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Player Run Events

Specifics and outcomes of events are posted in the "Role Playing" forum, and announced on channel 100. Generous prizes are distributed to the winners of an event.

Nation War A Nationality-based team survival event hosted usually in Sedina on a weekly basis.
TeamDX A Team Deathmatch event held occasionally in Greyspace, usually on Sundays at 2:00 GMT
Corporate Sector Run A Circuit-style race event that goes through much of Grey and UIT space.

If you would like to set up an event go to the link at the top of the article. Any popular event hosted several times can be added to this page.

Capture the Cargo

CtC has been taken down by the developers with no forseeable date for being brought back online; the bots used in CtC used an old version of AI that had several bugs in it. Vendetta Online CtC Stats Page: here