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Hud crosshairs.jpg

The crosshair is the component of the HUD used to aim both your ship and your weapons.

  • Mouse users will see a + and a circle. The + is the center of your screen, while the circle is the direction that your ship is currently facing. When in mouse mode you can move the + at will, but it may take some time for your ship's nose (the circle reticle) to catch up. A yellow or red targeting reticule is also shown when a targeted enemy is in front of you. When the reticule is red, your chances of hitting the target are low. When the reticule is yellow, your chances of hitting the target are much better. Note that the auto-targeting system (and reticule) use linear vectors, and are easily confused by acceleration vectors (for example, strafing and rolling).
  • Joystick users will only see a +. This denotes the center of your screen, as well as the point at which the nose of your ship is facing. In order to land shots on your enemy, attempt to center the + on the targeting recticule. In joystick mode, you cannot move your mouse around freely; your display is directly tied to your orientation unless you toggle 'mouse look'.

Hud target direction.jpg
If your target is not visible on-screen, a small ship-shaped arrow appears that continuously points in the direction of your target.