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While Vendetta Online is a fairly open game, there are still some rules that are enforced. The enforcement is done by the Guides and the Developers. Some enforcement can also be done by players, using the /vote command.


  • Exploiting A Bug - This is not allowed because you are unfairly using a bug to your advantage, without reporting it. This can get you banned from the game for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Verbally Assaulting Players - This causes general unpleasantness. If you do this, a guide will warn you. Should you not listen, you will be temporarily muted. You will still be able to message guides while muted.


Guides enforce decent behavior, and also help people with questions and bugs. When a Guide speaks to you about inappropriate behavior, you will recieve a white message from "Guide1234" (numbers vary from Guide to Guide). If you are muted, you can still message the guide by typing:

  • /msg Guide1234 [message]

Abusing this will simply increase the length of time for which you are muted.


If one player is chatting in a manner that the other players find disagreeable, the other players may mute the offender using the /vote mute "Player name" command. 5 votes are required to mute a player for a period of 30 minutes.

The Developers get notices when player mutes occur, and can remove someone's ability to mute if they are abusing it.