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The Buddy system in Vendetta Online is a handy way to keep tabs on your friends... or your enemies. Information on Buddies can be accessed through the Buddies tab of the PDA.

Relevant Commands

The following are all arguments to the "/buddy" command

Subcommand Description Default Key
[none] Displays a list of /buddy subcommands. [none]
invite <playername> Invites another player to be your buddy [none]
accept <playername> Accepts another player's buddy invite [none]
decline <playername> Declines another player's buddy invite [none]
remove <playername> Removes another player from your buddylist [none]
list Lists all your buddies [none]
online Lists your buddies who are currently online [none]
notify [on|off] Turns notification of a buddy's online status on/off. Note: This does not affect whether said buddy can see your online status. [none]
note <playername> <message> Leaves a message that a buddy will see next time he/she logs in. Note: Only one note can be left - if this command is run again, the previous note will be overridden. [none]