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This page lists weapons which fit into fighter-class ships' small port.


These weapons fire short blasts with a high rate of fire. The individual shots do not do as much damage as those from the other types of weapons. Blasters are often favored by fighter pilots for Player vs. Player combat because the higher volume of fire ensures a larger number of hits.

All ion blasters.png Ion Blaster

This is an improved version of the government issue Training Blaster. Ion Blasters feature a higher rate of fire than Plasma Cannons, but do less damage per shot. A skilled marksman who can land more hits than misses may do higher aggregate damage over the course of a battle than a pilot using Plasma Cannons. Ion Blasters are very useful for taking out low level collector drones, but they quickly become obsolete as better armament becomes available.

Ion Blaster Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
MkI 350 150 10.0/blast 0.15 s 100 kg 4 Okay 35.00 2333 66.67 -/1/-/-/-
MkII 370 155 9.8/blast 0.14 s 100 kg 4 Okay 37.76 2642 70.00 1/1/-/-/-
MkIII 380 160 9.8/blast 0.14 s 100 kg 4 Okay 38.78 2714 70.00 1/2/-/-/-
Hive 150 110 10.0/blast 0.15 s 100 kg 4 Okay 15.00 1000 66.67 -/-/-/-/-

(Bot Drop)

Ineubis Raven[1] 500 195 10.0/blast 0.16 s 280 kg 8 Okay 50.00 3125 62.50 4/8/-/-/-

Allpositron-neutron.png Neutron Blaster

The Neutron Blaster is the ultimate rapid firing small-port blaster. The shots from this weapon move surprisingly fast and have decent range. It can be a very effective primary weapon. The Neutron Blaster MkIII is only purchasable by Itani or Serco, whichever team won CtC (Capture the Cargo) the week before, but anyone can get them as drops from certain pirate NPCs.

Neutron Blaster Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
MkI 600 190 12/blast 0.15 s 600 kg 4 Good 50.00 4000 80.00 3/3/-/-/-
MkII 600 195 11/blast 0.14 s 600 kg 4 Good 54.55 4286 78.57 4/4/-/-/-
MkIII[2] 600 205 14/blast 0.14 s 400 kg 4 Good 42.86 4286 100.00 4/-/-/-/-
Valent Accelerator[3] 600 200 14/blast 0.14 s 400 kg 4 Good 42.86 4286 100.00 Mission
Law Enforcement[4] 635 208 14/blast 0.13 s 400 kg 4 Good 45.36 4885 107.69 Bot Drop
Corvus Widowmaker[5] 800 215 16/blast 0.14 s 400 kg 18 Good 50.00 5714 114.29 Mission

All ion blasters.png Phase Blaster

A hybrid weapon that imitates the lower damage per shot of an Ion Blaster and the rate of fire of a Plasma Cannon, with lower energy consumption and higher blast velocity than either. Due to the higher velocity, it can be more accurate in longer-ranged fights, but not as useful for short range twitch fire. Both Orion and The Propeller Group have developed their own versions of this weapon.

Phase Blaster Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
MkI 350 170 8.0/blast 0.2 s 100 kg 4 Okay 43.75 1750 40.00 1/2/-/-/-
MkII 380 175 7.5/blast 0.2 s 100 kg 4 Okay 50.67 1900 37.50 1/2/-/-/-
Orion XGX 400 180 7.2/blast 0.2 s 150 kg 4 Okay 55.53 2000 36.00 1/2/-/-/-
TPG Sparrow 420 172 7.3/blast 0.2 s 150 kg 4 Okay 57.53 2100 36.50 1/2/-/-/-

Allpositron-neutron.png Positron Blaster

A slower but more powerful version of the Neutron Blaster. Axia Technology Corp. developed an Accelerated Positron blaster that contains a HKPS Upgraded Blaster Housing with a KD-3 Positron Core. This weapon requires 600 or more Axia standing and reasonably high levels, and can be compared damage-wise to a Neutron Mark III. Corvus has also introduced a variant of the positron blaster available to those who have -901 or less (Kill on Sight) standing with the three major factions, and have completed the Hive Research mission. However, the weapon requires 18 grid, making it similar to the Corvus Widowmaker.

Positron Blaster Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
MkI 800 190 18/blast 0.25 s 500 kg 4 Okay 44.44 3200 72.00 5/4/-/-/-
Axia Accelerated 800 210 17/blast 0.21 s 500 kg 4 Good 47.06 3810 80.95 5/5/-/-/-
Hive 800 210 16/blast 0.21 s 400 kg 4 Good 50.00 3810 76.19 Bot Drop
Corvus Ultra Positron Blaster 1000 195 12/blast 0.3 s 500 kg 18 Good 83.33 3333.33 40.00 8/8/-/-/-

All ion blasters.png Power Cell Blaster

Prototype weapon. Instead of causing hull damage, the Power Cell Blaster causes your target's power cell to lose energy, limiting their capability to return fire or turbo away.

Power Cell Blaster Drain Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting EPS Level
Prototype 60 215 8.0/blast 0.16 s 100 kg 4 Okay 50 -/-/-/-/-

All ion blasters.png Training Blaster

The weakest weapon type in the game, it's the free government issue weapon you get with your first EC-89. Not recommended for PvP combat, and best to replace it as soon as something better comes along. The drone version drops from training drones, and can only do light damage in massed numbers.

Training Blaster Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
MkI 250 145 10/blast 0.15 s 100 kg 4 Okay 25 1666.67 66.67 -/-/-/-/-
Drone 1 110 10/blast 0.15 s 100 kg 4 Okay 0.1 6.67 66.67 Bot Drop


Cannons are energy weapons that sacrifice rate of fire for higher damage per shot. A highly skilled Cannon marksman can score a kill with fewer shots than a pilot spraying the area with fire from a comparable Blaster.

All mining beams.png Charged Cannon

By holding the fire key you can charge this weapon to increase its damage per shot. By charging you also make the bolt fired larger. This weapon is extremely good against the collector drones since they move in one direction.

Charged Cannon Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Targeting DPE Level
MkI 400-2000 190 Variable 60 s 400kg Okay Variable 2/3/-/-/-

Allflechette.png Flechette Cannon

The Flechette is an effective close range weapon, due to its high rate of fire and random shot pattern (it is effectively a smaller Gatling Cannon). At long range, however, it becomes difficult to use against all but the largest and slowest targets. The Aputech Guardians use this weapon very effectively.

Flechette Cannon Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
MkI 250 190 6.5/blast 0.090 s 600 kg 4 Little 38.46 2778 72.22 3/5/-/-/-
MkII 280 200 6.0/blast 0.088 s 600 kg 4 Little 46.66 3182 68.18 4/5/-/-/-

Allgauss-devestator.png Gauss Cannon

The Gauss Cannon is a devastatingly powerful weapon. Effective both in close range and at a distance, the Gauss is the weapon of choice for many pilots. It fires a medium sized energy bolt that moves moderately fast, and has above-average auto-aim. Its large-port equivalent is the Plasma Devastator.

Gauss Cannon Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
MkI 1200 180 40/blast 0.5 s 1000 kg 4 Very Good 30.00 2400 80.00 5/4/4/-/-
MkII 1100 190 30/blast 0.4 s 1000 kg 4 Very Good 36.67 2750 75.00 6/6/5/-/-
MkIII 1200 195 30/blast 0.4s 1000 kg 8 Very Good 40.00 3000 75.00 7/7/6/-/-

Allplasma(s port).png Plasma Cannon

The Plasma Cannon becomes available early in the game, around the same time as the Ion Blaster. Many pilots swear by the HX model even after better weapons become available.

Plasma Cannon Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Grid Targeting DPE DPS EPS Level
Government Issue 500 145 m/s 12/blast 0.3 s 100 kg 4 Okay 41.67 1667 40.00 -/-/-/-/-
MkI 500 130 m/s 12/blast 0.3 s 100 kg 4 Okay 41.67 1667 40.00 -/-/-/-/-
MkII 540 140 m/s 12/blast 0.26 s 100 kg 4 Okay 45.00 2077 46.15 -/-/-/-/-
MkIII 550 140 m/s 12/blast 0.25s 300 kg 4 Okay 45.83 2200 60.00 -/1/-/-/-
HX 550 160 m/s 8/blast 0.20 s 300 kg 4 Okay 68.75 2750 40.00 1/1/-/-/-


All mining beams.png Rail Gun

The Rail Gun can best be equated to a sniper rifle without a sight. Although able to hit a target up to 1000m, it is very difficult to aim without quite a bit of practice. Don't be misled though, the Rail is a very effective weapon when used right. High speed, high damage, and low visibility mean your enemy wont see it coming, but when it hits they will know (read: Where did all my health go?). Most effective at medium ranges (500m) it serves as a very good secondary weapon. The MkII requires the 25pk Badge, the MkIII requires the 100pk Badge and the Advanced requires the 500pk Badge.

Rail Gun Damage Speed Energy Delay Mass Targeting Ammo Level
MkI 1400 400 m/s 110/blast 1.6 s 800 kg None 30 4/5/-/-/-
MkII 1400 400 m/s 90/blast 1.6 s 800 kg None 30 Ribbon pk 25.png
MkIII 1800 400 m/s 80/blast 1.6 s 1000 kg None 15 Ribbon pk 100.png
Advanced 2500 480 m/s 100/blast 1.7 s 1500 kg None 10 Ribbon pk 500.png

Allmissiles.png Missiles

There are three types of missile launchers. The first one is the Yellow Jacket, which is a very basic sort of missile launcher. Its missiles have fairly bad tracking, making it difficult to hit moving targets with the Yellowjacket. However, Yellowjackets do a fair amount of damage. The Firefly is the next step up from the Yellowjacket. It doesn't do quite as much damage, but its increased tracking more than makes up for the decreased damage. Unfortunately, Fireflies (which are in fact scaled down Stingrays) only have 6 shots per tube, drastically decreasing their usefulness. The most popular member of the Small-port missile family is the Gemini launcher. This launcher fires two heat-seeking missiles per shot, each of which does 950 damage and tracks its target quite well (within a 90 degree frontal arc). Generally, only the Geminis are used in Player vs. Player combat, although it's not unheard of to see other missiles in use.

Missile Launchers Damage Speed Energy Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo Lifetime Range Level
Firefly 1200 75 m/s 0/blast 1.5 s 400 kg 25m Contact 6 20 s 1500 m -/-/3/-/-
Gemini 950 80 m/s 0/blast 1.5 s 400 kg 25m Proximity (10m) 18 20 s 1600 m -/4/-/-/-
Yellow Jacket 1800 85 m/s 0/blast 1.5 s 400 kg 30m Contact 8 12 s 680 m -/-/1/-/-

Allrockets.png Rockets

There are three different types of small-port rocket launchers. The first is the Iceflare, which does 800 damage/rocket and has the smallest "safety fuse" (the distance from the launcher at which point the rocket arms its proximity fuse) of the types, making it very good for close combat. It is also extremely light. The middle child is the Starflare, which does 1000 damage/rocket and still maintains a decent mass. The most powerful type of small-port rocket is the venerable Sunflare, which does an awe-inspiring 1500 damage/rocket, but tips the scales at 1000kg. The Sunflare has historically been popular in the Valkyrie class of fighters, but this has lessened since the introduction of the mass system, which made it impractical to carry multiple Sunflare launchers in such a light ship.

Rocket Launchers Damage Speed Energy Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo Lifetime Level
Iceflare 800 75 m/s 0/blast 1.0 s 400 kg 60m Proximity (30m) 16 ~15s 4/5/2/-/-
Starflare 1000 75 m/s 0/blast 1.0 s 600 kg 60m Proximity (30m) 14 ~15s 5/5/4/-/-
Sunflare 1500 85 m/s 0/blast 1.0 s 1000 kg 60m Proximity (30m) 12 ~15s 8/5/8/-/-
Seeker Flares 100 (?) 120 m/s 0/blast 1.5 s 1000 kg 50m Proximity (100m) 18[6] ~30s Seeker Drop
Xang Xi Self-Propelled Concussion Launcher [7] 1 85 m/s 0/blast 1.0 s 1500 kg 150m Proximity (30m) 4  ? -/-/-/-/-


  1. The Raven is available at Ineubis stations and select Barracks near the Itani-Serco border
  2. The Mark III is only available to the winner of the most recent week's CtC, or as a bot drop
  3. The Valent Neutron Accelerator is a rare blaster available from the storyline missions "Alternate Avenue of Inquiry" and "Party Reparations."
  4. Acquired from Station Guards or Strike Force Vultures
  5. The Corvus Widowmaker is acquired from a special mission tree available from Corvus stations, as a prototype weapon (you only get a pair of them per mission). It's stats are subject to change. It currently has a Grid Power usage of 18 (out of 20!) which means you can only equip 1 weapon per ship. It's indended for use with the Centurion Superlight (1S port). After finishing the first mission, there is a repeatable mission that needs the following resources for another two widowmakers: 1 Ioncore and Guardian Processor, 2 Power Regulators and Dentek Processors, 10 Crates of Silksteel and Premium Van Azek Ore and 15 crates of Premium Carbonic, Heliocene, and Lanthanic Ore
  6. Seeker Flares do not reload, one time use of up to 1800pt damage.
  7. The Xang Xi Self-Propelled Concussion Launcher is granted after the completion of a mission offered by Xang Xi stations.

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