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This area of the HUD is where chat and private messages are displayed.

Different Types of Chat

Below is a description of the different types of chat found in Vendetta Online. Note that chat colors and styles can be customized through the use of Chat Format Codes.

Universal Chat Modes

Sector Chat is the basic chat that you will be able to access easily from the main chat console without the use of commands.

  • <Incarnate> This is an example of sector chat.

Channel Chat is the mode of chat you will be using to communicate with players throughout the entire game universe. Note that the name of the sender of a message is color-coded according to their nation. Also note that Inactive Channels (ones you are not sending messages to) are a slightly darker color so that you do not confuse them with your currently active one. Examples:

  • [100] <a1k0n> This is my active channel.
  • [1] <raybondo> This is one of a1k0n's inactive channels.

Guild Chat is only useful once you are in a guild. If you're reading this section of the Wiki, this chat color probably doesn't apply to you yet.

  • (guild) [Azek J1] <El Guapo> This is an example of guild chat.

Group Chat is only useful once you are in a group. You can think of groups as temporary equivalents of guilds. The primary differences between the two are that groups can be formed by a single player and they cease to exist as soon as all players leave the group.

  • (group) [Sedina B8] <Incarnate> This is an example of group chat.

Buddies, Personal Messaging, and Server

Buddy information, aside from the Buddy Note, is a type of Server Message. Server messages are usually in White. Note that the name of the sender in a private message is colored by nation.

  • Outgoing personal messages are the same color as Buddy Notes.
  • Incoming personal messages are easy to spot.
    • ->*Yetton-Wo Yoma: This is an outgoing personal message to an NPC character.
    • **Yetton-Wo Yoma* This is a private response from an NPC character.

Guides' Messages are also in White.

The Station Bar

The Bar shows what nation you are by using colors to represent your nation when you speak.

  • <Incarnate> Hi, I'm Itani.
  • <a1k0n> I'm Serco.
  • <raybondo> I'm Serco as well.
  • <El Guapo> I'm UIT. Go me.
  • <momerath42> I'm unaligned. Pheer me!

Chat Command List

Here is the list of console commands for controlling the chat area.

Description Command Key Bind
Sends "text" to Sector Chat. /say (your message) T
Same as above. /say_sector (your message) T
Sends a message to your active channel. /say_channel (your message) t
Joins a channel. /join (number) Not bound
Leaves a channel. /leave (number) Not bound
Sends a message to your group. /say_group (your message) g
Sends a message to your guild. /say_guild (your message) G