Union of Independent Territories

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Dau Senate (Capital)
Aroan Executive (Capital)

Previously known as the NT (Neutral Territories), the UIT are exactly as their name suggests: independent. Although it is not unusual to find citizens of the UIT allying themselves with either the Itani or the Serco, they generally choose not to help either side. The UIT are allowed to fly in the space of any nation (so long as they have done nothing to anger that nation).

Traders by nature, the UIT have developed a unique ship designed almost entirely to transport cargo, the Marauder. With a spacious cargo hold of up to 60 cargo units and the highest acceleration of a ship of its class it is no wonder why so many people choose to fly it. Many of the NPC Factions, including TPG and Axia are also under the banner of the UIT.

Corporate Wars

The subcorporations of the UIT are constantly engaged in hostile actions, ranging from corporate espionage to outright war. These culminated in the Corporate Wars, which were brought to a halt by The Propeller Group. However, much of the infighting still continues behind TPG's enforced "peace".


Other Information

  • Are sometimes referred to as triever either affectionately or disparagingly.
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