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Luxen De'Mark

I'm the guy who use to host TeamDX events every two weekends, keeps the Karma system for event participation up to date, and tries to help new pilots every now and then. I joined Vendetta Online during early December of 2015 (subscribed 2 weeks after joining), and was a Mobile-only pilot until August 2016, when I began exploring PC-side VO. In November 2016 I took over the "Galaxy Furs" guild (formerly SpaceBears) and attempted to turn it into a new pilot training program, but had to abandon the project by January for lack of interest (on other pilot's parts, not my own).

I began hosting TeamDX on March 26th 2017, styled after an impromptu Team Deathmatch event hosted by Greenwall about a year before. At first, it was hosted every weekend, but was scaled back to bi-weekly to save me a bit of time to do other things in VO. on the 26th of august, I had to stop hosting this event, though I now host it irregularly. You can watch recordings of this event, among other things, on my channel.

My favorite ship is a Corvus Vulturius with 2 neutron blasters, and I play with an Extreme3DPro Logitech flightstick, Keyboard, and a tablet set up to behave like foot peddles.

Pilot Info

UIT - Luxen
Combat Pilot: 9
Light Weapons: 9
Heavy Weapons: 8
Trade/Commerce: 11
Mining: 8
Player Kills
Itani: 41
Serco: 77
UIT: 118
Total: 236
Duel Ranking: 1306
Wins: 41
Losses: 28
Draws: 1
Total Duels: 70
Solo Missions: 532
Group Missions: 0
Other Missions: N/A
Total Missions: 532
Mentor Points: +1 Queen Kills: 100 Prospecting: 15/120 Bounties: 3 (2487179 cr)
Itani Serco UIT TPG BioCom Valent Orion Axia Corvus Tunguska Aeolus Ineubis Xang Xi
-13 -17 +1000 +838 +252 +347 +453 +804 +845 +29 +770 +567 +625
Ribbons and Medals
Ribbon pk 100.png
Ribbon trader 10000000.png
Ribbon queen 100.png
Ribbon hive 1000.png
Ribbon denic 50.png
Ribbon helio 500.png
Ribbon miner II.png

Ship Loadouts

Primary Ship: Orion Centurion Revision C
(s)centurion.jpg Battery Used: Fast Charge Battery
Battery FastCharge.png
Weapons Used: 2 x Neutron blaster MkII


~to be added~