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"The Frig, short for Frigate (or officially the capital ship), is a humungous ship. The frig was previously an NPC, but has recently been opened for player use (see the article on the Heavy Assault Cruiser). The frig can kill anyone within a short distance from it. If you have several people, or work efficiently, you can take down the frig, getting *very* expensive cargo (called precious metals). They can be sold from 50,000 on up. The frig has awesome weapons, armor, and tons of cargo ports."

The Frig definition really needs to be updated.

--TerribleCabbage 01:30, 23 March 2006 (EST)

This page could really stand to be updated. Is it just me or are some of these terms never used? Some of them I have never heard of in my seven plus years of playing, while other important ones are left out. I may do this in a little, just wanted to give a heads up.

--Phaserlight 13 March 2011

Edit with abandon.

--Pointsman 14 March 2011