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This set of aliases allows the player to switch channels and/or toggle the CTC broadcasts on the fly with a single keypress.


alias chtog "ch100"
alias ch11 "join 11; alias chtog ch100"
alias ch100 "join 100; alias chtog chX"
alias chX "join X; alias chtog chY"
alias chY "join Y; alias chtog chZ"
alias chZ "join Z; alias chtog ch11"
alias ctctog "ctcon"
alias ctcoff "leave 201; leave 202; echo 'CTC Broadcasts Deactivated'; alias ctctog ctcon"
alias ctcon "join 201; join 202; join 100; echo 'CTC Broadcasts Activated'; alias ctctog ctcoff"


Bind these commands to the keys of your choice:

Command Description
chtog Switches the channel. Bind this.
ctctog Toggles Capture the Cargo broadcasts. Bind this if you want.
chX, chY and chZ Replace X, Y, and Z with channels of your choice. Don't bind these.

Notes and Tips

  • Pick channels you'll use often, as none of these commands (except for the CtC toggle) leave the channels.


Originally by Miharu.