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This page is intended as an overview and guide to PvP combat in Vendetta.

  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Help if you can! :) *

Some Message Board Threads

  1. Dog fighting strategies -
  2. Thoughts on fighting. -
  3. Direction and Vision of PvP Combat -

Some Popular Ship+Equipment Layouts

  1. IDF Valkyrie Vengence + 1 Neutron Blaster MkIII & 2 Sunflare
  2. IDF Valkyrie Vengence + 3 Railgun MkII
  3. SkyCommand Prometheus + 1 Advanced Gatling Turret & 2 Sunflare

Some Tactics

  1. Backrolling
  2. Jousting
  3. Spamming

Combat Ranges

What Range To Fight At?

Tips On How To Control Your Distance To The Target

About Fighting With Or Without Flight-Assist Turned On

It is somewhat easier to land shots with FA turned on. It is easier to dodge with FA turned off.

Does Anyone Fight With Mouselook On?

I think not, but I'll fix this if I hear of it (and why), or they can feel free to.

When To Use Auto-Aim And When To Turn It Off

Other General Combat Tips

  1. Remember to try out new layouts once in a while.
  2. Remember you can strafe in all *4* directions!