
  • Group health and sector list health now includes shield strength.
  • Shield strength while manning a player-owned turret now shows the correct value.
  • Repair guns no longer damage player-owned capship shields.
  • Shields no longer look like they disappear when the capship pilot mans their own turret.
  • Fixed infrequent lua error when the capship pilot launches from their own capship.


  • Fixed a lua error on startup.

Vendetta 1.8.281

  • Player-owned capships now have shields that work the same way as NPC capship shields.
  • Ships stored in capships can now have their ammo refilled by the capship owner without having to launch and dock with the capship.

Vendetta 1.8.280

  • Added Sony DualShock 4 support to Android and Windows.
  • Faction logos now display properly on ARM Mali Android devices :~such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.
  • Players can no longer dock to capships with CTC cargo. It will need to be jettisoned first.
  • Radar extender addons now only work if they are equipped as addons, not if they are in your cargo hold.
  • Google+ Achievements are now supported in the Android Play Store and sideload versions.
  • Fixed PVP Veteran 1 achievement for Amazon GameCircle and iOS GameCenter.
  • Added a 'Log off' button to the mutually exclusive faction choice menu.
  • Your character name is now displayed in the faction choice verification menu.
  • Added a 3 month non-recurring in-app purchase to the Android version, supporting Play Store "Gift Cards".
  • Persistent capships now mirror the player's weapon addons after player log-off.

Vendetta 1.8.279

  • Pressing X+Y at the same time on the gamepad in Android now displays the gamepad help menu that shows what the different controls do.
  • Dialogs with 'Do not show this again' checkboxes now default to the OK button being focused instead of the checkbox.
  • Attempt to fix clipped screen on HTC One devices.

Vendetta 1.8.278

  • Serco Vulture Guardian turbo drain changed from 56 to 55, top speed increased from 220 to 225.
  • New Raptor UDV available in UIT stations, requires high Admire standing with UIT, also minimum of Dislike with both Serco and Itani.
  • Faction standing for major "foreign" nations (to which your character does NOT belong) are now capped at +600. This only impacts Serco, Itani and UIT standings, there are no changes to minor and corporate factions. For instance, this means if your character is UIT, the highest Itani faction standing you may acquire is "Respected" (the reverse also being true). The levels of "Admire" and "Pillar of Society" are reserved for native faction members.
  • Serco/Itani mutually exclusive faction standings have been changed to equalize at Neutral (0). This means that if a character achieves +600 with Serco, the character's Itani standing will fall to no-higher-than -600, and visa-versa.
  • The default faction standings for Itani on a new UIT character has been changed to Neutral (0) to reflect the updated mutual exclusion of Itani/Serco.
  • Player-owned capships now inherit the owner's keychain so the capship won't get attacked in conquerable stations.
  • Player-owned capships are always visible on the keyholder's radar no matter how far away they are in the same sector.
  • Turreted non-capital scale ships no longer persist.
  • Player-owned persistent capships should now use their custom name.


  • Fixed blank Event and News posts.
  • Broken ships that were caused by a previous update (being able to jettison ships from a capship) are now prevented from being used to launch from your own capship.

Vendetta 1.8.277

  • Players can now leave their capship if they have a flyable ship in the cargo hold. The ship is chosen in the PDA Tactical->Hangar tab. When the capship owner docks to their own capship, they can regain control of the capship through the PDA Tactical->Operations tab. Passengers will experience a short interface update when the capship owner logs out/in, launches from, or regains control of the capship.
  • Capships now stay around for 5 minutes after their owner logs off.
  • When a player logs in and they have a capship floating anywhere in space, it will immediately spawn whereever it was last located.
  • Capship owners will be notified if their capship is under attack. The capship's health in the owner's inventory list does not currently update.
  • While the capship owner is not in control of their capship, it is displayed in the sector list as the custom name of the capship if set, or the owner's name plus a unique identifier.
  • The capship owner currently can always dock with their own capship even if no space is available, so they cannot be locked out of the capship.
  • The same capship access key currently works for all of a player's capships. This will change to allow a different access key per capship in a future update.
  • The Connecting dialog text has changed and now includes a timeout progressbar.

Vendetta 1.8.276

  • Corvus Greyhound turbo thrust increased from 350 to 450.
  • Mines now persist for 30 minutes.
  • Added a Drain Proximity Mine that drains power cells by 250 units when it explodes. It is available at some Serco stations and requires a high faction standing to purchase.

Vendetta 1.8.275

  • Added ability for players attacked in monitored and guarded sectors to attack back in self-defense without any factional loss if they kill their attacker. This self-defense ability persists for 15 minutes from the last hit by either player or until the original attacker dies for any reason.

Vendetta 1.8.274/.1

  • Internal changes to be revealed at a later date.

Vendetta 1.8.273/.1

  • Music now crossfades when changing sectors.
  • Killing 3 players in a 7-day period, within a single faction's Guarded space, will result in that faction placing Temp KoS status on the killer for 24 hours. Exceptions are made for killing players of Hated or lower standing with the local faction, and active duels. This only impacts Guarded regions (ie, station sectors). Corvus stations ignore all kills and are not affected by this change.
  • Linux Sandybridge and Haswell Intel drivers use full shaders now.
  • Lowered the default texture detail settings for Android devices with 512megs or less of system memory.


  • Fixed rendering problems with newly released Greyhound Camo edition and Anniversary Vulture ships.


  • Fixed crash/lockup on Windows Surface when logging in.

Vendetta 1.8.272

  • Plasma Annihilator has been buffed and re-balanced per the Suggestions Forum thread.
  • Group member mines are now blue on the radar.
  • Android gamepad virtual mouse sensitivity and axis invert settings are now configurable in Options -> Advanced -> Controls -> Mouse.
  • Fixed Android touch-HUD so the elements don't overlap in 1080 mode.
  • Fixed possible crash on the Amazon Appstore version if GameCircle fails to initialize.


  • Fixed missing DLL errors on WinXP and Vista.

Vendetta 1.8.271

  • Your mines no longer disappear when you log out or change sectors.
  • Because mines now persist, if you get Temp KOS with the faction that owns the station you're currently in, you will get launched out or thrown to your home station if you don't have a flyable ship.
  • Added preliminary Leap Motion support for the Windows version.
    • 6 new binds are available:
    • LEAPOX, LEAPOY, LEAPOZ, LEAPTX, LEAPTY, LEAPTZ where LEAPO* are the three axes of orientation and the LEAPT* are the three axes of position.
    • When a Leap Motion device is detected at startup, flight-assist is enabled, mouse-look is disabled, and LEAPOX, LEAPOY, LEAPOZ, LEAPTZ default to Pitch, Turn, Roll, and Accel analog controls respectively.
  • Fixed button positions in the one-click login menu for mobile devices.
  • Default Moga binds have changed to be more usable.
  • Changed the default invert mode for the Right-Stick Y axis on mobile gamepads.
  • The D-Pad on Android gamepads can now be used to select controls in the UI.

Vendetta 1.8.270

  • Collision damage calculation now works more like the 2012 version, but retaining the improvements to threading, etc.
  • Collisions of less than 50HP of damage are ignored, so small bumps don't result in actual hull damage.
  • New "Power Cell Blaster" available at a Research station, somewhere in the galaxy. Depletes the enemy power cell by 50 units per hit.
  • The Xang Xi Self-Propelled Concussion Mine can now be reloaded.


  • Fixed issues with older Android devices.

Vendetta 1.8.269

  • Fixed missing textures on improved ETC1 assets for Android if the shaders are disabled.
  • Fixed Tegra 4 detection on Android 4.3.
  • Tegra 4 and Adreno 320 (and above) based devices now use full screen resolution instead of upscaling.
  • Better auto-detection of android-based consoles.

Vendetta 1.8.268

  • Ships now display their volume as cargo in their description.
  • Improved performance of inventory updates in the client UI.
  • Added assets for a variety of graphical markings for ships


  • Removed the ability to jettison cargoed ships.
  • Ship Sell Price now includes the full price of ships inside the cargo hold.
  • The mass of ships now include the full mass of cargoed ships and their nested cargo/addons. Passengers' ships do not affect the mass of the capship yet.
  • Selling ships directly from the cargo hold of another ship no longer results in orphaned addons.
  • Capship explosions are now visible when the pilot is controlling a turret and the ship explodes.
  • Fixed a bug where a capship passenger gets a blank screen when they dock to a capship in space and then leave it when it is in a station.
  • Valent A-3 Assault and Axia RA18 Assault bots that are created through the LAR Project mission tree should now fire all of their weapons.
  • The currently active ship is no longer displayed in the Station List of the Load/Unload menu.

Vendetta 1.8.267

  • New Vulture variant is now available at the Corvus capitol.
  • Players' ships now count towards the cargo of capships when they dock. If not enough cargo space is available, the player cannot dock.
  • Capship owners can now give their ship a custom name. The custom name is displayed in the upper right area of the capship menu. Use the /renameship "New Name" command to change it. You must be piloting the ship to use the command. A GUI interface is forthcoming. Names are validated by the server the same way character names are.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some news posts from being viewable.


  • Fixed crash on Android version when attempting to go to the ship purchase menu in the new player in-game tutorial with the L1 gamepad button instead of the R1 button.
  • Nvidia Shield now defaults to game controller input instead of touch-screen input for the tutorials and HUD.

Vendetta 1.8.266

  • All known radar issues have been fixed.
  • Charged weapons no longer fire if they drain zero energy from your Power Cells.
  • Addon/Mineral/Cargo scanners now have a title before each list so addons vs. cargo items are distinguishable.


  • More fixes to the Group Radar Extender.


  • Fixed bug that displayed license levels as 0/0/0/0/0 and didn't display accomplishments.

Vendetta 1.8.265

  • Fixed problems with the group radar extender addon. Multiple extenders in one group (one per member) are also supported.
  • 1-9 hotkey support for the sensor-list.
  • For plugin developers, the GUILD_MEMBER_REMOVED event now contains the reason for the event as the second argument.
 0 = logged out
 1 = abdicated
 2 = kicked out by the Commander or Lieutenant
 3 = voted out

Vendetta 1.8.264

  • Fixed upside down display issue with Android devices with Mali-400 GPUs.
  • Reduced network traffic when capships with turrets are in the sector.
  • Changed login menu background for aesthetic reasons.
  • Added ETC1 compressed texture assets for fresh installs of the Android sideload apk (/sdcard/VendettaOnline doesn't exist and the app is uninstalled). This improves memory usage on Mali devices.


  • Fixed problem with leadoff and navigation HUD indicators being placed
  • in the wrong location when using the Oculus Rift.

Vendetta 1.8.263

  • Updated Oculus Rift sdk to 0.2.4 which allows the magnetometer to be calibrated through the Oculus Rift calibration utility.
  • Proximity and lightning mines are no longer triggered on group members.
  • Added experimental texture loading to Linux 64 version. Please report any rendering/missing texture issues.
  • Added tutorial voiceovers specific to consoles and gamepads.


  • Removed experimental texture loading for Linux 64.
  • Fixed lua error when taking certain missions.

Vendetta 1.8.262

  • New Vulture ship assets added for upcoming testing.
  • Improved gamepad support for Android. Better default buttons for OK (A) and Cancel (B)
  • Added experimental texture loading to Linux 64 version. Please report any rendering/missing texture issues.
  • Fixed auto-fire on Android microconsoles.
  • Fixed ice texture when shaders are turned off on OpenGL PCs.
  • Increased Oculus Rift field of view.
  • Mines now sympathetically detonate when other players mines explode nearby.
  • Fixed Moga controller X/Y buttons not working properly under certain circumstances.
  • Conquerable stations are no longer chosen as trade mission destinations.
  • NPCs and turrets no longer attempt to fire on players entering the sector (while they are invulnerable).
  • Removed OpenGL Intel DRI check for Ivybridge so shaders won't get disabled.
  • Fixed in-game capchas when running on Android consoles with overscan compensation enabled.

Vendetta 1.8.261/.1

  • Capship missile-based turret fire delay persist properly.
  • Fixed problem with chat entry field on the touchscreen HUD losing focus if Tab is pressed on a connected physical keyboard. The Tab button on the virtual keyboard now auto-completes names.
  • Added Quit confirmation menu on Android.
  • Added option on mobile devices to disable vibration feedback for button presses.
  • Fixed memory corruption bug on certain mobile devices with specific chipsets and driver versions.
  • Fixed graphics error under very specific circumstances that caused some 3d objects to not render properly.
  • Capship turret list in the Tactical tab are now sorted so they are always in the same order.
  • The list of key possessors in the Key Info menu is now sorted alphabetically.


  • Fixed a crashing bug with the Offline Training Simulator.

Vendetta 1.8.260

  • Chat messages no longer get ignored during the tiny instant while you jump between sectors.
  • The 'station under attack' notification received by keyholders of conquerable stations now includes what station is under attack.
  • The word 'cockpit' is no longer filtered in chat.
  • Turret fire delay now persists between leaving and entering turrets.
  • New Amazon GameCircle 2.0 support; requires the app to be updated through the Amazon Store.
  • Players can now decline a guild invite if they are already in a guild.
  • Horizontal scrollbar in Jettison menu was not visible if any items' names were too long, hiding the individual 'J' buttons.
  • Keychain error messages now include the name of the player you were attempting to give the key to.


  • Fixed issue with black backgrounds and no lights.
  • Fixed crash on startup when multithreaded rendering is enabled.
  • Fixed crash when quickly double-clicking on the addon port when dragging addons onto the port.

Vendetta 1.8.259

  • Turbo now properly works if the capship pilot is in a turret.
  • Fixed crash on Linux if no audio hardware is present.
  • Rendering no longer looks like it stalls when entering wormholes when using the higher detailed nebulas.


  • Fixes for Linux and Mac versions having no background nebulas.

Vendetta 1.8.258

  • High-resolution planet textures, drastically increasing the visible detail of planetary surfaces.
  • Totally new procedural nebula backgrounds with much greater resolution and detail. (Nebula development is ongoing).
  • For the moment, these new textures and graphics are only available on PC platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Fixed a bug where launching from a station after docking will cause your ship to get stuck.

Vendetta 1.8.257

  • Conquerable stations now require you to stay in the docking bay for 30 seconds before you conquer the station.
  • Capship pilots can now enter and leave their own turrets through the Tactical menu in their PDA. (iPad and Windows Store versions do not yet support this)
  • Offline tutorial is now available to Windows/Mac/Linux PC platforms. It will start on first run of a fresh install and are accessable through the Options menu from the Login Menu.
  • If a Green Throttle controller is detected, the on-screen HUD touch controls will be disabled.
  • PC platforms now use the same button-click sound that the mobile platforms use.
  • Fixed problem of not being able to control turrets when not in mouselook mode.
  • Fixed startup error on Windows XP when attempting to load the Windows Vista/7 audio driver.

Vendetta 1.8.256/1/2/3

  • Fixed black/wrongly colored ice asteroids on OpenGL drivers when shaders are turned off.
  • Capship owners now get Entered/Left messages in the capship's chat room so the owner knows when someone docks/leaves their capship.
  • Fixed a lua error for /key console command if any arguments are missing.
  • Android version now ignores SIGFPE instead of crashing.
  • Android controllers can now be used to open dropdown listboxes (with the 'A' button) to change settings.
  • Fixed problem with not being able to open the virtual keyboard on some editboxes with the 'A' button on game controllers of the editbox was already focused.
  • Preliminary testing support for upcoming feature, TBA.

Vendetta 1.8.255

  • Delivery missions now only deliver to stations and not capships.
  • Virtual keyboard can now be turned off on the Ouya version.
  • Added Amazon Appstore In-App Purchasing.
  • Improved tab order for UI controls.
  • Fixed corruption when only one light source is in the scene.
  • Basic control support for the NVIDIA Shield.


  • Fixed lua error when attempting to open the Options menu during the repeating demo on mobile devices.
  • Removed 'Purchasing' button for the Android Amazon Store version.

Vendetta 1.8.254

  • Increased conquerable stations' capture timeout from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Adjustments to several weapon-based trade routes.
  • Virtual keyboard preserves the currently-entered text if it is closed by a non-user action. For example jumping between sectors.

Vendetta 1.8.253

  • Conquerable station turret hitpoints have been significantly reduced.
  • Fixed crash on Android when Voice Chat is enabled.
  • Android version uses a different timing function so timeouts shouldn't occur if the device's clock gets re-synced.
  • Fixed issue with the joystick still controlling your ship if the virtual mouse mode is enabled.
  • The virtual keyboard setting is now independent of the HUD touchscreen mode.


  • Fix for Android version with game controller and Touchscreen mode disabled.


  • Fixed an error when a game controller is incorrectly detected.

Vendetta 1.8.252

  • Improved game controller support for Android (including Ouya). Changed some of the default analog binds for new installations.
Added a 'virtual mouse' that is controlled by the left stick with 'A' being the 'left mouse button'. Any other button will cancel the virtual mouse. You can press and hold 'A' to drag items or to long-press in the navmenu to create waypoints.
Added D-Pad support in the virtual keyboard. Other controller buttons are shortcuts for different actions in the virtual keyboard. 'X' is backspace, 'Y' switches between symbols and alpha characters, 'L3' toggles :Shift, 'R3' is space, 'L1' and 'R1' move the caret left and right. 'A' selects the active key, and 'B' cancels the virtual keyboard.
  • Game controllers can now be connected to an Android device while the game is running and the controller will be automatically detected when any of the analog controls on the controller are moved.
  • Added native support for game controller HID devices but requires an apk update.

Vendetta 1.8.251

  • Added a new XAudio2 audio driver for Windows Vista, 7, 8 that should work across more hardware configurations. Existing players will need to change to that driver in Options->Audio->Change Driver... but will default to that driver on new installations.
  • Fixed bug where some settings weren't being saved.
  • Targeted Character Info menu now fits on smaller device screens.
  • Account conversion menu now allows for choosing an account name instead of using the auto-generated one.
  • iup.image has returned for use in UI plugins.

Vendetta 1.8.250

  • Fixed issues with low framerate on all platforms when getting damaged repeatedly, shooting ammo-based weapons, or collecting ore.
  • Added tilt calibration menu in Options->Advanced->Controller-> Accelerometer for accelerometer-enabled devices (iPad and WinRT devices need to wait for an update in their respective stores).
  • Added Premium In-App product purchases for iOS and Android versions.


  • Fixed problem where iOS in-app purchases weren't applying the time to certain accounts.
  • Fixed lua error when viewing Purchasing menu with iOS version.


  • Fixed lua error in offline tutorial for mobile devices.


  • Added text to the initial offline battle scene and tutorial that transcribes the voice-over for muted mobile devices.
  • Additional enhancements to support upcoming iPad release.

Vendetta 1.8.249

  • Enhancements to support upcoming iPad release.
  • Added explosion textures and some ships/crates to the list of things to load on startup so there are less framerate hitches during play.
  • Added additional text to Ouya condensed UI L1/R1 reminder that says to use the Touchpad to use the UI.
  • HUD radar textures no longer scale down in lower texture quality modes.
  • Missions were showing up with the name of 'Mission' when player takes a mission and then times out or the client otherwise exits.

Vendetta 1.8.248

  • Fixed lua error when attempting to purchase an item that no longer exists at a station.
  • Added preliminary support for Ouya.


  • Updated mission cache for new Android Training I missions.

Vendetta 1.8.247

  • Fixed issue with initial new-character tutorial starting over when the player docks if the tutorial wasn't finished properly.
  • Fixed issue with virtual keyboard being clipped in certain resolutions.


  • Improved tutorials for touch-screen devices.
  • Restored back-up action for left-side strafe touch region.
  • Fixed initial ship-purchase tutorial section that indicated the wrong location of the mission 'Info' button.


  • Changed left-side strafe touch region to be fully analog.

Vendetta 1.8.246

  • New textures for some components of the HUD.
  • Streamlined initial ship-purchase tutorial and voiceover.
  • Reworked offline tutorials for mobile devices, along with voiceovers.
  • Random name generator should no longer choose a name that's already in use.
  • Increased stability of the Windows Store version.

Vendetta 1.8.245

  • Added Moga Pro controller support for Android. An APK update is also required for full Moga Pro support. Sideloaded apps will need to manually update to the latest apk and Google Play installations will need to install the Vendetta Online app update.


  • Fixed lua error when attempting to edit HUD settings when not logged in.
  • Fixed lua error when using the virtual keyboard.
  • Australian price for Lite Mode has been fixed.


  • Reverted Lite Mode subscription due to problems with Google Play.
  • Fixed bug where chatting on touch screen devices while in space caused the HUD to become unresponsive.

Vendetta 1.8.244

  • Initial mission list updates are much faster now.
  • Error message when attempting to create a guild on a Lite Mode account.
  • Fixed some UI issues with large fonts.
  • Faction logo in station menu is now clickable. The faction's description in the faction standings menu is displayed.
  • Fixed Australian Lite Mode purchase price.
  • Revamped virtual keyboard. It looks different and should allow for faster typing.
  • Increased the polygon count of background planets
  • Improved checkbox, radio button, and access key item UI images.
  • Planet textures now get unloaded when they're not used to conserve memory unless Cache Resources setting is enabled.
  • Added an option (disabled by default) to alert about npcs entering/ leaving the station bar.
  • New characters are automatically joined to chat channels 11 and 100 and keep their active channel as 1 when they leave the training sector.
  • Improved long-press for touch devices to drag-drop addons between your ship ports and inventory in the Ship Configuration menu.
  • Moved some Options menu items into an Advanced Options menu for mobile devices.
  • Signup button in Advanced Options menu now goes to the account conversion menu if your auto-generated account hasn't been converted yet. This removes some confusion by new players.
  • Selecting 'Route' on a non-local mission sets it up to automatically pop up the mission dialog when you dock to that station. If you change your navroute or log off, the info is currently lost. If you dock to a different station and take another mission, the info is lost. If the mission becomes unavailable while you are en-route, when you dock, you will be notified that the mission is not available at that time.
  • A username history is now available in the login menu. Select the arrow to the right of the username entry field to see the list and select a previous one. Because this is a new feature, the history will initially be blank. To edit/clear the history, you must edit your config.ini file with a text editor. The history can be used to recover a new auto-generated account before it is converted if an existing account is used to log in.
  • Changed the in-station camera views that are seen behind the station menu. The training sector's camera is placed in a better position.
  • Changed the message that is displayed when docking with a capship.
  • Fixed a bug with Lua/IUP that was causing some invalid IUP handle errors.
  • Fixed a rare Android crash on certain devices when attempting to initialize the audio system.

Vendetta 1.8.243

  • Added a Lite Mode subscription option for Android through Google Play.
  • Storage rental calculations are now rounded to the nearest whole credit

Vendetta 1.8.242

  • Fixed wrong login menu being shown if you log in with a normal account and you had created a one-click account.
  • Added Local Faction standing to targeted player info menu.
  • Added ability to turn on/off complex shaders on Android version. It requires a restart of the game.
  • Fixed bug with one DirectX 9 shader causing some station components to have the wrong lighting under certain conditions.
  • Scaled down the jump-out effects of capships.
  • NPC capships no longer suddenly twist their rotation when they jump out.
  • Delivery missions will no longer remove items immediately unless all items needed are present. However, entering the destination station will remove all the mission items you currently have, even if you don't have all of the required items. This allows one to take the mission to see what items are needed without any items actually being delivered. The mission considers you to have entered the station under these circumstances: Docking, logging in while in a station, and respawning at your home station.


  • Fixed delivery missions so they now take items from your inventory without you having to launch and dock again.
  • Fixed Android virtual keyboard being too long if the text being edited is too long. Added right/left arrow buttons to move the text cursor.
  • Fixed UI being slightly too wide on some aspect ratios/resolutions.
  • Increased robustness of the Android version, and added crash detection and compatibility mode. Compatibility mode includes lower texture quality and simpler shaders.

Vendetta 1.8.240

  • Improved long press to add waypoints to navmap. The waypoint is added immediately after the long press instead of waiting until the press is released.
  • Fixed default font size on Kindle Fire HD 7" tablets so the station menu isn't clipped off the right side of the screen.
  • Fixed some lua errors.
  • You will now be sent to Corvus if your home station and nation hate you instead of being bounced back and forth between stations.
  • Temp KOS is now properly removed when you die in an empty sector.
  • If you acquire Temp KOS with your home station's faction, your home is moved to your nation's capital or Corvus if you are hated by your nation.


  • Fixed problem with ReloadInterface() causing the screen to go blank.

Vendetta 1.8.239

  • Fixed blank screen on certain Android tablets when running in joystick-support mode.
  • Fixed joystick configurations getting reset every time VO is run.
  • Fixed the problem with certain missions being displayed that cannot be taken.
  • When cancelling chat in touch-screen mode, the chat entry box in the HUD is also closed.
  • Added long-press support for the navmap to add waypoints. The long- press is .5 seconds.
  • Added a one-click mode for mobile devices to create a guest account without having to enter user info, which allows new players to get into the game quickly. A conversion menu is in place to add required information before you can convert the account to a subscription. A Windows Store update is required for one-click support on Windows 8, which is forthcoming.
  • Changed 'Android Market' references to 'Google Play' for the Android version.


  • Linux 64 version now defaults to single-threaded mode. Multithreading can be enabled through the config.ini file by setting multithreaded=1 in the [Vendetta] section.
  • The Kindle Fire HD should now be properly detected and video settings set to high quality.

Vendetta 1.8.238

  • A massive new 39-mission tree, developed collaboratively by a group of our PCC members, organized and evangelized by Phaserlight. Many thanks and congrats to him, as well as Pizzasgood, and everyone who contributed to building and testing these missions!
  • Graphics updates for the standard cargo-crate have been totally updated with a new asset. We will eventually also use this crate at multiple sizes to visually indicate crates that have larger quantities of items or use more cubic units of space.


  • Fix for Windows Updater not timing out if the update server is not available.


  • Fix for Mac OS X version crashing on run.

Vendetta 1.8.237

  • Enhanced password security. Maximum password length has been increased to 64 characters.
  • Fixed problem with video options not getting saved.
  • Increased default settings for Adreno 320-based Android devices.
  • Removed storms in Deneb.

Vendetta 1.8.236

  • Added touch-to-select HUD feature to Android version. Just touch the target (making sure no other touch region is touched) and it is selected, depending on your HUD's "Target" mode.
  • Reduced network traffic when logging in.
  • Storms once again appear in Edras and Pelatus.
  • Fixed problem with Trade Guild mission choosing wrong destination stations.
  • Added code to the audio system to fix missing sound on some Windows Vista/7/8 desktop computers.


  • Removed debug message.
  • Added 'Creating character...' message while waiting for server to create a new character.
  • Fixed missing numbers in certain missions' info text.

Vendetta 1.8.235

  • Fixed ice asteroid rendering problem on the Windows Store version.
  • Improvements to deal with higher latency connections.

Vendetta 1.8.234

  • Android version should no longer show a black screen if you press Home during the initial loading screens.
  • Added Options button to the PDA menu.


  • Fixed Android version crash on startup.

Vendetta 1.8.233

  • New visual effects for Starflare rocket explosion.
  • Support for MOGA game controller for the Android version. Upon first launch, a MOGA menu will show what the controls are bound to. The menu is also available from the HUD by typing /help in chat.


  • Improved Linux64 multithreaded rendering. If problems still persist, you can edit the game's config.ini file by adding multithreaded=0 to the [Vendetta] section.

Vendetta 1.8.232

  • New visual effects for Iceflare and Sunflare rocket explosions.
  • Linux64 version now has experimental multithreaded rendering and physics support.


  • Fixed Windows Updater problem.

Vendetta 1.8.231

  • New visual effects for Mining Beams.
  • Fixed Linux joystick calibration menu.
  • Fixed rare "invincible" Hive Queens.
  • Fixed common case where Linux crash-reporter would fail to appear.
  • Orun Collectors in the training sector no longer leave


  • Fixed a crash on Android that was introduced in update 1.8.230.

Vendetta 1.8.230

  • New icons for mission categories.
  • New visual effects for the Charged Cannon.
  • Fixed Joystick calibration menu on Mac version.
  • Fixed crash on Android version when attemping to see what commands the accelerometer is bound to in the console.

Vendetta 1.8.229

  • Added station type logos that indicate whether the station is a type: Capitol, Barracks, Mining, etc.
  • Added more default joystick configurations for the Android version.
  • When a player flying a capship times out, the players docked to it are no longer killed. They are now launched from the capship.

Vendetta 1.8.228

  • Added faction logos to the respective descriptions in the Faction Standings section of the PDA.
  • Added default binds to the Logitech F710 gamepad for Android.
  • Fixed possible crashes on Android Jelly Bean (requires Google Play or sideload apk update).


  • Fixed issues on Android version running on 2.2 and earlier and joystick/game controller support.


  • Fixes to improve the Windows Store version when running on desktop Windows 8 PCs, such as better keyboard and mouse support, and not defaulting to touch-screen mode if no touch-screen is present. Note: Windows Store update is also required for full functionality.

Vendetta 1.8.227

  • New minor faction logos in station menus.
  • Temp KOS for a faction was not being applied if it was already active for another faction.
  • Players who damage themselves and then get killed by someone else no longer get a PK assist.

Vendetta 1.8.226

  • New Trade Reparation missions, allowing recovery of standing to "Dislike" with a minor faction for a 20 million credit payment (once per week usage limit). Thanks to TheRedSpy.
  • New nation logos. The new logos appear in the character creation menu and in the upper-right corner of the menus for the stations of the three nations.
  • Fixed a bug with capship menus not showing mission timers.

Vendetta 1.8.225

  • Updates for Windows RT suppport on tablets.

Vendetta 1.8.224

  • Enhanced ship explosion effects.
  • Fixed a lua error in the off-line Android demo/tutorial.
  • Snapdragon splashscreen is displayed when a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is detected.
  • Preliminary backend support for Windows RT.


  • Fixed errors when attempting to launch the game in Windows XP.

Vendetta 1.8.223

  • New accounts now are free to play in the training sectors until the trial time begins. The trial time begins the first time any of your characters leave the training sector.
  • Added an idle-timeout of 30 minutes and a captcha challenge every 6 hours in the training sectors for free-to-play accounts.
  • Added ability to enter promotional keys to the in-game new account signup menu for the Android version.
  • To reduce lag problems, the training sectors are now instanced when they fill up too many players or the load exceeds a certain value.
  • Fixed audio problems on Windows Vista/7 for surround or 7.1 (anything more than stereo) setups.
  • Your home station info is now properly updated when your home station is forcefully set by the server.

Vendetta 1.8.222

  • Added subscription support through the Google Play Store. Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher and an app update is required for full support.
  • Fixes for the in-appp account creation captcha. It now uses lower- case letters.


  • Fixed another lua error in off-line Android tutorial.
  • Enhancements for Android version.
  • Removed debug text being printed to chat log.


  • Fixed a bug with guild member lists.
  • Updated back-end Kindle Fire Achievements.
  • Google Play should now show up as the most recent in-app puchase if your last purchase was through Google Play.


  • Fixed lua error on startup for PC platforms.

Vendetta 1.8.221

  • Added back-end support for Achievements on the Kindle Fire.


  • Fixed another error during the demo.

Vendetta 1.8.220

  • The Mac version no longer locks up the computer upon exit.
  • Added an in-game account creation menu for the Android version. It is displayed on first-run of the game and is also located in the Options menu.
  • Fixed error when attempting to use the in-game UI during a demo/offline tutorial.


  • Sleeping and waking Android 4 devices should no longer cause the game to halt for an extended period of time.

Vendetta 1.8.219

  • 'Entering Universe' should be much faster now.
  • Fixed problem with leaving the gunnery position of a ship while that ship is docked to an npc capship. You are now sent to your home station.
  • Removed Voice Chat errors from in-game chat log. They now only appear in the errors.log file.
  • All finished Border and Hive Skirmishes should now be removed from the mission list.


  • Added a progress indicator in the "Entering Universe..." dialog.
  • The F9 camera mode toggle now toggles through the 3rd person modes in the correct order.


  • Fixed problem with faction choice dialog not displaying properly or displaying with clipped text.


  • Fixed problem with faction choice dialog not displaying properly or displaying with clipped text.

Vendetta 1.8.216

  • Serco/Itani and Valent/Axia factions are now mutually exclusive above Neutral. All players with characters that violate this are given the option to select which factions they want keep their standings for.
  • Temp KOS now persists across logins and sector jumps for 15 minutes.
  • Missions no longer lose their category when they are accepted.

Vendetta 1.8.215

  • Added 'Route' button to the mission extended description dialog when the mission is not at the local station. Pressing it will create a nav route to the station with the mission and display the navmap. If the station is not in the local system, the universe map is displayed instead of the sector map.


  • Fixed crash on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) when attempting to use a plugged-in joystick.


  • Manufacturing missions are now available at the conquerable stations.

Vendetta 1.8.214

  • All missions that you can take are now visible. Each mission shows the nearest station to you that has the mission.
  • If your ship is jittering while you are stopped, you should now be able to log off without the log off timer aborting.
  • 3rd-person camera now moves away from your ship instead of towards your ship when you accelerate.
  • Capships can no longer dock to small docking bays.

Vendetta 1.8.213

  • The ship in 3rd person camera mode no longer jitters at low frame rates.
  • Joining or creating a group when you have an active mission will now tell you to complete or abort the mission instead of immediately aborting the mission without warning.
  • Updated lua to 5.1.5.
  • The HAC explosion effects are now precached so the demo doesn't stutter the first time it explodes.


  • Fixed non-ending Border Skirmish problems.


  • Fixed missing Deneb Border Skirmish problems.

Vendetta 1.8.212

  • Fixed rendering problems on Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note.
  • Sector list now properly updates when a player is controlling a turret of a capship after the capship has changed sectors.
  • Storm exit navpoints now appear when leaving a station during a storm if the player logged in to the game and is in the station.
  • Interface work for upcoming faction changes.

Vendetta 1.8.211

  • Added support for Arm Mali devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Support is currently only available through the sideload apk because the Android Market does not show VO as being available for those devices.

Vendetta 1.8.210

  • Added ice effect for Kindle Fire.
  • Fixed lua error when client connection times out when trying to create a new character.


  • Fixed ice asteroid effect bug on Android that was introduced in the last update.

Vendetta 1.8.209

  • Teller-Ulam mine changes: Timeout increased to 1 hour, damage increased to 15k, capacity increased to 2, reload cost reduced by half.
  • Added ability for capship owner to dismiss a player from a turret through a new turret tab in the Tactical tab of the owner's PDA. Also added a /gunner dismiss "character name" and for lua a Gunner.Dismiss("character name") function.
  • Capship turret list now shows what weapon is attached to each turret.
  • HUD mission icon is removed when the mission ends.
  • Loading screen image when changing texture resolutions is now properly scaled.
  • Fixed screendump /dump command on Android devices.
  • Tegra 3 Android devices now properly default to Super High background detail.
  • Fixed some cases where a player may not receive their mission rewards while they are jumping/warping.
  • New turret weapon: Gemini Homing Missiles. Same stats as non-turreted Geminis. Available in certain grayspace locations, to those with standing and required levels. This adds to the selection of existing turrets: Shield, FireCracker, Neutron MkIII, Gauss MkII, etc.

Vendetta 1.8.208

  • Fixed problem with ice asteroids on Tegra 3 devices running Android 4.0 such as the Transformer Prime.
  • Tegra 3 devices now render in 32bit mode

Vendetta 1.8.207

  • If nothing is selected, the target direction arrow now points to your next jump-out location (jumppoint, wormhole, storm exit point).
  • Next jumppoint sector is now displayed above the navpoint reticle.
  • Xperia Play now defaults to Flight-Assist mode for new installs.

Vendetta 1.8.206

  • Added new 3rd-person flight camera modes for all platforms. It is the default for new Android installs and can be changed in Options->Game->Flight Camera Mode Turn off mouse-look when using them on PC platforms.
  • Added Auto-Fire mode for Android version when in Touch-screen mode for a better new-player experience. Auto-Fire is default to on and can be toggled in Options->Game->Auto Fire and is an optional setting for the 'Activate' HUD touch button. Auto-Fire only fires when the selected target is an enemy ship outside the No-Fire-Zone and is close enough to be hit. Only the Primary Group is hooked up to Auto-Fire.
  • Flight-Assist mode now has the ability to fly backwards. When the desired speed is zero, pressing decelerate further will cause the ship to fly backwards.
  • Android HUD touch regions no longer release when dragging out of them. This mainly affects the Look Direction touch region in the lower right of the HUD.
  • Escort, Border Skirmish and Hive Skirmish missions are now aware of partial damage and will credit players for "assists."
  • Border Skirmish mission descriptions now include an indication that there are players in the opposing mission.
  • Fixed Trade Guild missions to count ore given to the mission as being sold to the station for Mining Badge credit.
  • Fixed a broken docking bay in the Training Sector.

Vendetta 1.8.205

  • Fixed crash on exit after changing certain Video Options on Mac/Windows/Linux versions.
  • PCC Missions now have an optional Begin/End Time requirement that allows missions to be visible for a certain time.
  • Ore taken by missions now count as being sold to the station for awards such as Basic Miner badges.
  • Accomplishment and faction awards now cause the station Buy menus to update automatically so new items are available immediately.
  • Added Front/Rear text labels to Front and Rear HUD radars that disappear when you hit Combat license 3. The labels are also togglable in Options->Interface->HUD->"Show Radar Labels when Combat < 3".

In addition to the above, another change should be mentioned that was accidentally left out of a previous patch log. We altered PvP collision damage to do only a fraction of the damage it did previously. Thus, when player ships ram other player ships, it does less damage than when they ram stations or NPCs. This was done to help alleviate a certain exploitative tactic of PvP killing designed to avoid faction loss in monitored or guarded space. The lack of faction loss for collision deaths was itself a previous work-around for a much older exploitative tactic where players could get others to lose their faction by suiciding themselves against their enemies. So, let's hope this latest alteration removes some of the issues for the moment, until some future problem is discovered stemming from players colliding too much (heh). Until then..

Vendetta 1.8.204

  • Five new PCC missions from Phaserlight.
  • Added support for Sony Tablet P.
  • Bots no longer attack their defend target if the defend target damages itself.
  • Bots that damage their defend target no longer get attacked by other bots with the same defend target.

Vendetta 1.8.203

  • New players are now notified when they fly too far away from the station in the training sector and will be given the option to return to the station.
  • Newsposts accessed from the character selection menu are now properly formatted.

Vendetta 1.8.202

  • Added joystick support for Android 3.1 and above.
  • Added PLUGINS_LOADED plugin lua event that triggers after all plugins are loaded.
  • Fixed another bug with changing channels in Voice Chat.


  • Fixed a lua error when changing Voice Chat groups/channels.

Vendetta 1.8.201

  • Added experimental Voice Chat for Android version.
  • Added Heyzap Check in button to Android Updater.
  • Fixed problems with switching between group and guild voice chat.
  • Fixed problems with Border Skirmish.

Vendetta 1.8.200

  • Fixed a client crash when logging off and a capship shield effects are active at the same time.
  • Hotkeys are removed from the Forgive Kill dialog so typing when the dialog appears does not cause accidental forgiveness.
  • Removed extra PLAYER_ENTERED/PLAYER_LEFT_SECTOR lua events.
  • Border Skirmish accounting will no longer be incorrect after server restarts.
  • Consolidated bounty news reports now display correct locations.
  • Best prices of addons in ship cargo are now properly updated when jumping between sectors.


  • Due to driver bugs present on certain PowerVR-based Android devices, the default graphics detail has been reduced on all PowerVR hardware.

Vendetta 1.8.199

  • Bots no longer drop cargo if they are not damaged at all by players. If a player damages a bot but does not destroy it, cargo is still dropped.
  • Nation choices are now randomized in the Character Creation menu.
  • Added support for Android devices with PowerVR graphics.
  • Further reduced raw materials needed to manufacture the Trident.
  • Trident Type M cargo expanded to 600cu.
  • Mass of Fused Composite Plating significantly reduced.


  • Fixed a lua error when trying to read Event descriptions.

Vendetta 1.8.198

  • Avalon Torpedoes now do 15,000 damage and require only 60 energy per shot.
  • Newsposts and Events being no longer marked as 'New' once it is read.
  • Show Station in Login/PDA menus options for all platforms.
  • Added graphical enhancements for NVIDIA Tegra 3.
  • Fixed a condition where depositing credits into a guild bank took the player's credits but didn't deposit the credits into the guild account.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the sector list to stop working after some time.


  • Fixed a bug that caused TCS plugin (and others) to create lua errors.

Vendetta 1.8.197

  • Reimplemented the 15km visibility limit as described in Vendetta 1.8.196 description below.


  • Reverted 15km visibility limit because it was hiding players in stations.

Vendetta 1.8.196

  • Arklan Guardians now have a one-in-ten chance of dropping an Avalon Torpedo launcher. They will eventually be for sale near Deneb as well, or potentially dropped by certain convoys; this is a first step.
  • In non-fogged sectors, other vessels are no longer visible on the sector list beyond 15km. There is no longer "universal knowledge" of all other ships in the sector, regardless of distance. This may continue to be tweaked and adjusted, moving forward.
  • All platforms now default to autodock mode. This can be changed in Options -> Game Settings.
  • Single-player Android tutorial now does autodock.
  • Miscellaneous UI tweaks for Android version.
  • Marshall only gives a list of bounties that have logged in within the past year.
  • Bounties are sorted by number of bounties and then the total bounty price.
  • Collector bot behaviour in Training sector have been changed to not attack unless being attacked and to not fly away as easily.
  • Empty bounty news posts now say there were no bounties collected instead of being blank.


  • Docking bays are no longer targetable.
  • Rendering fixes to support Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Vendetta 1.8.195

  • Drastically reduced requirements for manufacturing the Trident Type M user-playable capship. Various plating, panels and other parts are now needed in smaller numbers. A few additional rare minerals and ores are required, but overall a big reduction in the time and effort needed for construction.
  • Additional cores added to server cluster, further expanding capacity.
  • Added Updater timeout handling to Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Auto Dock mode. Enabled by default for Android and disabled for all other platforms. It autodocks you when you fly into the docking bay without you having to 'Activate' it.
  • Separate error messages for Android Updater for connection timeout vs. connection failures.

Vendetta 1.8.194

  • Updated universe map background.
  • Updated textures for Leviathan, Hornet, Centaur, Wraith, Atlas, Ragnarok, Revenant, and some station components.
  • Updater times out on Linux and Android platforms if the connection stalls for more than 40 seconds.
  • Added different default settings for various Android devices.
  • Consolidated Bounty Hunter news reports to once a week.


  • Fixed crash when launching the game on Xperia PLAY devices.

Vendetta 1.8.193

  • Updated textures for Valkyrie, Prometheus, and Marauder.
  • Expanded hardware server-cluster capacity (number of cores).
  • Improved software server architecture, should eradicate "stray NPC" issues. Please let us know if you see any remaining stray convoy bots.
  • User Keys can no longer be chosen as the main Access Key for capships and conquerable stations.
  • Access Keys should more accurately reflect their active status in the Keychain UI.
  • Added Audio Limiter setting to allow it to be disabled. The setting is located in Options -> Audio.
  • Changed default in-flight action for Android device 'Menu' button from toggling Flight-Assist to opening the Mission Log.
  • When using the Condensed UI mode on Android devices, a reminder about using the 'Menu' button to change game menus is displayed when the station or PDA menus are displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the capship Tactical menu to become visible on ships without turrets.
  • Improved race track graphics.


  • Fixed Navigation interface issue on Android devices.

Vendetta 1.8.192

  • Xang Xi Self-Propelled Concussion Mine now has double the ammo (8), double the proximity radius (60m) and costs 1/10th to reload (10k per ammo).
  • Turbo sound effect modified to remove slight repeating pop noise on long duration usage.
  • Improved graphics for system backgrounds in Navigation interface.
  • Better visual quality for compressed textures on Snapdragon devices.
  • Made improvements to server stability and robustness, relating to sector startup and shutdown.


  • Fixed sound related issue.

Vendetta 1.8.191

  • New and improved textures for the Centurion.
  • Centurion mesh now looks correct on Android.
  • Higher resolution textures for the Behemoth.
  • Texture efficiency improvements to the Trident, Teradon, Constellation, Vulture and Warthog (not a visual change).
  • Higher resolution nebulae for space backgrounds.
  • More memory-efficient startup logos and other images.
  • Some flare, sun, and effect textures mildly improved.
  • Game logo is now shown in loading screen between sectors.
  • Floating crates will now persist for 15 minutes, regardless of sector shutdown.
  • Player-owned capships no longer have any factional docking restrictions.
  • Audio limiting effect is now performed on all platforms instead of only Windows.
  • Music volume setting is now applied at startup.

Vendetta 1.8.190

  • Fixed internal Android platform-reporting issue.
  • Added more debugging for Deneb stats.
  • Android client Java crash fixes.
  • The game now warns you if it cannot find OpenSL ES audio drivers on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above. This affects Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices, as some have that file missing and therefore no audio is heard in-game.


  • Fixed Windows Updater to ask for Administrator Privilege so it can update itself. If Vendetta does not run properly, right-click on the Updater icon and select 'Run as administrator'.

Vendetta 1.8.189

  • Increased max resolution of the game icon for Windows. You may need to force the desktop to refresh for it to take effect.
  • Fixed an issue relating to certain types of NPCs becoming lost or stuck under certain circumstances.
  • Added further debugging to help detect and detail any other issues relating to persistent and convoy NPCs on the server.
  • Improved game-launcher resiliency and error handling on Xperia PLAY.
  • Fixed Voice Chat.

Vendetta 1.8.188

  • The Trident Type M, player-constructable capship, now includes an integrated 2000-meter Heavy Storm Radar Extender (the feature is present on all existing and future vessels).
  • The Trident Type M also now features a 2000-meter Shared Group Radar Extender, allowing the sharing of radar data with those in a group with the capship.
  • PC versions now feature the updated graphical startup and loading screens used on the Android build.
  • "Delete Key" button added the key info interface, allowing removal of keys used for station and capship ownership. Read the Help menu in PDA->Inventory->Keychains for more information.

Vendetta 1.8.187

  • Fixed a bug on Android version that would crash on every other run of the updater/game.


  • Fixed crash on Froyo tablets when the screen is pressed.

Vendetta 1.8.186

  • Android Updater should now be more robust and displays error codes in the status text on failure.

Vendetta 1.8.185

  • Android version for Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and above now uses the native activity API.
  • Added market filters for tablets with ATITC and ATC texture formats.


  • Fixed font size being too big when using 1280x1024 (or similar) resolutions.


  • Fixed visual pricing error for 1 month purchase through the Android Market. The actual purchase price was correct but the menu was wrong.

Vendetta 1.8.184

Many changes for the Android version:

  • Added in-app purchasing of game-time through the Android Market.
  • Added Condensed UI and HUD mode for smaller screens.
  • 3D station background can now be turned off for slower devices.
  • Larger on-screen keyboard.
  • Changes for upcoming phone release.


  • Fixed lua error under certain circumstances on Android version when logging in with an account that is expired or trial used up.

Vendetta 1.8.183

  • Listboxes can now be scrolled up/down anywhere on them, so the scroll bar does not need to be used on Android version.
  • Addon list in Ship Configure menu now has a long-press mode in order to drag the addon into the addon port of the ship image on Android. This is a required changed due to the way the new scrolling works.
  • Internal changes for Android version for future support of in-app purchase of game-time through the Android Market.

Vendetta 1.8.182

  • Selecting npc small ships (Behemoth, etc) that have attached turrets will now target only the ship and not the turrets.


  • Fixed a bug where ship damage could be a very negative number.

Vendetta 1.8.181

  • Ship damage percentage should now display properly on player-owned Trident Type M capital ships.
  • Trident Type M turbo drain reduced to 45.
  • New mission: "Intermediate Combat Practice" from Phaserlight!
  • Mission "High Risk Courier Needed" now records failures and will become unavailable if too many take place (along with some other changes).
  • Some weapons (Rails, Posis, etc) now reach much higher trade value peaks (up to 12k for Advanced Rails), with smaller drop per unit sold, but are profitable to sell only at demand-driven stations.
  • Users piloting the Trident Type M can now participate in Ship Chat.
  • Selecting a small ship (Behemoth, etc) that has attached turrets will now target only the ship and not the turrets.

Vendetta 1.8.180

  • Multiple fixes for Android devices.

Vendetta 1.8.179

  • Updates for forthcoming Android sideload apk.

Vendetta 1.8.178

  • Bug fixes for Android devices.

Vendetta 1.8.177

  • Guild Commanders can now vote on everything that the Council members can vote on.
  • Guild votes now last for 7 days instead of 1 day.
  • It should no longer be possible to create more than one User Key for a given Owner Key.
  • Added a condensed group view for the HUD in anticipation of increased group size limits, but the limit has not yet been changed.
  • Server restarts should no longer mess up the Deneb nation scores.


  • Fixed a bug that didn't show the Trial Expired dialog on the Android version when logging in with an expired account.

Vendetta 1.8.176

  • This release can also be called Soon(TM)
  • Prototype player-owned capship is now constructible through a series of missions.
  • New versioning system for plugins and interface replacements. See the PCC Lua Forum for more information.
  • Added Capship Access Key dialog when launching from a station with a capship for the first time. There's a time limit of 1 minute to choose an access key before a new one is automatically generated. Once a capship access key is chosen, it cannot be changed and will apply to all your capships. This is subject to change in the future.
  • Unknown binds no longer get deleted from the wgaf.cfg when the game exits.

Vendetta 1.8.175

  • Added in-app purchasing to certain Android versions.

Vendetta 1.8.174

  • Added Secondary Fire control to Android HUD touch screen. It is labeled "Fire 2"

Vendetta 1.8.173

  • Rescaled the capship station.

Vendetta 1.8.172

  • The Android tutorial no longer asks if you want to play the demo or tutorial.
  • The demo is now run directly from the Android updater instead of through the tutorial.
  • You are asked if you want to play the tutorial after the initial Android update (after the initial download) instead of after the initial download.
  • The game should now be visible to more Android tablet devices.

Vendetta 1.8.171

  • Player now has to choose either touch or tilt modes the first time Vendetta Online is run.
  • Modified the off-line tutorial to reference tilt mode.
  • Added Roll mode to Accelerometer modes.
  • Fixed rare crash on failure of asset download.
  • Vendetta Online on the Android Market is now free.
  • Capship station color has been updated.

Vendetta 1.8.170

  • New capship stations in preparation of player-owned capships.
  • New offline tutorial for Android that shows players how to look around.
  • Android updater now times out after 30 seconds if initial download fails.
  • Android updater progressbar is now set to indeterminate mode until progress actually occurs.
  • Fixed occasionally crashing sectors.

Vendetta 1.8.169

  • When in Turret-mode, the 'Press Activate to leave the turret' no longer fades away.
  • Added the ability to invert the x/y axes of the Android HUD aiming touch region.
  • The Android Controls Defaults button now properly resets the controls to the Android version.
  • The Android virtual keyboard's Shift button now acts as a shift button instead of a shift-lock button.
  • Updated Android's off-line flight tutorial to have the touch regions outlined in green instead of blinking.
  • The Android updater displays errors if there is no internet connection or the initial download fails.
  • Email verification notifications have been reworded to be more consistent.
  • Email addresses need to be verified before support tickets can be submitted.

Vendetta 1.8.168

  • Changed Android tutorial's explanation of touch regions to be more explicit.

Vendetta 1.8.167

  • Time stuttering has been improved under high latency situations.
  • When a mission completes, the Mission List tab is automatically made visible if the PDA is open.

Vendetta 1.8.166

  • Miscellaneous tweaks and updates to Android version.


  • Fixed bug with Android Updater where it would stop working if it was interrupted during the initial download of assets.

Vendetta 1.8.164

  • Updated and added single-player game tutorials, first for Android, but eventually for all versions.

Vendetta 1.8.163

  • Keychain access menu now shows a full list of access instead of just the first station's access.
  • Windows version no longer tries to warp the mouse cursor when the game is not active.
  • Created new single-player game tutorials, first for Android, but eventually for all versions.

Vendetta 1.8.162

  • Queens will now rarely drop the Queen Gatling Cannon.
  • 15 new missions from Phaserlight, winner of the holiday PCC Mission Contest!
  • Windows Vista/7 audio system now supports 5.1 audio setups.
  • Key ramping is now off by default. This only affects new installs, it does not change your current setting.
  • Added Guild Voice Chat. Guild members are automatically joined to the Guild Voice Chat channel when they log in. If you join a group, the Group Voice Chat will be active. You can toggle between Guild and Group Voice Chat using the /voicechattoggle command.
  • Android updater no longer keeps the screen on while downloading, saving battery life.


  • Removed debug print statement.


  • Fixed touch region s not being cleaned up properly on Android version.


  • Fixed lua error for non touchscreen versions.

Vendetta 1.8.161

  • Fixed ice shader for Android version.
  • Added notification status for Android version when it is in the background.
  • Back button exits the demo for the Android version.
  • Scaling mode for Android version has been fixed.
  • Audio is muted when the Android version is backgrounded.

Vendetta 1.8.160

  • Upgraded to new version of VoiceChat technology.
  • Fixed ice shaders for Android version.

Vendetta 1.8.159

  • Android version now properly pauses and resumes.
  • Fixed OpenGL ES shaders to properly adhere to the specs.

Vendetta 1.8.158

  • New Android demos.
  • Accelerometer now disabled in demo mode.
  • Fog now enabled on Android.
  • Netbook vs Tablet configuration options on Android.
  • Changes to Android Updater.
  • Other tweaks, fixes and minor improvements.

Vendetta 1.8.157

  • Intel Mac Updater will no longer crash after this update.
  • Added basic lua UI support for iup.Image{} for iup.label{} controls.
  • Fixed SHA1 functions for 64bit platforms.
  • Reduced memory leaks in Buddies menu introduced in the previous update.
  • Slightly increased the size of checkbox controls.


Vendetta 1.8.156

  • Three new Optical Sensor manufacturing missions, located in the Conquerable Stations.
  • Bounty Hunter license for a given faction is lost if the faction standing for that faction drops to Hate or lower.
  • Buddies can now be optionally notified of your location. Click the checkbox next to their name in your Buddies list to toggle the notification. A checked box means your buddy is notified of your current location. An unchecked box lets your buddy be only notified of your login status (Logged In/Not Logged In).
  • Fixed a lua error when trying to change joystick or keyboard bindings from the Input Options menu.

Vendetta 1.8.155

  • Android version defaults to Flight-assist mode with accelerometer flight model.
  • Fixed radar selections for Android version.
  • Added support for Menu and Search keys on Android version.

Vendetta 1.8.154

  • Flight-mode mouse X axis is now properly proportional to the screen size. This helps with extremely wide-screen modes like Surround and Eyefinity modes.
  • Android version now has a flight-mode that uses the accelerometer.

Vendetta 1.8.153

  • Hive skirmish sectors reduce faction penalties by three quarters. Faction gains are unaffected.
  • Hive Observers now occasionally drop Milanar, Prosus or Siepos Observer Optics.

Vendetta 1.8.152

  • Fixed issues with turreted player not using radar extenders.
  • Two new missions to manufacture Siepos and Prosus Master Computing Systems, available in specific conquerable stations.
  • In-game news no longer shows html encoded characters.
  • Android version properly handles the case where there is no /sdcard.

Vendetta 1.8.151

  • Milanar, Prosus and Siepos Leviathans now drop a large, hive-specific Data Aggregator object.
  • New Manufacturing mission in one of the conquerable stations, for construction of a Master Computing System.
  • Some manufactured items and hive drops now have a category-specific main description, instead of simply "Trade Goods".
  • Turreted players now share any radar extenders that the pilot equipped to the ship.
  • Escorts properly awarded for Dynamic Hive kills.
  • Critical Hive Skirmish Queens should no longer leave the sector, hopefully precluding the "Double Queen" bug.
  • Giving out a Friend Key no longer provides sender's real name.


  • Fixed 'stuck' touch points on the Android version.


  • Android update prevents the device from going to sleep during the middle of a download.
  • Android updater handles the case when nothing is installed.

Vendetta 1.8.150

  • Increased rate of Escort mission posting and leaving-without-players. This should result in more (and somewhat smaller) convoys in flight, while the average number of Escort missions posted remains roughly the same.
  • Masses of all Valkyrie ships increased by 100kg.
  • Optimized graphics rendering for all platforms.
  • Killing NPCs now properly give faction penalties when appropriate.
  • New demo scenes for Android version.


  • Border skirmish bots now give weapon XP.
  • All ships now use the same storm exit point.
  • Fix for crash when buying back or swapping out addons.
  • Removed debug print.
  • This was supposed to be numbered 1.8.150


  • Mining beam effect no longer sticks around if you die while mining.
  • Selectable targeting mode for Android version.

Vendetta 1.8.148

  • Updates to Android installer and touch-screen interface.


  • Fixed crash on startup for Windows platforms that do not support SSE2.


  • Fixed crashes and lockups on exit for all platforms.

Vendetta 1.8.147

  • Fixed Levi kills not being counted towards Levi badge.
  • Improved Android tablet flight model.
  • New touchscreen-specific tutorials for Android.

Vendetta 1.8.146

  • The edit controls no longer delete everything inside it if the first key pressed is the backspace.
  • Milanar/Prosus/Siepos MkII hive bots now give XP rewards.
  • Ship cargo is now visible in the Load/Unload tab of conquerable stations.
  • Sell price of items now show up as 0c if the station doesn't want to purchase those items.
  • Added a 'Save group' button in the weapon group tab to compensate for the fact that launching immediately after changing weapon groups doesn't properly save the weapon groups.
  • Fixed a typo in the "Premium Ferric wanted" mission.


  • More Android tweaks.

Vendetta 1.8.145

  • Added an Android demo mode and the Android updater has been majorly updated.


  • Fixed a bug with the Login menu disappearing when the interface is reloaded.

Vendetta 1.8.144

  • New manufacturing mission and associated item: Merged Cybernetics Array, located in the Bractus conquerable station. This uses one Neural Nodule from each of the major Hives (Milanar, Prosus, Siepos) to construct an element of a station or capship Master Computer.
  • Improvements to orientation interpolation of remote ships. This should be smoother visibly under certain conditions, and also potentially remove some of the stuttering when one is turreted onto another player ship. Further improvements to interpolation will be forthcoming.


  • Fixes for Android shaders.


  • Fixed crash with Linux updaters if no internet connection is found.


  • Fixed lua error on startup.

Vendetta 1.8.143

  • Mission postings are sanity checked, hopefully preventing any cases of non-functional Hive Skirmish missions.
  • Fixed a shader error for the Android version.
  • Bug with being unable to sell Synthetic Silksteel at stations has been fixed.
  • Windows version is better optimized due to using a newer C++ compiler.

Vendetta 1.8.142

  • Modified Hives: the Siepos hive now spreads through Serco territory while the Prosus hive appears in the Itani region of space. Milanar presence continues in grayspace.
  • Each hive now drops unique Milanar, Prosus and Siepos Neural Nodule items, which will factor into "manufacturing" driven gameplay down the road. These nodules are easily destroyed in combat, and as a result are only a 1-in-10 chance of dropping from most hive members. Only the Leviathan, with its larger neural array, is guaranteed to drop some nodules.. but not very many.
  • Fixed hive problem relating to NPC mining ships attacking instead of mining.
  • Fixed hive issue with bots not respawning in the Milanar hives.
  • Frame limiter is now enabled by default, set to 120 frames per second.

Vendetta 1.8.141

  • Enhanced textures for the stations, new normal and specularity maps.
  • Improvements to detail textures on certain asteroids.
  • More efficient texture memory utilization.


  • Fixed sound issue on Linux.


  • Improved updaters for Linux.


  • Fixed a bug with the framerate limiter on Mac OS X.


  • Fixed a bug with the framerate limiter on unix-based platforms.

Vendetta 1.8.140

  • Gray hive is now called the Milanar Hive, and is made entirely of specially named bots, including a new type of Collector. Many other changes will follow soon, with Siepos and Prosus hives appearing in Serco and Itani territory respectively. Different hives will have unique looks, drops, behaviours, etc. All will play into the Manufacturing (crafting) system.
  • Client now includes a framerate limiter, under Options, Graphics. This can be set to a desired FPS, such as 60, to help newer hardware run cooler. It currently defaults to 0 (unlimited). The defaults will probably change to 120 once we know the feature works well.

Vendetta 1.8.139

  • Increased detail and efficiency of some station textures.
  • Many other small changes and updates to support the android version.

Vendetta 1.8.138

  • Serco Vulture Guardian turbo drain reduced from 60 to 56.
  • Classes for recently-added bot drops changed from "Special" to "Commodity" to support normal trade behaviour.
  • Synthetic Silksteel is now dropped by static hive bots (different bots drop more/less often).
  • New Manufacturing Mission for Latos Conquerable Station: Fused Composite Plating.
  • New Manufacturing Mission for Pelatus Conquerable Station: Fluid Formable Silksteel Alloy.

The direction for these, and other new missions will become clear in the near future, if it isn't already obvious from their in-station mission descriptions.

Vendetta 1.8.137

  • Eight new PCC missions.

New drops from Hive bots:

  • Synthetic Silksteel (most hive ships)
  • Cybernetics Grade FF (mostly Guardians, Leviathan)
  • Hive Nanite Replicator (mostly Collectors, Assaults, Leviathan)
  • Many more diverse drops coming, tying into crafting and other areas.

Vendetta 1.8.136

  • New Manufacturing Mission for the Neutron MkIII Turret
  • New Manufacturing Mission for the Aeolus Light Repair Turret
  • New Manufacturing Mission for the FireCracker Turret (Missions located only in Conquerable Stations)


  • Fixed names of locations of inventory items in the sorted inventory list.

Vendetta 1.8.135

  • Added ability to sort inventory list by item type.
  • Conquerable station guards now cause tempKOS if they are shot by a key holder.
  • Conquerable station turrets need to be damaged down to 80% before a notification goes out to key holders.
  • Conquerable station turrets now properly use the IFF status of User Keys when the key's IFF status changes.

Vendetta 1.8.134

  • Players are tagged as tempKOS if they are a keyholder and they damage a turret.
  • TempKOS players are not allowed to dock to a conquerable station if they have an access key.
  • Keyholders of conquerable stations are notified of attack when a turret drops below 90% health.
  • Conquerable station turrets respawn at 10% health and gain 10% every minute for 9 minutes.
  • Conquerable turrets ignore IFF keys if the player is tempKOS.
  • 'Killing spree', 'spy', and 'hydrospanner' missions are no longer available due to bugs.

Vendetta 1.8.133

  • Fix for Full Screen Glow effect.
  • DirectX 8.1 driver now properly loads textures.

Vendetta 1.8.132

  • New and Improved missions, courtesy of CrazySpence and Phaserlight.
  • Removed Border Skirmish turret from Deneb C-10.
  • Ship preset purchase/buyback now connects addons to the correct ports.
  • Fixed rendering bug with cargo in space losing their glow when a capship or queen explodes.

Vendetta 1.8.131

  • Low-priced items that were previously useful for trade XP have been restored.
  • More lucrative trade routes added, particularly in grayspace and nation capitols.
  • Holders of Owner Keys of stations get notified when a conquerable station turret gets destroyed. The notification occurs no more than once per hour.
  • Added an optional 'Unload and Sell All' confirmation prompt.
  • Fixed a rendering bug for Vulturius Anniversary Edition and other ships.

Vendetta 1.8.130

  • Fixed rendering bug with HUD when capships explode.
  • Fixed rendering bug with animating billboard signs.
  • Many internal changes to support Android Tegra version.

Vendetta 1.8.129

  • Training Blaster and Government-Issued Plasma Cannon shot velocity increased to 145.
  • Fixed a rendering bug with certain textures on the PPC mac version.
  • Fixed navpoint distance indicator flickering between distance and the "Activate now" message and missile lock-on sound not working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug when a new character is created successfully after trying to create a character with a name that already exists; the new character was not showing up in the character selection menu.

Vendetta 1.8.128

  • The +Shoot1/2/3 commands available to alias and plugins again.
  • Radar calculations are now performed in a separate thread.
  • Linux32 version now requires at least a Pentium 3 and has additional optimizations.


  • Fix for Linux32 bug.

Vendetta 1.8.127

  • Significant adjustments to most of the trade items in the game, in specific regions. Many new lucrative routes opened up, both grayspace and between major Nations. Some historically worthless items may now command high values in certain locations. Route bounceback times also drastically shorter in some regions, and price drop per item significantly reduced in many cases. Changes will be ongoing, and some routes may require a little time before they become apparent.
  • Certain Bot processor cores (Orun, Dentek, Artemis, Guardian) are now valued at Research stations.
  • Removed ability to set ship acceleration from Lua (plugins, aliases). Turbo triggering should still work (turbo-lock, etc). This change occurred due to extensive forum complaints over a recent community-created plugin. Depending on feedback, we may be able to come up with an improved solution next week, but this appeared to be the best option on short notice.

Vendetta 1.8.126

  • Only those taking a given Border Skirmish mission may dock with that mission's capital ships.
  • If you destroy a player or NPC in Border Skirmish, your standing with that side's faction will be reduced a small amount.

Vendetta 1.8.125

  • Warthog TD substantially improved: armor, thrust, braking, turbo, etc. Reduced cargo capacity and slightly increased turbo energy usage.
  • Consumer Robotics, Civilian Textiles, and Personal Defense Systems now command significantly higher peak prices and demand rates in Odia.
  • Increased payment for participation in Deneb War. Per-kill increased from 1500c to 5000c, overall skirmish success bonus increased by 4X.
  • Owner and User keys listed in your keychain now have an indicator to show whether the key is associated with a station.
  • Conquerable station turrets now recognize the new owners without the sector needing to restart.

Vendetta 1.8.124

  • Escort mission rewards are now reduced in proportion to how much of the mission you spend docked.
  • Nation-specific Constellations in War Convoys (also not swarm-happy)
  • Significantly increased XP rewards for Guardians.
  • Slightly increased XP rewards for Overseers.

Vendetta 1.8.123

  • Increased Conquerable Station Turret Armor by 25% and Respawn time by 50%.
  • Fixed bug with guild creation that prevented 2 letter acronyms.
  • Fixed lua error when muting Voice Chat of group members.

Vendetta 1.8.122

  • New Friend Key promotion. You can send a key to a friend that they can apply to a trial account to receive 2 free weeks of time. You are given 1 additional key per month that you are subscribed up to a total of 5 keys available to give out at a time. The keys are given out through the client interface and is located in Your PDA under the Comm tab. The new tab is labeled Friend Keys and shows all the keys you've given out and whether each key was been redeemed. Once you send a friend key, your friend will receive an email notification with the actual key and instructions on how to use it. Note: This has nothing to do with in-game station access keys.
  • War Convoy bots now guard a spot on or near the wormhole, and should target properly (just hated for now).
  • War Convoy blockade locations for the Itani side have been changed (Ukari A-10 w/ caps, B-5 w/o). Their numbers will also persist between server restarts. Other improvements to come.
  • Removed console debug message.

Vendetta 1.8.121

  • War Convoys! New series of blockade convoys that are spawned daily based on the win/loss ratio of respective nations in Deneb. The convoys travel through greyspace to blockade their enemy's entrance into greyspace.
  • Hive Skirmish missions no longer show up in conquerable stations.
  • Fixed sector note not being able to be cleared if opened via Add Note shortcut.
  • Plugin update: All PLAYER_ENTERED_SECTOR events should have matching PLAYER_LEFT_SECTOR events.


  • Fixed a plugin exploit for being able to see who's all in a fogged sector even though they are outside of radar range.


  • Fixes for incompatibilities with some plugins introduced in the 1.8.120 update.

Vendetta 1.8.120

  • All station access keys have been deleted and Latos I-8 station ownership has been reset.
  • Two new conquerable stations added, in grayspace. Other features will be appearing, making conquering and holding all three stations a lucrative prospect. Where are they located? Explore and find them!
  • In statically fogged sectors, the sector list (the "u" menu) now only shows users within radar range, allowing total concealment through use of occlusion and fog. In non-fogged sectors and storm sectors, old behaviour still applies.
  • Friendly Fire restrictions have been removed from all but Nation Capitol systems (Serco/Itani/UIT).
  • Active Players list on website now displays Buddies Online for your logged-in account, and graphs of player populations.
  • Changed lua function SplitStationID() to SplitLocationID(). This affects some plugins. A simple search and replace in the plugins folder will fix the problem.

Vendetta 1.8.119

  • Changed random number generator for new character name creation. It is seeded once a second, so new names can only be created once a second.
  • Colliding with other ships will no longer cause their radar blips to change from green to red.
  • Fixed a CTF race condition.

Vendetta 1.8.118

  • Unaligned Station guards now help defend the conquerable station.
  • Convoys really have cargo in them now. No, really, we mean it this time.
  • Fixed visual mission timer on HUD. It now counts down to zero and stays there until the mission ends. If the timer was created outside of a mission, it will go away when it reaches zero.
  • Textured line effects now have a minimum screen size so they don't glitter as much when they are far away. This affects things like ship exhaust and some weapon effects including swarm missile trails and mining bean effects.

Vendetta 1.8.117

  • Manufacturing the Teller-Ulam Mine in the Conquerable Station now has reduced requirements (Queen Processors instead of Queen Matrix). Mission can only be taken twice per day.
  • Missile turrets around Conquerable Stations now do less damage and have a lower top speed. Other missile turrets are unaffected.
  • Web page submission system for in-game player-created events. See http://www.vendetta-online.com/x/events for more information.
  • Audio system now has a limiter to prevent clipping when too many loud sounds are played at the same time.
  • Audio system resamples the sound to the sampling rate that the OS reports. This only affects Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Fixed 'Empty Convoy' bug.
  • Fixed a bug where turreted ship weapon group tab would permanently hide the turret ports.
  • Fixed a bug where taking an escort mission, launching, and then changing the nav route would cause the jump navpoint to be too near the station.
  • Fixed a bug where two people would try conquering a station at the same time and they're both let in but only one can set a key.
  • Station conquer timer is now shown to players who enter the sector after the 2 minute countdown already started.
  • Conquerable station docking bay no longer says 'Press the Activate key to dock' during the time the station isn't conquerable.
  • When in a capship turret, the 'Target too far to scan' message is no longer displayed on the HUD.
  • High-density sectors in Deneb can no longer have storms appear in them.
  • Fixed a bug where Intel GMA950-based PCs running Windows XP would default to showing the station in the menu instead of hiding it for performance reasons.
  • Fixed a bug where the player who conquered a station wouldn't get free ship repairs until they redocked.

Vendetta 1.8.116

  • Behemoth Heavy Miner MkII now available in mining stations, requires Basic Miner III. Integrated 1000m mineral scanner, 3 large ports.
  • Fix for case causing human-only Hive Skirmish to be started/posted.
  • More reliable reward mechanisms (get rewarded for escorts even if you are warping).
  • Navroute set again when leaving station after death in Border Skirmish.
  • Windows 7 audio driver now properly plays at the correct speed when the audio device is not running at 44.1 KHz.
  • Fixed UTC dates in Events menu and Keychain Menu.
  • Station radar blip for conquerable stations is only visible to players who have docking privileges.
  • A sector message is now displayed when the conquerable station is actually conquered.
  • Giving a User Key through the Owner Key no longer creates a new User Key.
  • Client build number in Credits menu now shows the downloaded version.
  • Changed initial default settings for certain Intel graphics chipsets.


  • Mac version wasn't updated. It should be good now.

Vendetta 1.8.115

  • Player-owned ships with turrets no longer accumulate area-effect damage based on the number of turrets on the ship.
  • Vista Audio driver under Windows 7 tries to set the audio playback rate to 44100 Hz.
  • Events/Newspost menu is wider so longer titles aren't clipped.
  • 30 second logoff timer is now properly enabled when a private message is received from someone in the same sector regardless of whether the sender is ignored.


  • Events, Newsposts, and Access Key creation date now properly display their times in both UTC and your local time.

Vendetta 1.8.114

  • New Events and Newsposts menu shows Game Events that are scheduled and the last 5 Newsposts that are on the web site. The menu will auto-display whenever a new Event or Newspost exists and there is an option to disable auto-display.
  • Three new Axia-based missions, located in Verasi, courtesy of Phaserlight.
  • The Conquerable Station now has a unique Manufacturing mission for the Teller-Ulam Mine.
  • The Conquerable Station conquering timer is now displayed on the HUD similar to mission timers.
  • Added threat-to-shields logic, enabling more responsive queen (and other shielded-ship) defense.
  • Fixed bug causing old instances of the Border Skirmish advertising-mission to remain posted.

Vendetta 1.8.113

  • New Keychain tab in Inventory tab of PDA to manage your keys. Suggestions to improve usability are always welcome.
  • There is now a restriction of one User Key per Owner Key.
  • Slight changes to /key command. /key user access command no longer takes a sector name. It instead only works when you are docked to the station you control.
  • Fixed defense behavior of static queen escorts.
  • Fixed a recently-introduced bug with Border Skirmish scheduling.

Vendetta 1.8.112

  • New user keys and key command. Type /key for an explanation. A user interface to manage keys is forthcoming.
  • Hive skirmishes no longer appear in Latos I-8.
  • Fixed capship drifting problem in Border Skirmish.
  • Fixed Border Skirmish advertising mission.
  • Fixed conquerable Station turret targeting.
  • Improved bot agressiveness behaviour.

Vendetta 1.8.111

  • EC-89 and free battery are now available at the conquerable station so players cannot strand themselves there.
  • Conquerable station defense turret hitpoints have been quadrupled.
  • Conquerable station defense turrets now respawn after 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes.
  • Conquerable station defense turrets should now try to fly back to their position if knocked away.
  • There is a 2 minute wait period between when all conquerable station defense turrets are destroyed and the station can be docked to in order for the station to be conquered.
  • Improvements to conquerable station defense turret targeting system.
  • Trade Guild mission no longer disconnects the player when the mission is taken.

Vendetta 1.8.110

  • Warthog Mineral Extractor now features an integrated Free Mineral Scanner (Range: 500).
  • Improvements to Game Updater. The game patching system now handles certain situations more elegantly, such as running out of disk space.
  • The current Mac client version is now present in the app metadata, under "Get Info", the Finder and elsewhere.
  • Basic Station Conquest: A new station located in Latos I-8 may now be conquered by players. This is a very limited, basic implementation of station conquest, only for testing purposes. Once all turrets are destroyed, the first person to dock may generate or select an Owner Key for use. The console command /listkeys can be used to show the current keychain, which each have a number next to them. Then /giveownerkey (key-number) can be used to give an owner key to another player. Any player with a key for the station will be able to dock and not be fired upon by the turrets.
  • Bounty System Revival: We've brought back the old Bounty system, with a 1-million-credit upper limit on bounties. For now, only NPC-driven bounties may be allocated, handed out by governments for illegal activities, such as killing station guards. You can talk to NPC Marshals in Capitol stations for more information about becoming a bounty hunter.


  • Third attempt at fixing client crash on logout.


  • Fixed another client crash on logout.


  • Fixed client crashing on logout.

Vendetta 1.8.109

  • Raptor MkII now available in Latos N-15 (same requirements as Dau).
  • Corvus Greyhound now features an integrated cargo scanner and turbo energy usage dropped to 45.
  • Combat level 4 required to be featured in Duel Rankings. Characters less than 4 may participate in Duels, but will not gain or lose points.
  • Duel Rating k-factor is now scaled by rating number. Players over 2000 (Master) now gain/lose points at half the normal rate, over 2400 (Grandmaster) at one quarter the normal rate.
  • Duel Rating lower limit clamped to 900, only characters above 900 are displayed on the ranking page.
  • Middle Mouse button click now acts as ^v (paste) when an editbox has focus.
  • Sun flare effect is no longer rendered in foggy sectors.

Vendetta 1.8.108

  • Dueling badges are now awarded based on Duel Rating. See the Jan 1, 2010 news post for more information.
  • Race track badges and credits are awarded on a monthly basis to players with the best track times for the previous month. See the news post for more information.
  • The Search feature of the Duel Stats page now shows the stats of the player being searched for.


64bit Linux copy-paste with CTRL-C in edit boxes updated to support X Selection event protocol. It now works with other X apps like xterm.

Vendetta 1.8.107

32bit Linux copy-paste with CTRL-C in edit boxes updated to support X Selection event protocol. It now works with other X apps like xterm.

Vendetta 1.8.106

  • Server-side sector load time optimizations. Further improvements can also be expected here, as we move towards larger and more complex sectors.
  • High Density Sectors. Most sectors in the central ring of Deneb (not those with stations) have been replaced. These sectors were already statically fogged some time ago, in anticipation of the increased object count. The new sectors have much higher crystal density, and represent the first production test case for the "Universe Redux" process. Future sectors will be even larger and denser, but more development work remains before this can happen.
  • VO "Happy Holidays to Long Lost Vets" promotion: All un-subbed accounts that were last subbed in September or earlier may play through Jan 1st!

Vendetta 1.8.105

  • Nation Defense turrets for Latos H2, Ukari A10, Edras B11 and I2 have been moved inside of their respective Nation space, and are no longer in grayspace. The turrets in Helios B7 and Ukari L2 still remain, as Capitol systems (Arta and Pyronis respectively) use turrets on both sides of all wormholes.
  • Devus D3 Guardians drop Cargo Spoofer MkI (50% chance)
  • Helman K3 Overseers drop Cargo Spoofer MkII (25% chance)
  • Dentek Collectors drop Cargo Spoofer MkIII (1 in 50 chance)
  • Prosus Assaults drop Addon Scanners (25% chance)

Vendetta 1.8.104

  • Small-port Cargo Scanner and CS-blocker (available in capitol stations)
  • Fix for convoy traders repeatedly bumping convoy capships.
  • Slower top speed for convoy capships.
  • PCC Mission Editor additions: give-item-to-npc, park and drift actions, gave-money-to-npc event.

Vendetta 1.8.103

  • Shared Group Radar Extender: if equipped by one person in a group, everyone within 2000m of the equipped person can share the radar view of all other group members within 2000m.
  • Target Re-Acquisition: if a selected target is lost due to occlusion by an asteroid, distance, or other reason, the target will now be auto-selected if it becomes visible again within 2 seconds.
  • Upcoming Event: Dark Convoy, Saturday Nov 21st at 6pm CST.
    • Apparently, the devs made some new tools to make this possible

Vendetta 1.8.102

  • Convoy capships only allow their own escorts to dock (a more comprehensive rule-set is planned).
  • Ejection of players from convoy capships for friendly fire.
  • Tracking of escort success, failure, clean-kill, friendly-kill,and abort, in preparation for discouraging use of escort missions to trade without risk.
  • Gauss MkII Turret, for use on Behemoth and Atlas turret ports, available in Capitols.


  • Fixed collision hulls of new Anniversary Vulture.

Vendetta 1.8.101

  • New characters can now be mentored until they reach level 3 in a license instead of level 2.
  • Convoy capships can carry cargo.
  • New optimized server-side collision mesh for Queen bots.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sectors to not start up properly if two players entered it simultaneously.
  • Optimized sectors so they shouldn't timeout while under heavy load when players are present.

Vendetta 1.8.100

  • Added two special 5-year Anniversary Edition Vultures, access to be granted via upcoming promotion to limited newbies and current players with at least 3 months subscription.
  • Fixed sort order of Corvus Greyhound in ship list, it is now grouped with other Warthogs.

Vendetta 1.8.99

  • Fixed a bug where sectors would sometimes lag and disconnect under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a UI bug that sometimes showed the wrong ship sell price.
  • Accomplishments tab should no longer reset the selected badge when the tab gets updated.
  • "Microsoft Strategic Commander Controller" should now work on the Mac version.

Vendetta 1.8.98

  • NPCs no longer trigger the proximity alarm if the NPC Prox is disabled.
  • Fixed bug with getting stuck in capships when they jump between sectors.
  • Tridents are once again part of larger escort missions.
  • Bug reporter should now run when x64 version of the client crashes.
  • Experimental fix for intermittent client crashes on all platforms.

Vendetta 1.8.97

  • Added options for proximity warning to activate on players, npcs, or both.
  • Fixes for intermittent problems with Training V and other missions.
  • Added debugging info for mac version when enumerating joysticks and other HID devices.

Vendetta 1.8.96

  • Proximity warning now only warns every 2.5 seconds.
  • Another experimental fix for Netbooks running Linux.
  • Fixed random crashes for some players when they enter sectors.
  • Increased reliability of sector startup. It should fix bot problems in Dau L-10 and other places.

Vendetta 1.8.95

  • Bots and players now properly show up on radar in Linux and Mac versions.
  • Added a 'One-Off' proximity warning that will warn the first time a ship is seen within the defined proximity but won't warn again until the ship leaves the defined proximity.
  • Experimental crash fix for Netbooks running Linux.
  • Your own ship's health is no longer occluded. It shows up in the sector list again.

Vendetta 1.8.94

  • All asteroids now perform full obb occlusion instead of sphere occlusion.
  • Occluded ships no longer show their health in the sector list.
  • Radar Next/Prev selections now properly ignore occluded ships.
  • Plugins can no longer get ship distances when the ship is occluded.
  • Improved sector performance.

Vendetta 1.8.93

  • All players and NPCs are occluded from the radar by asteroids and ice.
  • Occluded ships no longer show their distance in the sector list.
  • Radar occlusion calculations are performed in a separate thread.


  • Fixed a bug with 1.8.92 that prevented asteroids from being selected.

Vendetta 1.8.92

  • Asteroids now occlude player-owned ships from your radar.
    • ZOMG!
  • 10 second logoff timer is now changed to 30 seconds for 45 seconds instead of 20 seconds when you receive a private message.

Vendetta 1.8.91

  • Logoff timer is now increased to 30 seconds if you should receive a private message. The extended logoff period exists for 20 seconds after receiving any incoming message. After waiting the extended countdown period, logoff proceeds normally. This only occurs during flight, not in stations.
  • Fixed bug with Linux version where the client didn't use some of the enumerated resolutions correctly.
  • Added ability to override window-mode resolution in Linux. For example:

[refgl] xf86vidmode=0 xsize=1000 ysize=1000

  • Fixed crashing sectors.

Vendetta 1.8.90

  • Better bot path finding around asteroids.
  • Teradons are included in some convoys.
  • Fixed a BS/HS respawn problem.

Vendetta 1.8.89

  • Improved capship asteroid avoidance logic.
  • Changed static wireframe radar extender effect to a sweeping effect.
  • Changed secondary light source in fog/storm sectors to be the color of the fog/storm when present.
  • Tridents are now included in the occasional convoy.
  • Turbo Thrust stats are now displayed for all ships. Combined with the ship's mass, this determines the vessel's rate of acceleration when turbo is engaged.

Vendetta 1.8.88

  • Raptor MkII Turbo Thrust increased from 260 to 300
  • Added Aeolus Light Repair Module (Small port)

Vendetta 1.8.87

  • Fog sprites are no longer rendered when shaders are disabled. This speeds up clients with older video cards.
  • Disableable turrets now emit the explosion effect to signify they are disabled.
  • A couple of lua bug fixes on both client and server.

Vendetta 1.8.86

  • Increased the defenses of Queens and Hive Queens.
  • Added fog to ice/asteroid sectors of the Deneb system.
  • Increased the variety of bots used in the Dynamic Hive.
  • The three Dynamic Hive's ships are now colored differently.
  • Improved NPC docking and undocking behavior to prevent pileups.
  • Fixed bug involving long-gone bots in the bar, and duplicate bar-enter/leave messages.
  • Hive bots now use production queues, like border skirmish. (no more insta-respawn)


  • Fixed a bug with Valkyrie, Maurauder, Prometheus shaders.

Vendetta 1.8.85

  • Asteroid sectors in Deneb now have a disableable turret. When the turret is disabled, a fighter skirmish begins.
  • New detail textures for bone asteroids.
  • Added ice refraction resolution setting for DirectX 9 driver. The High setting uses more video memory.
  • Fixed DirectX 8 driver so it properly fails to load compressed textures instead of displaying white textures.
  • Small optimization for most shaders.
  • Fixed certain missions so they no longer choose training sectors as destinations.
  • NPCs that have logged off no longer show up in the Bar.

Vendetta 1.8.84

  • Significantly improved all crystal and ice graphics.
  • Added OpenGL Antialiasing modes.

Vendetta 1.8.83

  • New Trade, Mining, Hive and PvP badges.
  • New icons for different mission categories.
  • Fixed mission list bug where logging out and back in with an active mission was flagging the mission as 'Interrupted'.

Vendetta 1.8.82

  • Unloading and/or selling no longer shows a false success message if there was a station error.
  • Training sectors are no longer shown in the best prices list for ship cargo.
  • Training sectors are no longer chosen as destinations or sources in Trade Guild missions.
  • The /fps command now shows average, max, min frame rate over the last .25 seconds.

Vendetta 1.8.81

  • Mining missions now re-appear after shorter intervals.
  • Three new mining missions added: Premium Ishik, Lanthanic, Apicene.
  • New Advanced Training mission added: Welcome to Combat License 3!
  • Updated Queen, Heavy Assault Cruiser and all bot textures.
  • More compressed textures to lower video memory usage.
  • NPCs can now enter bars.
  • Fixed client-side memory leak.

Vendetta 1.8.80

  • Fixed asteroids not showing their textures for Intel graphics chipsets on Linux.
  • Reverted solar panel material to fix level of detail popping artifact.
  • Background is no longer rendered when in fogged sectors because it can't be seen.


  • Fixed material for 'black' bone asteroid so it is no longer black.

Vendetta 1.8.79

  • New high-resolution compressed textures for EC and Raptor series.
  • Re-exported and compressed textures for all rocky asteroids.
  • Compressed starfield textures.
  • 256MB Visual Quality settings no longer enable Texture Compression.
  • 256MB VQ settings also enable Super High backgrounds.
  • New Shader Model 2.0a low precision setting available. It is mainly for Geforce FX series cards.

Vendetta 1.8.78

  • Improved Shader 2.0 graphics and fixed other shaders.
  • New compressed normal maps for Shader 2.0 hardware to improve on video memory usage. They are loaded as uncompressed maps for non-Shader 2.0 hardware, taking up the same amount of video memory as before.
  • Fixed bug where items in local non-active ships were not sellable unless there is an active ship.
  • Fixed major OpenGL vertex buffer crashing bug.
  • Improved texture load time slightly.
  • Initial loading screen now has a percent complete counter. It is a counter of how many objects/textures are loaded, not

Vendetta 1.8.77

  • Added Detail Textures to some asteroids. These can significantly increase surface detail when nearer to the object, under some circumstances. Only compatible with Shader 2.0 hardware, or better. See Dau G11 for example.
  • Turrets on player-owned ships can no longer be a part of weapon firing groups.


  • Typo'ed the version number for this one.
  • Fixed a couple of lua errors that cropped up with the 1.8.75 update.

Vendetta 1.8.75

  • Fixed Voice Chat volume control.
  • Slightly optimized inventory menus for players that have large inventories.

Vendetta 1.8.74

  • New weapon: the Shield Turret. This defensive weapon may be equipped only to vessels with Turrets (Atlas, Behemoth), and fires a small shielded area to deflect incoming fire. Available in Odia M14 (expensive) or the UIT Capitol stations (much more cheaply).
  • "Next Border Engagements" mission indicates when the next set of Dynamic Warfare missions will start, and what size the will be.
  • Fixed crashing bug when logging off with a damaged Atlas ship.
  • Fixed lua error when logged in and a character hasn't been chosen yet and a Border Skirmish sector was conquered at the same time.

Vendetta 1.8.73

  • Navmap conquered sector cells are now more transparent.
  • Navmap rendering artifacts at certain scale factors have been fixed.
  • Server-side memory usage has been made more efficient.
  • Fixed message stating that player entered a given station.
  • Fixed misc rare client crashes.

Vendetta 1.8.72

  • Dynamic warfare in Deneb. Conquered sectors are indicated in the nav map.
  • Pilots now always show up as friendly in the gunner's radar.
  • NFZ indicator now appears on gunner's HUD when in a no fire zone.
  • Fixed free repair for players who take part of any Border Skirmish type of missions.
  • Fix to disable shaders for Intel GMA 950 chipsets.

Vendetta 1.8.71

  • Atlas turret has been moved to the stern.
  • Turrets are now visible on player ships.
  • Gunners aren't asked to buy back last ship when they leave the ship.
  • Leaving a ship as a gunner now has a 10 second countdown so you cannot leave in a hurry. Typing /gunner leave a second time will cancel the countdown.
  • Pilot and all gunners are counted as a PK when the ship is destroyed.
  • Fixed a mentor bug.
  • Fixed gunner leadoff/autoaim targeting.
  • Message now says 'Entering player's ship' instead of 'Entering player'.
  • The pilot now always shows up as green to the gunner.

Vendetta 1.8.70

  • Multi-player ships are now available. Pilots of Behemoth and Atlas class ships (except the Behemoth XC) may now invite other players join their vessels and help defend them via turrets. For the moment, this is actuated through a series of "/gunner" commandline operations, while we test this new functionality. Some ship variants may have more turrets than others. All turrets are currently limited to "Neutron II" blasters; customizable turret weapons will come in due course. This is a first-generation bare-bones implementation, it's a little rough and some bugs may still be present. Turrets are not yet visible on ship hulls, etc.

Vendetta 1.8.69

  • Escort missions now pay less within the space of a single Nation.
  • Luxury goods now more valuable in deep grayspace, less valuable elsewhere.
  • Organic Solvents have new grayspace routes.
  • Newbie sectors now only allow new players. Other players entering those sectors will be fired upon.
  • Linux right-ctrl/alt keys are now bindable.

Vendetta 1.8.68

  • Seven new PCC missions.
  • Skirmish and escort groups are now unlocked after the mission ends
  • Skirmish and escort groups are disbanded if only one player is in the group after the mission ends.
  • Fixed crash bug when trying to play nonexisting sound via lua.
  • Removed 'got duplicate remote add' error message.
  • Small improvements to jump animation.
  • Fogged sectors restrict radar range to 500 meters.
  • Server-side updates to allow for more foggy sectors.
  • Capital ships should now navigate obstacles better.
  • Capships are now spawned much more effectively in some sectors.

Vendetta 1.8.67

  • Testing luajit in Border Skirmish.
  • Subdivided sever cluster distribution based on expected sector CPU usage.
  • Border Skirmish, Hive Skirmish, and Escort missions are now available to groups.
  • Groups persist after completion of Border Skirmish, Hive Skirmish, and Escort missions.

Vendetta 1.8.66

  • Fixed bug in Training V mission, text error in Training IV.
  • Fixed bug where bots would fly into asteroids.
  • Trial expiration message is now displayed when trial expires.
  • Damaged ships now sell for less based on repair cost.
  • Mission list now says that it is receiving a mission list instead of saying there are no missions available.
  • Character names with similar letters can no longer be created. For example, using lower case L to look like an upper case I to spoof someone else's name no longer works. Other combinations include O vs. 0, Z vs. 2, and B vs. 8.

Vendetta 1.8.65

  • Friendly-Fire restrictions removed from all of gray space.
  • More server-side Border Skirmish performance enhancements.
  • Server-side performance enhancements are now used everywhere.
  • Border Skirmish now features live countdown timer in mission description.
  • Fixed HUD component size issues.

Vendetta 1.8.64

  • Improved client-side collision detection in highly active areas such as Border Skirmish.
  • Fixed bug that caused ship radar blips to turn blue when binding a joystick button to a command when the joystick button already had a command bound to it. Also fixed other possible crashing bugs with joystick menu.
  • HUD is centered in the middle 4:3 aspect region on the screen by default when starting the game in 1920 widescreen. This option can be turned on and off in the Interface HUD options menu.

Vendetta 1.8.63

  • Optimized capital ship weapon collisions for large battles.
  • Improved capship collision hulls for Border Skirmish usage.

Vendetta 1.8.62

  • New Ship: Corvus Greyhound, a Warthog Interceptor only available in Odia.
  • One new PCC mission: CtC Information for the Itani.
  • Friendly Fire has been enabled in all of Odia, Sedina, and Bractus.
  • Testing more performance enhancements in Border Skirmish sector.

Vendetta 1.8.61

  • Six new PCC missions.
  • Testing performance enhancements in Border Skirmish sector.

Vendetta 1.8.60

  • Border Skirmish capships repositioned more appropriately for Serco/Itani jump-in locations.
  • Friendly Fire has been enabled in Latos M-7.
  • Warp in and Warp/Jump out effects now have sound.
  • Targeted ships now show health and shield strength percent on health bar
  • Sector notes now have multi-line support.
  • A notification line is now printed in the console to show that custom interface code was loaded, if any.
  • The chat log /clear command now properly clears the chat log.
  • Added /help and /nation helper commands to quickly go to channels 1 and 11 respectively.
  • The mission notification icon on the HUD now jumps further to get your attention.
  • New keyboard bind menu. Mouse over the command to change, click once, and press the key to bind to the command. Press 'Esc' to cancel. To clear all keys from a command, hover over the command and press 'delete'.

Vendetta 1.8.59

  • Eight new trade routes to and from grayspace: Corvus Holodisks and Textiles (Sol/Itan), Manufacturing Tools, Metana Sweets, Oxygen Recycling Systems, Rare Books, Serco Cybernetic Implants, Textured Vegetable Protein.
  • Extra wormhole turrets removed from Verasi O-7.
  • Border Skirmish positional and targeting enhancements for Teradon.
  • Mac version's gamma setting now uses current gamma ramp as initial values instead of a linear gamma ramp.
  • Mac version should no longer accept mouse or keyboard input if it is not the active application.

Vendetta 1.8.58

  • Reworked Training Missions for new players.
  • Three new PCC missions, branched from Orun Processor tree.
  • Border Skirmish capship positional tweaks.
  • Updated Voice Chat library.

Vendetta 1.8.57

  • New starting locations and training weapon for new characters.
  • Matrox TripleHead2Go Surround Gaming support.
  • Sector player list sort mode is now saved.
  • Hive Skirmish missions give free repair and ammo refill in Hive Skirmish capships.
  • Border Skirmish capships now start in formation and stay close to their original position.
  • Battle music starts in BS and HS sectors.

Vendetta 1.8.56

  • Six new mining missions available at all mining stations.
  • New enhanced Grayspace trade routes: Betheshee Spices, Deneb Rum, Divinia Spice, Commercial Textiles, Fresh Flowers, Combat Simulators, Dried Meat.
  • Dueling players now show up as light blue in the radar.
  • Border defense turrets now respawn after 5 minutes.
  • Vote Mutes now last for 1 day instead of 7 days.
  • Vote Mutes no longer show how many votes have been cast.
  • Fixed client crash when new items are dynamically pushed into the game.

Vendetta 1.8.55

  • Five new missions, appearing in Itani territory.
  • 7 items now have greatly enhanced trade destinations in grayspace: Silksteel, Consumer Robotics and others.
  • EULA now displays the date it was last modified.
  • Mute votes no longer accumulate if the votee is already muted.
  • Jettison menu now uses comma-deliminated numbers.
  • Fixed a couple of minor lua errors.

Vendetta 1.8.54

  • Jettison menu now shows the best price for each item in the current system and what station it's at. It updates once a minute and when you enter a sector or launch from a station.
  • 3D render distance has been reduced to 20km from 60km to speed up rendering of large sectors.
  • Additional voice chat connection information is printed to the console.
  • Corvus stations now show correct license requirements for ships.


  • Fixed lua error in VoiceChatInitialize function.

Vendetta 1.8.53

  • Experimental new fog in Dau K-10 and Verasi I-5.
  • Lua version has been updated to 5.1.4.
  • Fixed crashing bug in Windows when trying to take a screenshot in window-mode if the window is hanging off any edge of the desktop.
  • No screenshot file is generated in Windows when in window-mode and the window is bigger than the desktop.
  • Voice Chat sound ducking now properly turns off if you are talking while you leave a group.
  • Voice Chat now prints connection status in chat window and prints errors in console.
  • Visual Quality settings are now correctly set and recognized under all circumstances.
  • DirectX driver now properly detects amount of video memory available in Vista.
  • Windows client no longer crashes on FLOAT_INEXACT_RESULT fpu exception.
  • Fixed popping of storm entry fog effect in some lower framerate cases.


  • Fixed a crashing bug for video cards that fail to create glow textures.

Vendetta 1.8.52

  • Demand for mined minerals and ores in stations now increases at a drastically higher rate (over twice as fast for low-value ores, a little less for high-value ores).
  • Fixed storm fog bug with grey asteroids.
  • Fixed storm fog bug when changing resolution/window mode/antialiasing mode.
  • Fixed crash on startup forvideo cards with greater than 256 megs of RAM.
  • Fixed crash when logging out with Behemoth Heavy Miner ship and logging back in without restarting the client.

Vendetta 1.8.51

  • Pixel shader 3 capable hardware now renormalizes normal maps at render time and does not need to renormalize normal maps at loadtime.
  • Removed 'Renormalize Normalmaps At Loadtime' Video option for Pixel Shader 3 capable hardware.
  • Increased server capacity.

Vendetta 1.8.50

  • Changed default video and graphics settings for systems with 128 megs or more of video memory.

Vendetta 1.8.49

  • Improved Updater robustness
  • Three new missions available in Corvus Barracks stations

Vendetta 1.8.48

  • "Very high" resolution textures now available for the very bumpy "bone" asteroids. These textures are only enabled by default on videocards with 256MB or more video ram.
  • New "Renormalize Normalmaps" option allows better visual quality in bumpmaps, especially the new high-detail textures, but at a trade-off of increased load times (unless all textures are pre-loaded).

Vendetta 1.8.47

  • Added Video Option to reset FOV and HUD Size upon video resolution change.
  • Fixed issue with changing HUD size while being damaged.
  • Made improvements to server stability.
  • "The asteroid texture changes did not make it into this release. It would have been pushing it and possibly unstable, so we pushed that back until Monday. At that point there'll probably be about a 20MB patch to download, but the "bone" asteroids will look a lot cooler for those with 256MB+ videocards." --Incarnate

Vendetta 1.8.46

  • Sell Selected... menu now includes profit/loss information.
  • Zoom out command now restores the FOV to the previous setting instead of 75.
  • A dialog now asks if the current desktop resolution should be selected as the initial resolution for fresh installs on Windows and Mac OS X.
  • FOV is based on aspect ratio of selected resolution for fresh installs.
  • HUD scale size is selected based on initial resolution for fresh installs.
  • More F5 HUD scale modes have been added for fresh installs.

If you do not have a fresh install but want to try the new settings, delete your wgaf.cfg file.

Vendetta 1.8.45

  • Kill Forgiveness: Players may now "Forgive" PvP kills in faction-standing loss situations. A window pops up for the dead player, permitting them to "Forgive" the kill, within 15 seconds. Forgiven kills have no impact on the killer's standing. This is necessary for the impending Friendly Fire removal and other features.
  • Changed 'Sell Selected' button in Commodities Sell tab to 'Sell Selected...' to indicate that another dialog appears when the button is pressed.
  • Corrected size of speed/energy/distance HUD indicators for wide-screen modes.
  • Corrected aspect of loading screen and startup splash screen for wide-screen modes.
  • Fixed trade xp exploit where it could be acquired at inappropriate times.
  • Fixed bug where changing from one resolution to another with the same height wasn't resizing the interface.
  • Corrected ship buyback price display when not all items were bought back.


  • Fixed ship buyback freezing bug.

Vendetta 1.8.44

  • Sell prices of items that are not for sale at a station are calculated differently now. The demand of the items are continuous in that selling large quantities of items gives the same result as selling the same items one at a time over a long period of time.
  • Sell Item menu price updates instantly when someone else sells the same type of item that you are selling.
  • Welcome menu profit numbers now show total value and profit instead of unit value and profit.
  • Item unit profit/loss is now calculated by taking total profit/loss and dividing it by total quantity.


  • Fixed bug with having too many items in station storage and trying to select a ship as active from the station storage or purchasing a new ship. It would state that there's not enough space available instead of selecting or purchasing the ship.

Vendetta 1.8.43

  • Bug fixes to Training VI mission.
  • Ship view rotation slowed down by half.
  • Updated Voice Chat library.
  • Locally produced commodities are now properly labeled as such.
  • Ships are no longer listed as high-demand items in stations.
  • Fixed killed-by ratio calculation.
  • Added /clear command to clear the chat log.

Vendetta 1.8.42

  • Warthog TD price dropped to 45k.
  • Warthog TD turbo thrust increased from 260 to 300.
  • Valkyrie X-1 price increased to 70k.
  • Added No Fire Zone indicator to center region of HUD. It can be disabled in HUD Options menu.
  • Reduced NFZ of Corvus stations to 1000m.
  • Ship repair and ammo reload are free in Border Skirmish capships for Border Skirmish participants.
  • Buyback ship is free for Border Skirmish participants if they die while in a Border Skirmish sector and homed in a station that has Border Skirmish missions available.

Vendetta 1.8.41

  • Ships repriced across the board.
  • Added additional defensive turrets to capitol system wormholes.
  • Station storage entries in inventory menu are now colored yellow to show that space is being rented there or red to show that the current storage limit has been exceeded.
  • Fixed a couple of lua errors when trying to rent storage space at a station where there are no items in storage.
  • Removed Bots Sighted list from hive skirmish system sector descriptions in nav menu.
  • Fixed problem with 'Getting Characters...' menu being shown on top of Survey menu.

Vendetta 1.8.40

  • Additional storage can now be rented at stations. The interface is currently located as the 'Storage Rental' button in the Load/Unload tab. As a convenience, you will be prompted to rent additional space if you exceed your current limit when purchasing or unloading items into a station.
  • Fixed occasional issue with Character Select menu sometimes pushing the 'Play' button off the side of the screen.
  • Fixed Inventory menu so it correctly shows station names.


  • Fixed issue with trying to purchase addons that would normally autoconnect to an empty port but would instead generate an error if not enough storage space is available.

Vendetta 1.8.39

  • Station cargo limits reduced from 200,000cu to 10,000cu. People with more than this will be unable to offload more items on stations that are over-capacity. Short-term space (docking, etc) is unaffected. New ships can be purchased by selling the Active ship and buying a new one. Station cargo expansion space will be purchasable next week.
  • UIT-hated or KoS personnel may no longer dock with stations of any faction in UIT Capitol systems (Dau, Arta).
  • All Nation Capitol stations now have defense turrets.

Vendetta 1.8.38

  • Reworked early-level Centurion, EC and Revenant license requirements.
  • One-time faction standing recovery missions available in Corvus.
  • The Vista version will now use the last selected sound driver instead of always selecting the Vista Sound Driver.

Vendetta 1.8.37

  • Vista sound support is now a separate driver. Players using Vista will have to manually switch to it via the 'Change Driver...' option in Audio Options.
  • Border Defense turrets now surround nation wormholes in grey space

Vendetta 1.8.36

  • New Addon: High-Efficiency Mining Beam.
  • Group leaders can now kick players from their group if the group is not a mission-created group. Use /group kick "playername"
  • Fixed Windows Vista sound issues.
  • Windows Vista Updater is Styles and DPI aware.
  • Added Group.Kick(playername) lua support function to complement /group kick.

Vendetta 1.8.35

  • New Courier tree mission.
  • New ship: Raptor Mk II.
  • Capships will eject all players when it goes away instead of killing everyone.
  • Players can no longer /ignore Guides.
  • Fixed bug with ignore list not properly cancelling ignores when logging off.
  • Fixed misc mission log bugs with multiple active missions or no active missions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented going from fullscreen OpenGL mode to DirectX mode in Windows Vista

Vendetta 1.8.34

  • Nine brand-new missions for lower level players.
  • New Weapon: Gauss Canon MkIII
  • Sector Changes: Verasi O7 has been modified and now has a test of border defenses.
  • New update server and client update architecture allows automatic failover to secondary update server if the primary update server is unavailable.
  • Voice Chat falls back to default device if currently selected audio device is not avilable. Usually if a USB headset is selected but unplugged.
  • Fixed problem when accepting EULA too quickly causes connecting to not complete.
  • Fixed small memory leak in Mac version.
  • Fixed bug with new mission objective list prevented mission log from being scrolled all the way down.
  • Fixed crash when calling radar.SetAimDirIconColor() in a plugin without a 5th argument.
  • Fixed misc lua errors.
  • Fixed a rare crash on exit in the Windows version.

Vendetta 1.8.33

  • Added new "Aeolus Light Behemoth" variant, 80 cargo, 175 top speed, single Large port.
  • Fixed minor problems with Training III and IV missions
  • Reworked Training VI mission to no longer stall under certain cases. Please report any problems with this tutorial.

Vendetta 1.8.32

  • Moved mission-editor-based bot control to a newer, more powerful mechanism (Kourier).
  • Previous "Plasma Eliminator" is now renamed the "MkII".
  • New baseline Plasma Eliminator available at level 1 Heavy

Vendetta 1.8.31

  • Support for 36 joystick buttons on a single joystick for Mac and Linux versions.
  • Better handle case in Audio Options menu when there is no audio device available.
  • Fixed rare Windows DirectX crash bug.
  • Display correct hour-length of trial for trial accounts.
  • Fixed all notification text references of money to credits.
  • lua console_print won't generate an error when trying to print non-strings.
  • Fixed credits bug when trying to give credits to someone with over 4294967295 credits
  • Fixed misc server-side bugs.

Vendetta 1.8.30

Vendetta 1.8.29

  • Players can now be mentored to license level 2.
  • Added sector notes. Read Navmap Help for more information.
  • Modified mentor error message to include license level info.
  • Fixed miscellaneous rare lua bugs.

Vendetta 1.8.28

  • Fix for dynamic-object-update related crash.
  • Fixed other bug.

Vendetta 1.8.27

Vendetta 1.8.26

  • Dynamic object-update system.
  • Lua bug fixes (including the cause of the stalled moths).
  • Kourier bug fixes/resiliency updates.
  • Various mission tweaks.


  • Fixed radar bug.
  • Removed spurious voice-chat related message.

Vendetta 1.8.25

  • 11 New missions have been added.
  • Updated Voice Chat, fixes device enumeration for some linux/amd64 installs.
  • Removed Voice Chat 'Quality' setting due to changes in Voice Chat SDK.
  • Player-defined Ignore list is loaded and saved at different times so plugins can update the lists.
  • Version is now displayed in Credits window.
  • Back-end enhancements.

Vendetta 1.8.24

  • Lowered voice chat quality slightly to lower bandwidth usage. Audible quality loss should be minimal.
  • Fixed 'Mission Available' count to 0 when there are no missions available
  • Fixed lua error when enabling voice chat after leaving a group
  • Added guild member count to list of guild members online
  • Very slight interface tweaks and HUD optimizations

Vendetta 1.8.23

  • Updated VoiceChat Libraries.
  • Rolled out new VoiceChat production server.
  • Fixed a bug in sixth tutorial mission.


No information available

Vendetta 1.8.22

  • Only tutorial missions are visible to new characters (until they reach combat license level 1).
  • VoiceChat: Enable Device Selection checkbox to allow certain Gentoo/Linux/AMD64 users to workaround a crash.
  • Push-to-talk and VAD now properly saved.
  • Better handling of some VoiceChat failure modes.

Vendetta 1.8.21

  • Voice Chat options menu now allows you to select your playback and capture devices.
  • Linux version now always tries ALSA first, regardless of audio settings
  • Players are properly kicked out of restricted text chat channels
  • lua interface updates:
    • bitlib.band, bor, bxor, bnot, lshift, rshift, arshift
    • Third argument to SendChat can be channel id when 2nd arg is "CHANNEL"

Vendetta 1.8.20

  • Vendetta Online now features Voice Chat! See news post for details.
  • Fixed port names on Revenant and 2-port EC-101/107 series ships
  • Added optional Set Home confirmation dialog
  • Added optional Log Off confirmation dialog
  • Own health percent in HUD no longer shows 0% if health is less than 0.5%.


  • Fixed a problem with the background updates.

Vendetta 1.8.19

  • AI targeting optimization (will hopefully help with hits not always registering in busy sectors).
  • Moved Border Skirmish to Deneb B-13 (so serco don't have a chokepoint).
  • Tweaked Border Skirmish values to make bots not gang up on you quite as much.
  • Fixed Levi negative-shield-recharge-rate bug.
  • Hornet and Orion Hornet changed from 10 -> 15 cargo.
  • Hornet MkII changed from 18 -> 25 cargo.
  • Hornet MkIII changed from 12 -> 18 cargo.
  • /displayshippos a second time makes the Hippos go away now.
  • Buddies are only tab-completed if they are online.
  • Updates to "All About the Galaxy" tutorial mission.
  • More 'background' updates.


  • Background updates.


  • No changelog posted for this patch; it was released because of a bug that prevented people from logging on after the restart.

Vendetta 1.8.18

  • Dropped official support for MacOS X 10.2
  • Border Skirmish NPC rocket launchers nerfed in damage and firing rate.
  • Border Skirmish Constellation and HAC should now have large turret models.
  • Various mission bugfixes.
  • New missions added.

Vendetta 1.8.17

  • BioCom Vulture XT turbo drain changed from 60 to 57.
  • Teradon shield-recharge-rate now lower (same as trident).
  • Teradon now uses slightly different turret weapons.
  • Border Skirmish Warthogs now have Iceflares instead of Sunflares.
  • Trident swarm missle refire delay changed from 30 to 45 seconds.
  • HUD updates are a little more efficient when getting hit.
  • Reworked windows sound driver a little for wavsound mode.
  • Border Skirmish no longer informs you of NPCs killing NPCs.
  • Escort rewards lowered somewhat so they won't hit the cap so often.
  • Behind-the-scenes development continues.
  • Border Skirmish Valkyries now also have Iceflares
  • Border Skirmish Proms now have AGTs

Vendetta 1.8.16

  • Slight buffer copy optimization to sound system on Mac and Windows
  • Added [] around ship price to make it more noticable
  • Added chat text color picker in Options->Interface->Chat Color Settings
  • Added mission count to buttom of Available Missions list taken and aborted or otherwise ended without leaving the station.

Vendetta 1.8.15

  • Mac Updater has been optimized
  • Added a 'Super High' mode for rendering backgrounds
  • Increased resolution of starfield texture
  • Increased maximum number of characters that can be typed into the console
  • Changed text in buddy note entry menu
  • Added a special plugin layer to the HUD for plugins
  • Added stats at the bottom of PVP tab
  • Tweaked group-targeting code to make bots respond more readily to being shot (even if they are targeting someone else)

Vendetta 1.8.14

Client Enhancements

  • New PVP tab located inside Comm tab.
  • New Ignore tab located inside Sensor tab.
  • New floating point sound buffer format for Windows XP and Vista. It is used by default for XP and uses the old 16bit sound buffer if it is not available.
  • Fixed client crash when trying to play a sound file that failed to load. Read Windows forum for more information.

Lua Enhancements

  • chatinfo variable is now global.
  • Fixed lua error when calling factionfriendlynessrange(value).
  • Added GetListOfSeenNames() function to client sandbox.
  • Server connection error dialog is less ugly now.

Vendetta 1.8.13

  • Linux joystick calibration interface
  • Made news article background a little darker to make the text easier to read.
  • /msg properly handles player names with %% in them
  • Fixed text coloring bug that happened when color code tag scrolled out of the window.
  • The %sector% tag properly displays sector name instead of internal sector id when used in chat messages
  • Added Ignore.GetIgnoreList() lua function that returns a table of lowercase character names that are ignored.

Vendetta 1.8.12

  • When the first bot in line to dock takes an inordinate amount of time, it will now cheat to prevent pile-ups.
  • Health percentages of nearby players in userlist when health is less than 100%
  • Missed a comma_value() on station Sell tab.
  • Interface autorefreshes on changes to sorting and number formats.
  • Added sorting to the commodity/ship addons. Sorts on name/price/group. The setting is in Interface Options.
  • Ship item descriptions are indented
  • Mission descriptions are indented in Mission Board
  • Added cu/mass to the Load tab, also mass on the ship cargo(x/y) label.

Vendetta 1.8.11

  • Slight optimization to client when there are a lot of bots in the sector. (ie. BS and central hive sectors)
  • All supporting sectors for Hive Bastions are now constrained to the same system as the Queen
  • Hive Collectors shuttle back and forth between their Settlement and their Queen
  • When the last Bastion in a system is destroyed, all other Hive Skirmish missions in that system end immediately (as successful).
  • Mac version defaults to using texture compression for video cards with 128 megs of memory to try to fix texture thrashing problem.

Also, thanks to players who have contributed the following:

  • Group management added to Buddy tab and tab is renamed to Buddy/Group. (Moda Messolus, Omega 0)
  • Added ability to optionally display numbers with either commas or spaces as thousands separators in the client interface. Added option to specify either none, comma, space. (Moda Messolus)
  • Updated some in-station hotkeys. ([LUA] guild)
  • Darkened capship's 'Ready Room' chat background colors. (Miharu, Omega 0)
  • Darkened station's 'Bar' chat background colors. (Miharu, Omega 0)
  • Player cargo lists are now sorted by name. (Moda Messolus)
  • There are now 9 pages of mission notes instead of 1. (Nautargos, Moda Messolus)
  • Added /clear command to clear the console. (Moda Messolus)
  • Added ship names to the preset buttons on the buyback dialog; earlier update had only affected the buttons in the station interface. (drazed, Miharu, raybondo)

Vendetta 1.8.10

  • Manufacturing & Mining missions updated to use new objective UI in the mission log
  • Fix crash under OpenGL
  • Fixed tutorial mission wording
  • 9 new missions added
  • Server deployment stuff rewritten; we should have shorter downtimes between updates from now on

Vendetta 1.8.9

  • Fixed a couple interface bugs
  • Added support for a mission objective list in the log; we will be updating missions to use this feature

Vendetta 1.8.8

  • Pressing 'm' from the HUD always goes to the mission log, then pressing it again goes to the mission list if you don't have a mission, and then pressing 'm' a third time puts you back in the HUD.
  • Fixed horizontal scroll in mission log.
  • Missions are sorted alphabetically by name and then description. (thanks Moda)
  • Option for chat entry field to show colored text depending on what chat destination it's going to. (thanks Slime)
  • Preset purchase buttons show name of the ship that is setup for that preset. (thanks Drazed)
  • Player's home station is displayed in character info area in station menu. (slime)
  • System chat is available to non-plugin users now. (slime)

Vendetta 1.8.7

  • Overhauled bot targeting system, currently utilized in Border Skirmish, Hive Skirmish and Escort missions. Among other things, this means that players will be targeted more frequently and fighters won't focus on capships.
  • BS bots warp in from opposite ends now, preventing some capship tangles.
  • BS now includes Ragnarok bombers.


  • Fixed crash on exit or ReloadInterface

Vendetta 1.8.6

  • Mission logs now indicate mission outcome (completed, failed, aborted) for most missions (the rest to be done soon).
  • Navroute to Hive Skirmish sector set again when you undock after death (obsoleting Eonis' new plugin).
  • Fixed a bot-cleanup race condition that may be responsible for the appearance of hive bots in wormhole sectors.
  • Hive expansion tuning (eg. slower bastion spawning when there are already several).
  • Hive Skirmish message polishing (no more "will retreat if we lose 0 more").
  • New mission log objective-list mechanism (not yet utilized).

Vendetta 1.8.5

  • Skirmish HUD element now reflects the alternative objectives of the stronghold and bastion HS missions
  • Sector alignment/monitored status can now be changed on the fly. Consequently, Deneb B12 is now unaligned during BS (no more friends-are-red issue)
  • When a ship you kill explodes, it still rewards you for kills that result from the explosion, but will not penalize you, in the case of a friendly NPC dying in the blast.
  • Stronghold Queens no longer respawn instantly (there's currently a single-wide production queue requiring 2 hours per queen)
  • Fixed a bug that gave the Levi's shields a huge bump when the last Bastion was destroyed.
  • Queens and other large ships can now die in skirmishes when the sector is not-running (very low probability) - this will keep the Hive from growing quite so large.


  • Use GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object instead of GL_APPLE_vertex_buffer_object on MacOS 10.5 - significant speedup on some machines.
  • Disabled mpengine entirely (for now) - trying to track down further performance issues.

Vendetta 1.8.4

  • Skirmish HUD control's colors are now correctly displayed.
  • Skirmish HUD updates on each kill again.
  • Station names are now being displayed in inventory tree list.
  • Border Skirmish stats displayed in neat table in mission log (more uses of this to come).
  • Multithreaded OpenGL is disabled by default with new VO installs on Mac OS when there is only one cpu.
  • Plugins: Text lengths are now properly calculated when \127o is used at the end of the text. This was causing some text to word-wrap prematurely.
  • Cargo dropped in sectors already full of cargo will try to "combine" with a nearby cargo box of the same type; this dramatically reduces the number of cargo boxes in sectors where large battles take place and increases frame rate


  • Fix for the crash that TargetLS and the IUP child-detachment change induced
  • Linux clients will now hog the cpu much less when not in focus

Vendetta 1.8.3

  • WARNING: TargetLS users (and maybe others) will need to disable those plugins until they can be updated!
  • Casualties HUD element in Hive Skirmish missions
  • Group-leaving on mission end/abort fixed
  • Better emulation of skirmishes in non-running sectors
  • Tuning of Hive and NPC numbers in Skirmishes for more appropriate difficulty levels
  • Initial re-tuning of shield settings following the removal of the turret-multiplier-effect
  • More stats being kept for Border Skirmish
  • IUP change to better handle detaching z/h/vboxes (plugin authors see Community projects forum)

Vendetta 1.8.2

  • Swarm trail effects get removed when changing sectors or logging out
  • Misc lua interface fixes (see community projects forum tomorrow)
  • Mission HUD text properly left-justified again
  • Mission menu backgrounds back to normal
  • Fixed bug in handling of friendly-kills by npcs in Border and Hive Skirmish
  • No more N times damage to shields where N is the number of turrets within a blast area (no more soloing the levi)
  • Border Skirmish and Battle max-casualties changed from 1k each to 2k and 3k respectively (Battles happen at midnight GMT Sundays)
  • Queens in Hive Strongholds now contribute to the Levi's shield recharge rate (along with Bastion queens)
  • Stronghold queens don't try to defend the Levi now (until defend action works better)
  • Serco/Itani HAC instead of frigate1/2 in BS messages

Vendetta 1.8.1

  • Border Skirmish is back, now with HUD indicator

Vendetta 1.8

  • Two new hives, centered in Metana and Rhamus
  • Jump point indicator icon moved out about 200m so that it doesn't disappear behind you the instant you can activate
  • Fixed bug where jump point indicator would be mixed up at the moment storms started/ended
  • Linux joystick calibration utility disabled; it didn't work at all but we will fix it!