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'Karma is an event participation tracker used by Luxen De'Mark, and is not an official part of Vendetta Online.'


The Karma participation system is used by Luxen De'Mark to track and reward participation in Events hosted by pilots in Vendetta Online. Right now, events need to be manually submitted to Luxen De'Mark to count towards the Karma system, but any event that is more than just a meet and greet pretty much qualifies.

Players participating in a qualifying event gain 1 karma point. If that event has multiple matches, it still counts as a single event, and thus you only get 1 point. Pilots who reach their 5th and every 10th karma point can receive a 1 million credit prize from Luxen.

Current Karma Scores

This table is just a template; actual Karma scores have yet to be exported to this format.

Karma Score List
Pilot name

Pilot icon

Amount of Karma points
Karma Badges

Badges in the Karma system

This part of the Karma system does not exist yet, it will be added in KarmaV3 (Currently KarmaV2) The Karma system allows you to register badges for display in Luxen's Participation scroller and on this wiki; all Vendetta Online badges, plus a few others, are available. The list of badges that aren't part of Vendetta Online are listed here:

Non-VO Badges
Badge name Badge Requirement
Event Host Host an event registered with the Karma system.
Event Regular Participate in 10 events
Corporate King Win a Corporate Sector Run
Secret Figure out these badges on your own!