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On occasion the Developers for Vendetta Online will release a newsletter via email; here you can find all past newsletters sorted by date released. If you would like to be signed up to receive the newsletter, You can do so at this link once you've signed in with your account.

All newsletters from before 2015 have been archived at Guild Software's official site, as well.


Vendetta Online 2021

- November 2021
- New missions, experimental Russian localization, and improvements to asset loading and touch input
- July 2021
- Deneb Teleportation, Sammic Ore, and first implementation of Tractor Beams
- May 2021
- Interface development, Localization work, and enduring content for goliaths
- March 2021
- Apple M1 support, UIT KOS changes, and improved Vulkan drivers

Vendetta Online 2020

- December, 2020
- New capital ship commands, persistent hulk debris, and changes to the faction penalty system
- November, 2020
- "Enduring" content, Chromebook support and better android mouse input support, and various backend updates
- August, 2020
- Business Model updates, major Deneb changes, and measures against lag in PvP
- May, 2020
- New "Hidden" System, expanding the dynamic economy, Hive conquest indicators, and Corporate Sector Run automation
- April, 2020
- Players get extended free premium time until June, Extensive NPC reworks, improved sector load times

Vendetta Online 2019

- August, 2019
- Player ping, rendering improvements, and mobile control adjustments

Vendetta Online 2018

- December, 2018
- Core server performance tweaks and the Corvus Ultra-positron blaster
- October, 2018
- New Vulcan driver and Multi-core functionality
- August, 2018
- MobileVR updates, Pirate Clans, Official Discord server launched
- February, 2018
- Behemoth model update, popular plugin integration, Android Gamepad sensitivity changes

Vendetta Online 2017

- December, 2017
- Special liveries and new Warthog model
- November, 2017
- iPhone release, scrap and debris field development, Centurion model update, release of VendettaMark
- June, 2017
- Centaur, Hornet, and Ragnarok model updates; Goliath manufacturable and Capella used by NPCs; Daydream release

Vendetta Online 2016

- December 2016
- Cappella, Goliath development; GearVR Release and Daydream development; iOS updates
- October 2016
- Goliath development, Trident livery
- April 2016
- VR Preview, including images of the internal station hangar model

Vendetta Online 2015

- December 2015
- DirectX11 support, Strike force and Mobile updates, Everspace Kickstarter follow-up
- August 2015
- Everspace Kickstarter, Experimental economy, Game server migration, and rendering engine updates
- June 2015
- Summer sale and significant rendering engine updates

Vendetta Online 2014

- ~Missing~ December 2014  Backup PDF, courtesy of Niki!
- May 2014
- Faction redux, Raptor UDV, small updates, Steam Greenlight and concept changes (but picture links are broken!)

Vendetta Online 2013

- ~Missing~ December 2013  Backup PDF, courtesy of Niki!
- October 2013
- New vulture model, texture updates, other significant updates
- February 2013
- Updates on the end of the VO Kickstarter campaign
- February 2013
- Launch of VO Kickstarter, Steam push, Reddit AMA
- January 2013
- Talk of VO Kickstarter, future goals, and other updates

Vendetta Online 2012

- December 2012
- Mission visibility, security updates, platform and game updates