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Hud radar.jpg

The radar displays are incredibly useful components of your HUD -- it shows you the location of ships, stations, wormholes, storm exit points, cargo, rockets, and so forth. Please remember at all times that...

  • Left is what is in front of you.
  • Right is what is behind you.

Now let's move onto the many things the radar displays.


Usually your radar can track things up to 5000m away. However, in an ion storm this distance decreases to 500m unless you have a radar extender equipped.

Radar icons

Your Target
Radar selection indicator.png This indicates which blip is your current target, it could be a ship or an asteroid.
Ships in The Radar
Friendly radar marker.png Indicates what ships are most likely to be friendly, if such a ship attacks you it will change color.
Hostile radar marker.png Indicates who is likely to be hostile towards you, not always true.
Group radar marker.png These are the people within your group, this blip does not disappear when out of range.
Stationary Objects
Station radar marker.png Locations of station docking bays.
Wormhole radar marker.png Shows you which direction to head to get to the wormhole.
Ion radar marker.png The direction to your next navigation point (i.e., an ion storm exit)
Weapons Fire
Rocket radar marker.png Rockets appear as a yellow dot, be sure to avoid them.
Missile radar marker.gif Missiles will seek you. The dot blinks more rapidly as it approaches you. The closer it is to you, the more frequent your radar will beep.

The ships around you

Your radar will show you all ships around you, and if they are likely to be hostile or friendly. The closer you are to a ship, the brighter its circle will be.

  • Likely to be hostile is indicated by a red circle.
  • Likely to be friendly is indicated by a green circle.

When you are a member of a group, any other ships in your group that are in the same sector will be indicated by a white circle on your radar. They will always be shown, regardless of the distance between your ships, and can be targeted when they are beyond radar range by clicking on their name in the sector list.

Rockets and Missiles

Rockets show up as a nice bright yellow dot. As with the ships, the dot brightens as the rocket gets closer to you. Your radar has an extra feature for tracking missiles. If the missile is not tracking you, it will appear like a rocket. If the missile is tracking you, its dot will blink red-yellow, and the radar will give off warning beeps. The closer the missile is to your ship, the more frequent the beep. If the missile is right behind you, the beep will be a solid tone. Your own rockets and missiles will show up as blue dots.


Cargo will show up as a purple dot. Other miscellaneous objects, such as asteroids and station segments, show up as faint gray dots. Keep in mind that Asteroids can now obstruct your radar and that there could be items or ships hidden within those clusters