Variable zoom bind

This "code" is deprecated since vzoom handle everything in the lua script.

Only the Bind command might be usefull (?)


alias zoom13 "set fov .3854; alias zoomOut zoom12; alias zoomIn zoom13"
alias zoom12 "set fov .5781; alias zoomOut zoom11; alias zoomIn zoom13"
alias zoom11 "set fov .8671; alias zoomOut zoom10; alias zoomIn zoom12"
alias zoom10 "set fov 1.3001; alias zoomOut zoom9; alias zoomIn zoom11"
alias zoom9 "set fov 1.9509; alias zoomOut zoom8; alias zoomIn zoom10"
alias zoom8 "set fov 2.9264; alias zoomOut zoom7; alias zoomIn zoom9"
alias zoom7 "set fov 4.3896; alias zoomOut zoom6; alias zoomIn zoom8"
alias zoom6 "set fov 6.5844; alias zoomOut zoom5; alias zoomIn zoom7"
alias zoom5 "set fov 9.8765; alias zoomOut zoom4; alias zoomIn zoom6"
alias zoom4 "set fov 14.8148; alias zoomOut zoom3; alias zoomIn zoom5"
alias zoom3 "set fov 22.2222; alias zoomOut zoom2; alias zoomIn zoom4"
alias zoom2 "set fov 33.3333; alias zoomOut zoom1; alias zoomIn zoom3"
alias zoom1 "set fov 50; alias zoomOut zoomMin; alias zoomIn zoom2"
alias zoomMin "set fov 75; alias zoomOut zoomMin; alias zoomIn zoom1"
alias zoomOut "zoomMin"
alias zoomIn "zoom1"


Bind the following commands to the key of your choice:

Command Description
vzoom_in Zooms in (bind to MWHEELUP for scrollwheel behavior)
vzoom_out Zooms out (bind to MWHEELDOWN for scrollwheel behavior)
vzoom_reset Restores default zoom (bind to MMBUTTON for scrollwheel behavior)


Created by Eldrad. Enhanced by Roguelazer.

Last modified on 24 May 2014, at 01:24