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Council Member and Lieutenant of the Itani task force Skygge Vakter (SKV), also known as the Itani special forces. Combat veteran of the Itani military.

SKV Info

Beta tester.png Trader.png Queen10.png Buskill.pngMentor(bronze).pngPk25.png Pk100.png Pk500.png MDE.png

Ghost's SKV Combat Tips
Look for these in the Player vs. Player section.

Signature Ship

Valkyrie X-1
(s)valkyrie-X1.jpg Power Cell Used: Heavy
Battery Heavy.png
Weapons Used: 2 Law Enforcement Neutron Blasters, 1 Orion Phase Blaster XGX
All ion blasters.png All ion blasters.png All ion blasters.png

Contact Info

If you have questions, are looking for PvP training or a mentor, or need special SKV assistance in-game; you may e-mail me at Or contact me in-game.