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Xang Xi is a longtime developer of component systems for computing and robotics. Occasionally a competitor of Valent Robotics, they mostly focus their efforts on government and defense contracts. They are well established in the areas of targeting computers, missile and torpedo autonomous performance and behaviour. Civilian contracts also make up a large part of their portfolio, with everything from autonomous waste treatment to station enhancement and construction. In recent years they have become one of the primary manufacturers of critical components for mineral refinement.

The organization and background of Xang Xi are somewhat more bizarre and less known than their public portfolio. They maintain the facade of normal corporate management, but their CEO is apparently appointed by an unusual eight-member group within the company known as the Octagon. It is believed that this group actually makes all significant decisions for the company. Xang Xi is also the corporation that is most often linked to the Corvus Syndicate, but only rumor and conjecture exist to connect the two.[1]

Other Information

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