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The last addition to player hosted events is the Tube Race. In order to restore use of Sedina tracks, the Phoenix Alliance guild organizes this race on Fridays at 21:00 GMT.

Unfortunately, currently there are no tube races. We do hope however that interest will grow and someone takes over hosting them, so this nice tradition can be re-born.

The race

Each Tube Race consists in many pairs of laps done in the tube tracks. The registered players start all at once at the host signal, and they rush into the deadly tubes, outrunning, firing and bumping each other. The race is not timed: exiting (alive) from the tube yields a score based on the exit order. The individual lap scores are then added up to define the final standings, and the top three runners are awarded the sponsor prizes.

The prizes

At time of this writing, the base prizes are:

  • 3 millions for the first place in the final standings
  • 2 millions for second place
  • 1 million for third place

From time to time, these base prizes have been increased by donors and sponsors.

The rules

There are few rules for this event, and they often changed if need arises, but the core system is as follows:

  • only Vultures MkI, MkII, MkIII and Centurions MkI, MkII, MkIII are allowed
  • any non-ammo weapon is allowed; any powercell is allowed
  • the racing sectors (two to five) are picked and announced once the group is formed
  • two laps are done for each sector, before moving to the next
  • The Maze (Sedina G5) is not used. This is expected to change in the future
  • if a player dies, he is out of that lap only. He is expected to come back for the next lap
  • players can change their ships and equipment between laps at will
  • firing is allowed only after the start signal, and kills don't award points: they just remove competitors from that lap
  • the score system actually in place awards players in order of exit with 10, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point. Arriving 7th+, dying, exiting the tube yield 0 points.

The results

TR # Sectors 1st 2nd 3rd Link
1 B D Surbius Bondevo MiexonBionic Star Buck here
2 F H Mick Maalik, &C.
- here
3 E D Mick Aleksey Maalik, &C. here
4 B H Aleksey Mugen Cranston Gorky here
5 D E F H B Mick Aleksey Maalik, &C. here
6 H E F B Mick Niki Miharu here
7 B D E F H Mick Maiz Man Ecka Estenk here
8 B D F E H Katrina Waldoze Ecka Estenk here
9 No Data No Data No Data No Data here
10 B D E F H Niki Waldoze Ecka Estenk here
11 B D E F H Mick Swag Man Sharingan