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Turret Ports

Capital ships, such as the Trident and Goliath, as well as some versions of the Atlas and Behemoth ships have player-controllable turrets. When the port is left empty, these turrets come with a Neutron Blaster, but these other addons can be fitted to upgrade it.

Energy Weapons

These turrets are only "Energy" weapons in the sense that they are essentially turret-port versions of the normal weapons of the same name. There is a built-in Neutron Blaster MKll turret, which has the advantage of not needing any grid. The Shield Turret is more of a counter-measure than a weapon. It fires transparent hexagonal shields that block incoming weapons fire. It can also "knock back" a pursuer with collision damage.

Type Damage Velocity Delay Mass Targeting Grid Energy DPS Level
Neutron MkII 600 195 0.14s built-in 5.7 0 4286 Built-in turret when no other is installed
Neutron MkIII 600 205 0.14s 400kg 5.7 4 4286 Mission[1]
Gatling Turret MkII 400 180 0.1s 2000kg 31.8 4 4000 4/-/4/-/-/
Gauss Cannon MkII 1100 190 0.4s 1000kg 11.5 4 2750 6/6/5/-/-
Capital Cannon 3000 240 1.5s 100kg 69.5 25 2000 -/-/-/-/-
Shield Turret 1 [2] 40 0.2s 10kg 69.5 4 0 -/-/-/-/-
Power Cell Blaster 0 [3] 215 0.15s 100kg 31.8 4 0 Mission[1]

Missile Launchers

Type Damage Velocity Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo Lifetime Range Grid Level
FireCracker 200 120m/s 1.5s 400 30m Contact 6 20s 2400m 4 Mission[1]
Gemini 950 80m/s 1.5s 400 25m Proximity (10m) 18 20s 1600m 4 -/4/-/-/-
Capital Swarm 3000 80m/s 10s 2500 30m Proximity (25m) 120 30s 2400m 35 -/-/-/-/-

Capital Rail Cannon

Fires high-velocity xithricite rounds (requires Leviathan Hunter II)

Rail Cannon Damage Speed Energy Delay Mass Targeting Ammo Range Cu Level
Capital 10000 400 m/s 250/blast 2.5 s 25000 kg 0.0 300 4000m 80 5/6/-/-/-
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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Neutron MkIII, FireCracker Missile, and Power Cell Blaster turrets are obtained by doing manufacturing missions at the Conquerable Stations.
  2. The Shield Turret does no damage directly, but instead fires flat, hexagonal shields that move with your ship. However, ships can be damaged by colliding with the shields.
  3. The Power Cell Blaster Turret drains the power cell at a rate of 60 per blast.