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Hud location.jpg

In the Location portion of the HUD, you can see the following:

  • The number on top is your current distance from a large object. You must be 3000m away from all large objects to begin an in-system jump.
  • Below the number is a bar which displays the same information pictorially
  • Below the bar is some text indicating your current galactic position.
    It follows a simple format ["System" "Sector"] i.e. Nyrius K-7.
  • Below this is the monitoring status of your current sector. In Monitored sectors, any actions you take (ie, killing another player) can have repercussions with the nation monitoring the sector. So if you kill a Serco player in a Serco-monitored sector, you may lose Serco faction. Guarded sectors are like monitored sectors, but have the additional bonuses of station guards and strike forces ready for deployment.

NOTE: Large objects do not include other ships


When you are docked with a multi-player ship and occupying a turret, this area changes to display the current health of the ship you are docked with. Likewise, rather than displaying the system and sector of your location, the numeric display indicates the exact percentage of health remaining.

NOTE: This display is for the overall ship, not for your individual turret. Your turret's health is displayed where it would be displayed for any normal ship.