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There are several different statistics that are important when attempting to describe the ships of Vendetta Online. Below is a table explaining the most important terms:

Ship Stats Description
Type The name of the ship and Mark Variant (MkI-II-III-IV-V)
Faction What faction sells the ship, always faction specific if used.
Faction Level What standing you need to have with that faction to buy the ship.
Level What license levels you need to buy the ship.
Variant Manufacturer's suggested use for the ship.
Armor How much armor a ship has. Higher is better.
Cargo How much cargo a ship can carry.
Weapons The number and size of weapon ports available on ship. S: Small Ports, L: Large Ports.
Mass The mass of a ship. Less mass equals better maneuverability. The numerical representation of ship's inertia
Length Length of the ship from nose to tail.
Thrust How much force the ship has to accelerate and decelerate without turbo. Higher is better.
Turbo Thrust How much force the ship has to accelerate and decelerate using turbo. Higher is better.
Max Speed The maximum non-boost speed in any direction.
Spin Torque Ship's ability to change its rotation. Higher is better.
Turbo Speed The maximum boost speed a ship can attain.
Turbo Energy How much energy per second the turbo drains. The lower the better.

In classical mechanics, for a body with constant mass, the acceleration of the body is proportional to the resultant (total) force acting on it (Newton's second law):

F = m.a → a = F/m

where F is the resultant force acting on the body, m is the mass of the body, and a is its acceleration.

In VO, the mass of the ship must be added to the mass of the addons and its cargo. So an empty moth accelerates faster than a loaded moth, and a ship without any weapons will accelerate faster than the same ship when armed, but their final velocity will be the same. This applies to Thrust, Turbo Thrust and Spin Torque.