Sedina V Hold

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Sedina V hold is a research station owned by the Corvus faction in Sedina D14. This station is a favorite of many pirates, as a few missions lead here, and is relatively close to the popular Sedina B8 Wormhole.



Type Available
EC 88, 98, 104
Centurion MkI, MkII
Vulture MkI, Corvus Vulturius
Warthog MkIII, MkIV, Corvus Greyhound (Camo Edition)
Revenant MkI
Atlas MkII
Hornet MkII
Centaur MkI, MkIII
Ragnarok MkI, MkIII
Behemoth MkI
Marauder Corvus Marauder Mercenary


Small port equipment
Type Available
Phase Blaster MkII
Neutron Blaster MkII, (MkIII)
Plasma Cannon Government-Issued Plasma Cannon
Ion Blaster Power Cell Blaster
Gauss Cannon MkI, MkII
Flechette Cannon MkI, MkII
Rail Gun MkII, MkIII, Advanced
Rockets(S) Starflare, Sunflare
Large port equipment
Type Available
Rockets(L) Jackhammer
Missiles(L) Stingray, Locust Swarm, Chaos Swarm
Mines Concussion, Proximity, Lightning
Plasma Devastator MkII
Gatling Guns MkI, MkII
Mega Positron Blaster MkI

Trade Goods

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