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Character Info: Ancient Panther

Nation - Itani
Combat: 12
Light Weapons: 10
Heavy Weapons: 8
Trade/Commerce: 12
Mining: 5
Player Kills
Itani: 576
Serco: 3,431
UIT: 2246
Total: 6253
Duel Ranking: 1987
Wins: 37
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
Total Duels: 80
Solo Missions: x
Group Missions: x
Other Missions: N/A
Total Missions: x
Mentor Points: 1+/0- Queen Kills: 195 Prospecting: 120/120 Bounties: 10
Itani Serco UIT TPG BioCom Valent Orion Axia Corvus Tunguska Aeolus Ineubis Xang Xi
+1000 -1000 +600 x x x x x x x x x x
Ribbons and Medals
Ribbon alpha.png
Alpha tester.png
Ribbon beta.png
Beta tester.png
Mentor(bronze).png Mentor(silver).png Mentor(gold).png Ribbon pk 25.png
Ribbon pk 100.png
Ribbon pk 500.png
Ribbon bushunter 50.png
Ribbon queen 500.png
Ribbon levi 10.png
Medal leviathan 10.png
Ribbon hive 20000.png
Ribbon trader 1000000.png
Ribbon prospector.png

Color Chart for Faction Standing:

Faction Standing Color
Pillar of Society Purple
Admire Blue
Respect Green
Neutral Black
Dislike Yellow
Hate Orange
Kill on Sight Red

Primary Ship: name
[[Image:]] Battery Used: name
Weapons Used: name
[[Image:]] [[Image:]] [[Image:]] [[Image:]] [[Image:]]