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  • This page is a mess. We should make it something more like the binds page where you click to go to a page for each skin seperately. -Calder 4/13/06
    • That would just add extra pages that really aren't needed. But I do agree that the page could be better layed out. --Mark McDoogle 16:07, 13 April 2006 (EDT)
      • What's wrong with extra pages? IMHO, orginization, even is always good as long as it's easy to understand. I really like how the bind page is laid out. -Calder 4/17/06
        • Well, having just looked at the binds page I STILL don't see the need for extra pages. At the moment the only thing we are displaying is a few (1 to 2) images of the hud design and a link to where to get it. It's not like we have to lay out a large script, then show how to use it, etc. etc. If for some reason we all of a sudden are scrolling for days or if someone has mulipule skins, them perhaps, but not just yet. --Mark McDoogle 4/18/06

new skin idea

here goes... starting with the ships direction/center point sould be extremly small but noticable, maybe just a dot or transparent/off color while the look/fire should be well marked and change acording to lock on etc.. color and shape of choice, dig the arrow of attacker, and the arrows toward selected wormholes(helps navidagtion) the guages/turbo/speed bars don't need numbers really, verticle shaped paterns are very cool, a bit transparent would be awsome!!!!! with brighter same color digital readouts!! distance guage/3000m is necessary, but don't really get the bar at the bottom all the time, transparent aswell ACTIVATE is

Radar is simple and should remain so transparent magnifinglasses with some sort or center/crosshairs needed at the most i find the graphics distracting and make one search/squint for the next target, but up too you

Hud sould be acording to neutral color sceme, we know where it is!! granted the line at the end of the chat bar is anoying

Station Hud has to be vissible enough to look at for 10sec at a time i dig the negative look but is hard to read, and too much of one color is hard on the eyes so i would suggest neutral colors to dark with brighter colored text

the reason i wrote this is cause i can't do it myself, have tried may of the recent skin versions, and like them all for one reason or the other, however i thought someone might get some hints from what i wrote so i can try theirs too..