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Character Info

  • Name: Igrok
  • Faction: [UIT] Union of Independent Territories
  • Home: Dau L-10
  • Born: 4410 AD
  • Ship: Warthog Territorial Defender, Custom Tungusta Transport Vessels
  • Motto: Looks like a fish...moves like a fish...steers like a cow -- Douglas Adams


My first run-in with pirates occurred back when Icarus prowled around sectors 17 and 18. I was not much older than 20 years old and shouldn't have been granted a pilot's license. Not long after being taught the secret routes to sector 18, I foolishly attempted to make the journey alone. I was soon discovered and quickly dispatched by Icarus. With the help of another novice pilot, A.I., I returned to the sector to face him. Perhaps because we were no match for him, Icarus let his guard down - we attacked and dealt a great deal of damage. Just as Icarus fired the final shot that destroyed my ship, A.I. launched a volley of rockets that killed Icarus.

So began my hatred for those who preyed upon innocent travellers and traders. As my piloting skills improved, I was less and less frequently pirated, but could still do no good for other unskilled pilots. When I joined the Vipers, I was given the chance to help those who couldn't stand up to the pirates themselves.


UIT - Igrok
Combat Pilot: 11
Light Weapons: 11
Heavy Weapons: 11
Trade/Commerce: 14
Mining: 15
Player Kills
Itani: 20
Serco: 46
UIT: 14
Total: 80
Duel Ranking: <1000
Wins:  ?
Losses:  ?
Draws:  ?
Total Duels: 3
Solo Missions: 672
Group Missions: 4
Other Missions: N/A
Total Missions: 676
Mentor Points: 2
Hive Kills: ~4000
Queen Kills: 27
Leviathan Kills: 1
Prospecting Missions: 120
Bounties: 1
Itani Serco UIT TPG BioCom Valent Orion Axia Corvus Tunguska Aeolus Ineubis Xang Xi
+700 +600 +999 +1000 +700 +900 +800 +950 +850 +1000 +500 +990 +950
Ribbons and Medals
Ribbon alpha.png Ribbon beta.png Ribbon pk 25.png Ribbon queen 25.png Ribbon levi 1.png Ribbon hive 1000.png Ribbon trader 10000000.png Ribbon prospector.png Ribbon miner III.png Ribbon pentric 500.png Ribbon denic 5000.png Ribbon helio 5000.png


Name Description and Usage Last Updated
AutoRR Features:
  • Automatically repairs and refills all ammo in current ship.

This is an upgraded version of raybondo's plug-in.

Usage: Runs when you dock with a station or capship.
August 29, 2010
InfiniTurbo Allows your ship to turbo constantly - even if the engine drains more than the power cell provides. Three modes are available:
  • Stacking: Keep ship at exact speed to stack missiles (80m/s)
  • Speed: Turbo as fast as possible (keeping 25% charge for warp)
  • Energy: Keep the ship running fast, but slowly charge cell to 100%.
  /infiniturbo                -- Toggle turbo.
  /infiniturbo on             -- Activate turbo.
  /infiniturbo off            -- Deactivate turbo.
To change modes (can be changed with turbo active):
  /infiniturbo stacking       -- Keep ship at exact speed to stack missiles (80m/s)
  /infiniturbo speed          -- Turbo as fast as possible (keeping 25% charge for warp)
  /infiniturbo energy         -- Keep the ship running fast, but slowly charge cell to 100%.
August 22, 2010

(screenshot #1)

(screenshot #2)

M.A.I.D. (Mining And Inventory Daemon)

Manage ship cargo, ores and mining.


  • Automatically jettison items of your choosing (ores, cargo, scrap, etc).
  • Jettison items immediately (combat mode) or just before ship is full.
  • Time cargo drops to make sure they don't disappear.
  • Monitor asteroid temperatures to prevent overheating.
  • Review mining and cargo statistics.
    Toggle M.A.I.D. menu. 
    Toggle cargo jettison. 
    Toggle exclusive mode. In exclusive mode, any item not specifically listed in the cargo items list will be jettisoned. 
    Toggle combat mode. In combat mode, *all* cargo is immediately jettison. 
    Toggle asteroid temperature notifications. When active, you will receive messages when the asteroid has reached a pre-set temperature. 
    Toggle asteroid temperature safety. When active, your mining beams will automatically power down before the asteroid overheats. 
    Toggle sound notifications when asteroid has overheated, cargo is jettisoned, ship is full, etc.

Known bugs (just nuisances, really):

MAID can't tell the difference between ore that was mined and ore that was collected. If you pick up a single crate of ore, MAID will think you mined it. Thus, the cargo tally may show that there is ore you haven't picked up, even if you did, and the cargo timer won't automatically stop.

The auto mining beam shutoff can cause unwanted weapons fire after you change ships - checking with the VO devs.

Sept 15, 2010

Deprecated Plug-Ins

Name Description and Usage Last Updated

No longer recommended. Use M.A.I.D. instead.


  • Automatically jettisons ores from your ship when it is almost full
  • Jettisons cargo just before your ship is full, to prevent large numbers of crates
  • GUI panel for choosing which ores to jettison
  • Timer to help you remember when your cargo will time out (jettisoned cargo disappears after 15 minutes)

This is an upgraded version of slime73's plug-in.

Usage: /autojett               -- Opens AutoJett Options Panel
Sept 6, 2008
CargoMark No longer recommended. Use CargoList instead.

Searches all cargo in range and targets the largest. The search is based on quantity of cargo, not size or weight. For example, if there is 3x 1cu, 2x 3cu and 1x 6cu, the 3x 1cu will be targeted. Note: CargoMark is SLOW! It may take 5-10 seconds to scan a busy sector. Don't blame me if it gets you killed.

Usage: /cargomark               -- Targets the largest cargo in the area
Sept 8, 2008
MatchSpeed No longer works - developers removed the ability to track targets via scripts.


  • Matches speed with the targeted ship.
  • Automatically matches speed again if you switch targets.
  • Limits length of turbo boosts to let you re-position your ship.

Note: This plugin doesn't have tons of intelligence, so you need to make sure your ship is pointed in the right direction (towards the target). Also, it won't stop you or go in reverse to match speeds.

Usage: /matchspeed               -- Toggle Matching Speed
August 19, 2010