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The Sensor Log tab of the PDA has four sub-tabs: Nearby Ships, Stations, Killed List and Killed-By List.

Nearby Ships

Pda nearby ships.jpg

The Nearby Ships tab is by far the most used section of the Sensor Log view. It can be accessed in space by pressing the "u" key. This screen displays all of the ships in the same sector as you are, color-coded by nation. You can sort by Name, Faction, Ship, or Distance by clicking the appropriate column header. Ships within radar range (usually, 5000m) are displayed more brightly than ships outside of radar range. You can also configure your Proximity Warning here. Simply enable the checkbox in the lower-right-hand corner and enter a distance (in meters). Any time another ship comes within that distance of you, your computer will make an audible "beep" to warn you.

Finally, if a ship is within radar range, you can click on it to target it.


Pda recent stations.jpg
The Stations tab displays a list of all of the stations you have docked at since logging on.

Killed List

Pda killed list.jpg
The Killed List tab displays a list of all of the players and NPCs you have killed in this session.

Killed-By List

Pda killed by list.jpg
The Killed-By List tab displays a list of who has killed you in this session.