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Note:This no longer works because of the removal of strafe cmds from Lua. This is an automated dodge. It's not particularly effective, but can enable one to avoid shots from a hostile AI. When used against players, this is generally considered to be a "cheap" tactic.

This bind and others like it that control ship movement no longer work due to changes in the game. Specifically, multiple movement alias' or commands bound to a single key are not executed. However, if your keyboard supports pressing or holding two or more keys simultaneously, the movements will execute when the keys are pressed or held.


alias dodgeTog dodgeOn
alias dodgeOn "alias dodgeUp '+StrafeDown 0; +StrafeUp; wait 2 dodgeDown'; dodgeOnB"
alias dodgeOnB "alias dodgeDown '+StrafeUp 0; +StrafeDown; wait 2 dodgeUp'; alias dodgeTog dodgeOff; dodgeOnC"
alias dodgeOnC "alias dodgeRight '+StrafeLeft 0; +StrafeRight; wait 2 dodgeLeft'; echo 'Auto dodge ON'; dodgeOnD"
alias dodgeOnD "alias dodgeLeft '+StrafeRight 0; +StrafeLeft; wait 2 dodgeRight'; dodgeUp; wait 1 dodgeRight"
alias dodgeOff "alias dodgeUp dodgeInactive; alias dodgeDown dodgeInactive; alias dodgeTog dodgeOn; dodgeOffB"
alias dodgeOffB "alias dodgeRight dodgeInactive; alias dodgeLeft dodgeInactive; dodgeInactive; echo 'Auto dodge OFF'"
alias dodgeUp dodgeInactive
alias dodgeDown dodgeInactive
alias dodgeRight dodgeInactive
alias dodgeLeft dodgeInactive
alias dodgeInactive "+StrafeUp 0; +StrafeDown 0; +StrafeRight 0; +StrafeLeft 0"


Bind the following commands to the key of your choice:

Command Description
dodgeTog Toggles the dodging pattern.


Created by Eldrad.