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This set of aliases allows the player to switch between several .m3u playlists of ogg vorbis files or even individual ogg vorbis files.


alias list1 "playlist <Path>; alias nlist list2; alias plist list10"
alias list2 "playlist <Path>; alias nlist list3; alias plist list1" 
alias list3 "playlist <Path>; alias nlist list4; alias plist list2"
alias list4 "playlist <Path>; alias nlist list5; alias plist list3"
alias list5 "playlist <Path>; alias nlist list6; alias plist list4"
alias list6 "playmusic <Path>; alias nlist list7; alias plist list5"
alias list7 "playmusic <Path>; alias nlist list8; alias plist list6"
alias list8 "playmusic <Path>; alias nlist list9; alias plist list7"
alias list9 "playmusic <Path>; alias nlist list10; alias plist list8"
alias list10 "playmusic <Path>; alias nlist list1; alias plist list9"
alias stop "StopMusic"
alias nlist "list1"
alias plist "list10"


Bind these commands to the keys of your choice:

Command Description
stop Stops the music. Does not allow for pause/play functionality. This function needs to be added by the devs at this point.
nlist Moves to the next playlist or item.
plist Moves to the previous playlist or item.
list(1-10) Replace <Path> with the path of the .m3u or .ogg file. Use the template for the first five lists for a .m3u playlist, and the template for the latter five for individual .ogg files.

Notes and Tips

  • If you want to set a song that is part of Vendetta Online's soundtrack, simply put the name of the song ("serco_battle.ogg" for example) in the place of <Path>. You do not need to put in the full path to the Vendetta folder/bundle if the file can be found there already.
    • Considering the above, if you move all your .m3u and .ogg files into the Vendetta directory/bundle, you will only need to use the name of the file for <Path>
  • It is suggested that you keep the stop, nlist, and plist buttons bound near to each other for ease of use.


Originally by Miharu, who has also refurbished it for efficiency.