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This set of aliases allows the player to keep several different hails at their disposal using the number row, perhaps to be used for several specific situations.


alias hailtog "hailon"
alias hailon "bind 1 hail1; bind 2 hail2; bind 3 hail3; bind 4 hail4; bind 5 hail5; bind 6 hail6; hailon2"
alias hailon2 "bind 7 hail7; bind 8 hail8; bind 9 hail9; bind 0 hail10; alias hailtog hailoff"
alias hailoff "bind 1 Weapon1; bind 2 Weapon2; bind 3 Missile1; bind 4 Missile2; hailoff2"
alias hailoff2 "bind 5 Missile3; bind 6 Mine2; bind 7 Mine2; alias hailtog hailon"
alias hailstd "msg %target% %hailmsg%"
alias hail1 "hailstd; wait 1 msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail2 "hailstd; wait 1 msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail3 "hailstd; wait 1 msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail4 "hailstd; wait 1 msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail5 "hailstd; wait 1 msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail6 "hailstd; wait 1 msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail7 "msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail8 "msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail9 "msg %target% <Insert message here>"
alias hail10 "msg %target% <Insert message here>"


Bind these commands to the keys of your choice:

Command Description
hailtog Switches the mode of your keyboard from weapon groupings to hails and back.
hail1 to hail10 Where "<Insert message here>" is typed, put in a message of your choice. Don't worry about binding these to keys, the toggle takes care of that.
hailmsg This is your standard, basic hail. To change it, either go into the Controls menu and change it there, or use /set hailmsg <your message> to change it manually within the console.

Notes and Tips

  • If you want your hails to use two messages, then use the template for the first six hails. For a single messages hail, use the last four.
  • Don't use contractions or apostraphes (') in the message of the bind; it will interrupt the hail just before the location of the apostraphe and cut off the rest.
  • Have at least one or two single-message hails for use with NPCs and and NPC capital ships; they will respond to both of your messages if they contain more than one line.


Originally by Miharu.