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Cunjo is a pilot and warrior of the Serco Dominion. He is also a veteran member and present Council and Lieutenant of SCAR. Cunjo gets his name from a powerful and ferocious creature of the Escape Velocity: Nova universe, which his player was a once a plugin developer for. Indeed these traits are not underplayed, as Cunjo is a proficient killer of many smurfs. Cunjo's area of specialty is super-heavy gunboats, with his main ship of choice being the Ragnarok. Recently Cunjo has been flying a Centurion RevC or Serco Vulture Guardian more often due to budget cuts and repair costs in his division.


Nation: Serco
Guild: [ SCAR ]
Licenses: 15/15/15/12/8
Kills: Over 18,000
Player-Kills: Over 2,200
Deaths: Over 2,000
Duel Rating: Over 2,200
Duel Ranking: Top Three

Cunjo's Player Stats
Cunjo's Duel Stats