Goliath class freighter

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A Goliath freighter ship

The Goliath class freighter is the smallest capital ship vessel. As far as capital ships go, they are surprisingly quick, but lack armor and have very small shields. They have 1 Large port and 3 Turret ports. A Docking bay is located underneath the ship.

Game Description

Player Construction

While not as involved as the Trident Frigate to manufacture, you still need a rather comprehensive list of items to create the Goliath. A list of what is needed can be found on the Vendetta Online Forums.


To use commands, send a message ouside of Goliath in this format: /msg "* <shipname>" <command>

All commands are ignored if they are given while the ship is jumping/warping, resulting no message response. When a character name is given, the character must be in radar range of the ship in order to work.

Command Description
park Stop all action
follow Ship follows the owner inside and between sectors.
follow "name" Ship follows the named character inside and between sectors.
attack "name" Ship attacks the named character if they are another capship.
attack hostile Ship attacks any hostile capship.
defend "name" Ship will follow the named character and attack capships that damage the named character.
cease fire Stop attacking. Same as park.
patrol Ship will fly around the sector.
prepare for docking Ship will orient itself so that its docking bay is facing towards the owner.
mine Ship will get close to an asteroid and mine it with whatever mining gun is attached to its large or small ports. No mining xp is given, and the ship will stop when it's cargo is full. The ship will attempt to mine the asteroid that the owner has targeted, otherwise it will randomly choose an asteroid nearby.
turbo Ship will turbo in the direction it is facing for 10,000 meters and then stop.
gather <ore/ ferric/silicate/carbonic/aquean/ xith/vanazek/ishik/lanth/pyronic/ apicene/denic/pentric/helio/ none> Ship will pick up floating ore. Multiple ores can be seperated by commas. Only works when the owner is in the same sector.
and <additional command> Ship will attempt to perform new command with current command(s).
jettison Ship will jettison items from the cargo hold, aside from ships in the hanger. Only works when the owner is in the same sector.
shield Ship reports current shield strength or when they will be repaired.


Variant Level Armor Shield Cargo Docking Weapons Mass Length Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy Turbo Thrust Grid
Goliath Capship Manufacturable at Combat 5 600,000 Armour 32000 Shields 600 cu Yes 1 Large Port, 3 Turret Ports 2,350,000 KG 120 m 15,000 N 40 m/s 6,000 N 140 m/s 45/s 18000 N 55

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