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Matthias Corvinus

Born Matthias Corvinus in the UIT. He applied to Viper shortly after being granted his pilot license. His reasons for being rejected are not known and there's little speculation in any regard.

 Being a fast learner he quickly gained higher licenses, and amassed some wealth earning him some suspicion that his gains were earned through questionable means at best.  There are no verifiable reports that he's committed any acts of piracy.  Rumors are rampant that he is counterfeiting cereal box tops and selling them to black market distributors who then turn a profit redistributing them to the youth of all three nations who redeem them for prizes and other rewards granted to normal consumers of breakfast cereals.  As of yet no arrests or convictions of this has been recorded, nor can any record of an investigation be located.

His license level at the time of this writing are 11/9/9/9/8. His financial status, whereabouts, and current ship are unknown.