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Energy Weapons

Gatling.png Gatling

There are two main varieties of the gatling weapon, the Gatling Cannon and Gatling Cannon MkII. The Gatling Cannon a rarely-used weapon which is most useful for close-range encounters. It is very similar to the flechette cannon. The Gatling Cannon MkII (and its NPC variants) is a much more commonly-used weapon. Even for an unskilled pilot, this weapon can be amazingly effective on low level robots; a more skilled pilot can take advantage of this weapon's excellent aiming capabilities and use it to great advantage against other players, especially on heavier ships where manuevering a good shot can become difficult.

Type Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Targeting Grid Energy DPE DPS EPS Level
Gatling Cannon 300 180 8/blast 0.075s 800kg 5.7 4 37.50 4000 106.67 1/-/5/-/-
Gatling Cannon MkII 400 180 12/blast 0.100s 2000kg 31.8 4 33.33 4000 120 5/-/5/-/-
Gatling Cannon HV 400 200 10/blast 0.075s 800kg 5.7 8 40 5333.33 133.33 6/-/-/-/-
Hive Queen Gatling Cannon 415 180 12/blast 0.100s 2000kg 31.8 4 34.6 4150 120 Bot Drop

Allgauss-devestator.png Plasma Weapons

Plasma weapons are the large-port equivalents of the Gauss Cannon. They do more damage at a faster rate of fire, but use more energy.

Variant Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Targeting Grid Energy DPE DPS EPS Level
Eliminator MkI 1000 170 60/blast 0.4s 1400kg 11.5 4 16.67 2500 150 -/-/1/-/-
Eliminator MkII 1200 175 60/blast 0.4s 1400kg 11.5 4 20.00 3000 150 -/-/2/-/-
Devastator MkI 1450 180 50/blast 0.4s 1200kg 11.5 4 29.00 3625 125 -/-/3/-/-
Devastator MkII 1600 200 60/blast 0.4s 1200kg 11.5 4 26.67 4000 150 -/-/4/-/-
Annihilator 1800 205 65/blast 0.4s 1300kg 11.5 8 27.69 4500 163 -/-/7/-/-
Ribbon queen 25.png

Allpositron-neutron.png Mega Positron Blaster

A heavy duty blaster with a good re-fire rate and fairly low energy consumption. This is the large-port version of the Positron Blaster. Requires the Hive Queen Hunter I badge.

Variant Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Targeting Grid Energy DPE DPS EPS Level
Mega Positron Blaster 1200 205 18/blast 0.25s 500kg 5.7 4 66.67 4800 72 2/-/2/-/-
Ribbon queen 10.png

Allmine launchers.png Mine Launchers

There are five (5) types of mine launchers, Concussionm, Drain, Proximity, Lightning, and Teller-Ulam. The Concussion does no damage, but instead exerts a large amount of force on whomever or whatever sets it off, be it friend or foe, sending them flying off course. The Drain mine saps energy from all ships Power Cells within the blast radius. The Proximity drops mines that explode when an enemy enters the proximity radius. The Lightning mines damage all ships within a 100m radius with a devastating arc of lighting. It is considered by some to be the ultimate large port botting weapon when used properly, as well as offering an excellent deterrent to pirates and even, with the right pilots, offing capships.

Variant Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo Lifetime Level
Concussion 10000 N (0 damage) 0 m/s 0 2s 1200 kg 200m Proximity (70m) 6 30 min 5/-/5/7/-
Drain 1500 energy (25 damage) 0 m/s 0 2s 1200 kg 80m Proximity (70m) 10 30 min 2/-/-/-/-
Gravity 4000(?) energy (1 damage) 0 m/s 0 2s 1500 kg 200m Proximity (70m) 5 480 min -/-/-/-/-
Proximity 2500 0 m/s 0 2s 1500 kg 80m Proximity (70m) 10 30 min 5/-/4/6/-
Lightning Arc: 1500/s


0 m/s 0 2s 2400 kg Explosion: 30m Arc Proximity


4 30 min 8/-/7/9/-
BioCom Miniature Teller-Ulam 15000 0 m/s 500 2s 15000kg 550m Proximity (120m) 2 240 min mission

Allmissiles.png Missile Launchers

There are three (3) types of missile launchers, Chaos Swarms, Locust Swarms and Stingray Homing.The Chaos Swarms are essentially an upgraded version of the Locust Swarm Missiles. The have a 30m splash radius and a 25m proximity instead of 25m and 15m, respectively.The Locust Swarms are the first swarm missile launcher you will have access to, these are decent weapons of terror in the hands of anyone able to buy them. If you really want to cause mass havoc, buy the Chaos Swarms when they become available for their increased proximity and blast radius. The Stingray is the large port weapon you start with when you create a character.

Missile Launcher Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo Lifetime Range Level
Stingray Homing 2800 95 m/s 0 1.5 s 400 kg 40m Contact 14 20 s 1900 m -/-/-/-/-
Locust Swarms 750 75 m/s 0 1.5 s 2500 kg 25m Proximity (15m) 40[1] 25 s 1875 m -/-/6/-/-
Chaos Swarms 850 80 m/s 0 1.5 s 2500 kg 30m Proximity (20m) 40[2] 25 s 2000 m -/-/7/-/-

Allrockets.png Rocket Launchers

There are two (2) types of large-port rocket launchers, Screamers and Jackhammers. At 48,000 damage per tube [3] (roughly half a Trident's shield strength) the Screamers are the big daddy of dumb-fire rockets. Screamers are very effective when engaging smaller bots or catching an enemy player off guard. Two disadvantages of Screamers are their narrow proximity detonation (20m) and the fact that they require energy to fire (reduced to 0 in VO 1.8.556). The Jackhammers are rapid firing, making them ideal for rocket netting light fighters, they can also be 'stack-fired' while boosting to rapidly take down a capital vessel's shields.

Rocket Launcher Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo Lifetime Level
Screamer 3000 95 m/s 0 0.7 s 1200 kg 35m Proximity (20m) 16 15s 3/-/5/-/-
Jackhammer 2000 90 m/s 0 0.5 s 1200 kg 60m Proximity (30m) 12 20s -/-/4/-/-

Allrockets.png Torpedo Launchers

Torpedo Launchers are very similar in mechanics to the dumb-fire Rocket Launchers, but fire slower, longer-lasting projectiles. Their slow speed and small proximity fuse makes them most useful against large immobile capital ships or smaller ships near a fixed structure like asteroids or station/capship docking bays. Currently, there is only one type in the game, the Avalon.

Torpedo Launcher Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo Lifetime Level
Avalon 15000 35 m/s 60 2.0 s 1600 kg 245m Proximity (10m) 4 120s Hive Drop

All mining beams.png Concussion Railgun

The Concussion Railgun is currently available as a prototype weapon through a mission tree available at commercial stations from Combat 3. The Concussion Railgun is unique in that it does not require energy to fire, however this advantage is offset by its large mass. The shot size of the ConcRail is also larger than other railguns, making it easier to score hits. The Concussion Railgun deals a concussive blast to targets, and may cause them to spin.

Rail Gun Damage Speed Energy Delay Mass Targeting Ammo Range Level
Concussion 1400 400 m/s 0/blast 2 s 2000 kg 2.6 10  ? mission


  1. Swarms are fired in salvos of 8; this ammo level indicates that there are 5 total shots per launcher
  2. Swarms are fired in salvos of 8
  3. the same as the original Avalon Torpedo Launcher

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