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I'm, um, Roguelazer. I've been playing Vendetta since October 16th, 2002 (2002-10-16) at 6:33:54 PM Guild Software time. Feel free to visit my website at


None right now. Suggest something!

Contact Info

IRC #vendetta, nick is Roguelazer
AIM/MSNIM/YIM Roguelazer
Ingame Roguelazer || Wiki Tester || Vault
E-mail Roguelazer [A_T] gmail [D_O_T] com

Character Information


Nation Affiliation Itani
Guild Affiliation Coalition of Itan
Rank Member (and co-founder, I suppose)
Licenses Combat Piloting: 12
Light Weapons: 13
Heavy Weapons: 11
Trade/Commerce: 11
Mining: 7
Accomplishments Ribbon alpha.png Ribbon beta.png Ribbon pk 25.png Ribbon pk 100.png Ribbon bushunter 50.png Ribbon queen 25.png Ribbon hive 1000.png Ribbon trader 1000000.png Trader.png Ribbon denic 50.png Ribbon pentric 50.png
Faction Standings Itani: Pillar of Society
Serco: Kill on Sight
UIT: Admire

TPG: Admire
BioCom: Neutral
Valent: Admire
Orion: Neutral
Axia: Admire

Corvus: Admire
Tunguska: Neutral
Aeolus: Neutral
Ineubis: Hate
Xang Xi: Dislike

Kills 6098
Player Kills 122
Deaths 496
Missions Completed 376


Nation Affiliation Itani
Guild Affiliation None
Licenses Combat Piloting: 0
Light Weapons: 0
Heavy Weapons: 0
Trade/Commerce: 9
Mining: 5
Accomplishments Ribbon alpha.png Ribbon beta.png Trader.png
Faction Standings Itani: Admire
Serco: Hate
UIT: Admire
Kills 11
Player Kills 0
Deaths 7
Missions Completed 74