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This bind allows the user to set the lateral direction of their ship during combat. By turning on Combat Assist, the user can use their throttle keys to set base lateral direction, and the / key to nuetralize directional control.


alias stop "Accel 0; echo 'Lateral Thrusters Disabled'"
alias backward "Accel -1000; echo 'Throttle Full Backward'"
alias forward "Accel 1000; echo 'Throttle Full Forward'"
alias nothing ""
alias fight "fight2"
alias fight1 "echo 'Combat Assist Mode ON'; bind r forward; bind f backward; alias fight fight2; alias fight fight2; bind / stop"
alias fight2 "echo 'Combat Assist Mode OFF'; bind r +Accelerate; bind f +Decelerate; bind / nothing; alias fight fight1; stop"


r and f are by default your throttle keys, but if you have different keys, (or joystick buttons,) assigned to the throttle, you might want to consider changing all bolded rs and fs to your increase and decrease throttle keys respectiely. / is by default made to stop lateral thrust. If you want to use a different key for this, just replace all /s in fight1 and fight2 with they key of your choice.


Bind fight to the key of your choice:

Command Description
fight Toggles Combat Assist Mode


Bind created by Calder.