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These binds allow you to change firing mode.

What is chainfiring?

Usually, if you fly a Vulture with two Neutron Blasters, they fire two shots at a time. If you enter a station and go to the ship's weapon settings, you can map one Neutron Blaster to the primary trigger, and both Neutrons to the secondary trigger. Now if you quickly press the primary trigger in space, release it after approx. 0.5 seconds, hit the secondary trigger, and there it is - the chainfiring effect (Left port shoots-Right port shoots-Left-Right-Left-Right). Thanks my mentor firsm for teaching me this :)

Now let's try to automate it...


alias chainfireneut "alias fire2 '+Shoot2'; +Shoot1; wait 0.07 fire2"
alias chainfirelawneut "alias fire2 '+Shoot2'; +Shoot1; wait 0.065 fire2"
alias chainfireaxia "alias fire2 '+Shoot2; wait 0.07 fire3'; alias fire3 '+Shoot3'; +Shoot1; wait 0.07 fire2"
alias chainfiregauss "alias fire2 '+Shoot2'; +Shoot1; wait 0.2 fire2"
alias inffirehx "alias fire1 '+Shoot1; +Shoot2 0; wait 0.16 fire2'; alias fire2 '+Shoot2; +Shoot1 0; wait 0.16 fire1'; fire1"

alias stopfire "alias fire1 ' '; alias fire2 ' '; alias fire3 ' '; +Shoot1 0; +Shoot2 0; +Shoot3 0" 

alias normfire "alias +primaryfire +Shoot2; alias -primaryfire '+Shoot2 0'; alias +secondaryfire +Shoot1; alias -secondaryfire '+Shoot1 0'; echo '******** Normal firing'"
alias revfire "alias +primaryfire +Shoot1; alias -primaryfire '+Shoot1 0'; alias +secondaryfire +Shoot2; alias -secondaryfire '+Shoot2 0'; echo '******** Reverse firing'"
alias neutfire "alias +primaryfire chainfireneut; alias -primaryfire 'stopfire'; alias +secondaryfire  +Shoot3; alias -secondaryfire '+Shoot3 0'; echo '******** 2xNeuts chainfiring'"
alias lawneutfire "alias +primaryfire chainfirelawneut; alias -primaryfire stopfire; alias +secondaryfire  +Shoot3; alias -secondaryfire '+Shoot3 0'; echo '******** 2xLawNeuts chainfiring'"
alias axiafire "alias +primaryfire chainfireaxia; alias -primaryfire stopfire; alias +secondaryfire ' '; echo '******** 3xAxiaPosi chainfiring'"
alias gaussfire "alias +primaryfire chainfiregauss; alias -primaryfire 'stopfire'; alias +secondaryfire +Shoot3; alias -secondaryfire '+Shoot3 0'; echo '******** 2xGauss chainfiring'"
alias lockhxfire "inffirehx; alias togglehxfire unlockhxfire"
alias unlockhxfire "stopfire; alias togglehxfire lockhxfire"
alias hxfire "unlockhxfire; alias +primaryfire togglehxfire; alias -primaryfire ' '; alias +secondaryfire +Shoot3; alias -secondaryfire '+Shoot3 0'; echo '******** 2xPlasmaHX infinite chainfiring lock'"

bind 1 normfire
bind 2 revfire
bind 3 neutfire
bind 4 lawneutfire
bind 5 axiafire
bind 6 gaussfire
bind 7 hxfire

alias showfmodes "echo 'Available firing modes: normfire, revfire, neutfire, lawneutfire, axiafire, gaussfire, hxfire'"


bind LMBUTTON +primaryfire
bind RMBUTTON +secondaryfire

Firing modes

Here, we defined 7 firing modes and bound them to keys with digits 1-7. If you don't use mouse buttons for firing, bind +primaryfire and +secondaryfire accordingly.

Mode Description
normfire Use your buttons as usual
revfire Swaps your left and right button so if you have hog or atlas with AGT or MegaPosi with flares you don't need to mess with port settings to bind AGT fire to left button
neutfire Chainfiring with 2 neutrons MkII or MkIII. In port setup set primary fire as left port and secondary as right port (actually you can leave primary fire as both ports). If you have a 3rd port (valk, maud), set tertiary fire as middle port. Use left button for chainfiring neuts, right button to fire 3rd weapon
lawneutfire Law enforcement guns have less delay. This mode is similar for neutfire
axiafire For valks with 3 Axia Accelerated Positron blasters. Set each of primary, secondary and tertiary fire as separated ports
gaussfire Two chainfired Gauss Mk II.
hxfire This mode is for Plasma HX. It not just sets chainfiring but also has effect of decreasing cannon's delay so the drain of 2 plasmas is 50. Press left button to fire, sleep until leviathan dies, press left button again to stop firing.


Created by LXj.

I hope someone with better English will edit this article :)