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Hi! I'm Miharu.

I go by the same name ingame, and MSKanaka on the official VO Forums.

Feel free to ask me any question you have about Vendetta Online; I'm sure I could take a stab at answering it. I'm usually available in IRC in #vrelay, the home channel of the Vendetta Online IRC relay. (Server I might not be at my computer, but I'm almost always online and will be sure to read any messages left for me, so feel free to leave one there at any time.

Itani - Miharu
Combat Pilot: 13
Light Weapons: 14
Heavy Weapons: 11
Trade/Commerce: 18
Mining: 12
Player Kills
Itani: 23
Serco: 107
UIT: 147
Total: 292
Duel Ranking: 1397
Wins: 28
Losses: 15
Draws: 2
Total Duels: 45
Solo Missions: 1457
Group Missions: 0
Other Missions: N/A
Total Missions: 1457
Mentor Points: 40
Hive Kills: 16182
Queen Kills: 246
Leviathan Kills: 27
Prospecting Missions: 120
Bounties: 0 (0c)
Itani Serco UIT TPG BioCom Valent Orion Axia Corvus Tunguska Aeolus Ineubis Xang Xi
+1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000
Ribbons and Medals
Ribbon alpha.pngRibbon beta.pngRibbon spacer.pngRibbon pk 25.pngRibbon pk 100.pngRibbon bushunter 50.pngRibbon queen 100.pngRibbon levi 5.pngRibbon hive 10000.pngRibbon trader 10000000.pngRibbon prospector.pngRibbon miner II.pngRibbon pentric 500.pngRibbon denic 500.pngRibbon helio 500.png

Alpha tester.pngBeta tester.pngMentor(gold).pngPk25.pngPk100.pngBuskill.pngQueen10.pngMedal leviathan 10.pngRibbon spacer.pngTrader.pngProspect.pngRibbon spacer.pngRibbon spacer.pngRibbon spacer.pngRibbon spacer.png

Callsign: Miharu Rank: N/A Affiliated Guild: None Miharu2.png
Gender: Female Full Name: Miharu Sena Kanaka Citizenship: Itani Nation
Age: 21 Birthdate: June 11, 4415 Birthplace: Siren's Call, Pacifica Province, Planet of Eo
Height: 152cm Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Pale pink (nanite induced)
Weight: 41kg Occupation: Owner of the Makchuga Bar and Tavern.
Miharu.png Miharu was born in a quiet seaside town of the Pacifica province of Eo. She was a lonely child; her elder sister Maharu was thirteen years older than her (they rarely saw eye-to-eye until recently), and while she loved spending time with her parents, they were often working, so she spent most of her time by herself wandering the streets of her hometown, Siren's Call, the forests just outside the city, or in the provincial capital, Pacifica.

Miharu graduated near the top of her class at the Pacifica campus of the Eo School of Flight in April of 4432, with special training in high-level Energy Focus techniques. She spent most of her time between then and the end of the year in Itani-controlled space; rarely spending large amounts of time outside of it until sometime after her boyfriend Yukinari suddenly went missing at the end of November.

During the course of the next year, she traveled around known space, doing odd jobs for a variety of companies and nations, including the Serco Dominion. Sometime in mid-spring of 4433, she purchased the Makchuga, a bar on the Corvus Hold station in Odia that had been in business for over one hundred and seventy years, from the previous owner, who was retiring to live quietly in peace somewhere in Itani space.

Adding a few items to the bar's already-famous menu from her own sources, she nurtured the bar out of a slow period and brought it back to the bustling business it once had been, taking advantage of the renewed interest in defending the purified xithricite convoys as well as the variety of events taking place in the area.

Eventually, the traffic in the bar became too heavy for her to handle by herself, and she hired help in the form of her new friend, Joyce Sanders. Soon afterward, the bar expanded its staff again, adding Erik Christianson (now Joyce's husband) and Jan Rhapsody (Miharu's husband from December 4433 to June 4434, whether he died in a laboratory accident at Oan Technological Institute where he taught during the week or Miharu divorced him first is unclear) to the roster.

She joined the Sigma Shipping Company in mid-January of 4434, after several failed attempts at fitting in in other guilds. She was in the Syndicate twice (once for two days and once for just over a week), and a member of the Itani Alliance during the planning phase of the Coalition of Itan, where she was a founding councilor until harassment from another member of the guild forced her to leave. Sigma Shipping worked out well for her; she spent six months as one of its lieutenants, and then a year as its commander until she resigned in October 4435. She joined TGFT in March of 4436 as a probationary member, and is looking forward to spending as much time as possible with her new guildmates.

Miharu is not the most social person according to most standards, but she prefers by and large to be around people than to be alone, and often can be found in areas where other pilots tend to congregate. She can most easily be reached via email or the IRC relay, but when she's out and about, she usually can be reached easily at the Makchuga or via a personal channel.

Lua Plugins
Name Description and Usage
BotScan This plugin aids players who are looking for Hive Queens or Leviathans by scanning the toplist, and then displaying any results to the chatlog. BotScan also is able to scan the missionlist upon docking for any Hive Skirmish missions independently of other settings, and will print sectors that are likely to have Hive Queens or Leviathans to the chatlog. Please note: missionlist scanning is turned off by default. Only turn this feature on if you don't mind your chatlog being spammed; if there are a lot of skirmish missions available at the station, it will print a line for every 'critical' and 'central' mission it sees.
Usage: /botscan [options], where [options] can be:
                [on|off]                   -- Master switch. If this is off, the plugin doesn't run.
                queen [on|off]             -- Enable or disable checks for Hive Queens on sector entry.
                levi [on|off]              -- Enable or disable checks for Leviathans on sector entry.
                mission [on|off]           -- Enable or disable missionlist scanning.
JumpSFX This plugin enables the built-in (but unused) wormhole and sector jump sound effects.
Usage: /jumpsfx [on|off]                   -- Turn the jump sound effects on or off.
lies2 Plays back the "infamous" audio clip whenever it is referenced. Now also plays the new audio clip.
Usage: /lies [on|off]                      -- Turn lies2 playback on or off.
navadd This plugin allows the player to add sectors to their navroute by using sectorIDs instead of coordinates.
Usage: /navadd [sectorid]                  -- Adds the sector indicated to your navroute.
SetShipColor This plugin lets the player set the color of ships that they purchase to match that of one of the ingame factions or guilds listed below.
Usage: /setshipcolor [options], where options can be:
                     faction [fname] -- Sets ship purchase color to match the given faction.
                     guild [guildacronym]  -- Sets ship purchase color to match the given guild's color.

Valid faction names: Itani, Serco, UIT, TPG, BioCom, Valent, Orion, Axia, Corvus, Tunguska, Aeolus, Ineubis, Xang
Valid guild acronyms: CLM, Itan, PA, SCAR, SSC, Syn, TGFT, VPR
stationspin This plugin, when activated, causes the station the player is docked at to spin in the background. If the player is in a capship, nothing happens (for usability reasons).
Usage: /stationspin [on|off]               -- Turns the spinning station on or off.