Turbo lock bind

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This bind allows one to lock his turbo on, enabling him to chat or perform other activities while turboing.


alias mt "+turbo 0"
alias -t "mt"
alias +t "+turbo; alias -t mt"
alias acti "Activate"
alias ttog "ttog1"
alias ttog2 "+turbo 0; alias ttog ttog1; alias acti Activate; alias -t mt; alias mt '+turbo 0'; echo 'Turbo OFF'"
alias ttog1 "+turbo 1; alias ttog ttog2; alias acti 'Activate; ttog2'; alias -t ' '; alias mt ttog2; echo 'Turbo ON'"


Bind these commands to the keys of your choice:

Command Description
+t Normal turbo.
ttog Toggle turbo lock.
acti Activate. Default key is enter.


Created by Eldrad. Many turbo lock binds are out there, but this is the most feature-full.