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IRC Clients

Below are several of the most popular of the many IRC clients currently available:

  • Windows
    • X-Chat Free compiled version of X-Chat for Windows.
    • mIRC The king of windows IRC clients.
  • Linux
  • Mac
    • X-Chat Aqua Good IRC client based off of X-Chat but lacks some features.
    • MacIrssi A good IRC client that doesn't have as many features as X-Chat Aqua. Basically a GUI for IRSSI.
    • Colloquy A native Aqua IRC client that integrates well into OS X and offers a rich featureset.
    • Conversation
  • Cross-platform
    • ChatZilla an IRC extension for Firefox.
    • Irssi IRC client that runs in the console.
    • Gaim MSN/AIM/Yahoo/ICQ/.../IRC client that uses GTK, but also has a text-only front end.
    • X-Chat Easy to use graphical IRC client.

Where are we?

The players of vendetta can often be found in IRC, we lurk on the server and have a couple of main channels.

  • #vendetta is basically talk about anything, sometimes the developers ask for some input here.
  • #vendetta-inc Vendetta Itani Nation Chat - security enabled with the vendetta bot
  • #vrelay is the new home to the IRC to Vendetta bot, it relays chat from ingame to here, and visa versa.
  • #vendetta-itani is for Itani nation people
  • #vendetta-makchuga is the channel that VendettaWiki works out of, and is also the home of the Makchuga Interstellar Bar.
  • #viper an access-restricted channel for the Viper Guild, their friends and allies.
  • #vendetta-pirates is an access-restricted channel for an elite group of pirates. Attempt to join this channel and you WILL be kicked and banned from the channel instantly.

In-game Chat Channel

Through hard work by the man FiReMaGe, it is possible to chat with people in-game while you yourself are not logged into your game.
In order to do this you must first log onto our IRC server (see above) and join the channel #vrelay. Then you must register with FiReMaGe's bot, which is named vo in the channel (and IRC in-game:

  1. Register your IRC nickname if you have not already using nickserv.
    • Type: /msg nickserv register (password) (email) Replacing password with the password you'd like and email with your valid email address.
    • Now activate your account by following the directions in your email (it will send you an activation code).
    • Type: /msg nickserv identify (password)
    1. Now, type /msg vo help
    2. You need to log in to Vendetta and do what the bot told you to do, which should be to type (in-game):
      • /msg IRC register (your IRC nickname)
    3. Congratulations, your IRC nickname will now be able to use the bot! You can send the commands you see in the following section, Commands to the bot.


The commands you can send to the IRC bot and what they do.

Command Description
/msg vo Sends the command to the IRC bot allowing you to do the list of commands
active Sends you a couple numbers about who is online. (Serco, Itani, UIT, total)
channel Sends your message to the channel you are in.
ch The same as channel.
join Changes the channel your messages are sent to.
list Gives a list of the muted/ignored players.
msg Sends a private message to a player ingame.
reply Sends a message to the last person who messaged you from ingame to irc.
ignore Stops the bot from relaying an ingame player’s messages for 10 minutes, adds on time if already in effect.
unignore Removes 20 minutes from an ingame player’s ignore time.

Channel chat is limited to the following channels: -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 42, 50, 69, 90, 99, 100, 101, 111, 200, 400, 404, 411, 666, 911, 1000, 1337, 4294967295