Aerna Seeker

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Aerna Seekers are the special kamikaze ships that make up Strike Forces. They will fly toward their enemies at a high rate of speed and then release a very short-range, high-yield explosive which kills them and either kills or heavily damages their target.


Weapon XP Combat XP Hull Strength Mass Weapon Ports Max Speed Turbo Speed License ALA
20 _ 20 8kg 1 small 55 m/s 250 m/s 4/0/4/0/0 4,7,10

Aerna Seeker Drops

Allmissiles.png Seeker Flares Damage Speed Energy Delay Mass Splash Radius Detonation Ammo
100 120m/s 0/blast 1.5s 1000kg 50m Proximity (100m) 18