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The process to create a new character uses the following views:

  • Character Selection View
  • Nation Selection View
  • Name Your Character View

Character Selection View

Char char select.jpg
Use the Character Selection view to choose which character to play or create a new character (up to a limit of 6 per account). When you select a character under the Character Selection pane, data about that character is shown under the Character Information pane.

Playing a Specific Character

  1. Select the name of the character under the Character Selection pane.
  2. Click the Play control (or press "P").
The game begins.

Creating a New Character

  • Click a Create A New Character control below an empty character position.
The Nation Selection view appears and character creation continues.

Deleting a Character

  1. Select the name of a character under the Character Selection pane.
  2. Click the Delete Character control.
The selected character is removed from the character list.

Other Actions

  • Click Events and News to view the latest news bulletins.
  • Click Disconnect to exit the game.

Nation Selection View

Char nation select.jpg
Use the Nation Selection view to select the faction alignment (Itani, Serco, UIT) of your new character.

Selecting a Nation Faction

  1. Click to select an specific alignment
  2. Click the Select This Nation >> control to continue.
The Name Your Character view appears.

Alternately, click << Back to Character Select to start the character creation process again.

Name Your Character View

Char name char.jpg
Use the Name Your Character view to name your new character.

Naming a New Character

  1. Enter a name for the new character either manually or clicking Make a Random Name.
  2. Click Create this Character >> to enter the game with the new character.
The game begins.

Alternately, click << Back to Nation Selection to select a different nation.