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The Self Destruct bind enhances the built-in /explode command by giving it a 5 second delay and arming/disarming functionality.

(Note: This bind has been made obselete by the 10-second /explode delay in the new production client.)


alias kamikaze "kamikaze_arm"
alias kamikaze_arm "echo 'Self destruct armed!'; alias kamikaze kamikaze_exec"
alias kamikaze_disarm "echo 'Self destruct disarmed.'; alias kamikaze kamikaze_arm"
alias kamikaze_exec "echo 'Self destructing in 5 seconds... Goodbye.'; wait 5 explode; alias kamikaze kamikaze_arm"


Bind the following commands to the key of your choice:

Command Description
kamikaze Arm self-destruct sequence.
kamikaze_disarm Disarm self-destruct sequence.


Created by Soltis.