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When Mouselook Mode is enabled, the mouse controls are dampened somewhat. This bind allows you to change the amount of dampening applied. When this value is higher, the ship will turn faster. However, you will notice that your ship's nose "wobbles" somewhat, making it more difficult to aim. At a lower value, the "wobble" is reduced, but the ship will turn slower. Just to make things clear, this bind has absolutely no effect on controls when mouselook mode is disabled.


alias cr-4 "set controlresponse 2.00; alias crup cr4; alias crdn cr-3; echo '200%'"
alias cr-3 "set controlresponse 1.50; alias crup cr-4; alias crdn cr-2; echo '150%'"
alias cr-2 "set controlresponse 1.40; alias crup cr-3; alias crdn cr-1; echo '140%'"
alias cr-1 "set controlresponse 1.25; alias crup cr-2; alias crdn cr0; echo '125%'"
alias cr0 "set controlresponse 1.00; alias crup cr-1; alias crdn cr1; echo '100%'"
alias cr1 "set controlresponse 0.75; alias crup cr0; alias crdn cr2; echo '75%'"
alias cr2 "set controlresponse 0.50; alias crup cr1; alias crdn cr3; echo '50%'"
alias cr3 "set controlresponse 0.25; alias crup cr2; alias crdn cr4; echo '25%'"
alias cr4 "set controlresponse 0.10; alias crup cr3; alias crdn cr-4; echo '10%'"
alias crup "cr1"
alias crdn "cr-1"


Bind these commands to the keys of your choice:

Command Description
crup Increase control response
crdn Decreases control response


Originally by Arolte/Khral, but highly modified and enhanced by Roguelazer.