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When using keyboard controls (with Mouselook Mode off), this bind allows the key inputs to "ramp up" over a short period. This basically means that, say, if you're using your right arrow to turn right, you will turn faster the longer you hold the key down. Some people report that "key ramping" makes it easier to play with a keyboard, some people say it doesn't. If you're a keyboard-only user, it's worth trying.


alias kvrkey "kvr0"
alias kvr1 "set doKeyRamp 0 ; alias kvrkey kvr0 ; echo 'Key ramping disabled'"
alias kvr0 "set doKeyRamp 1 ; alias kvrkey kvr1 ; echo 'Key ramping enabled'"


Bind these commands to the keys of your choice:

Command Description
kvrkey Enables/disables key ramping.


Created by simondearsly. Rewritten by Roguelazer.