Station Guards

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A Serco Station Guard

Station Guards are found guarding almost every station. They fly modified vultures with a 212m/s maximum speed, infiniboost and a high-powered Neutron Blaster-type weapon. If a player who is Hated or KOS with the Station Guard's faction enters the sector, the Station Guard will call in the Strike Force for help.


Weapon XP Combat XP Hull Strength Mass Weapon Ports Max Speed Turbo Speed License ALA
_ _ 8300 5400kg 2 small 55 m/s 212 m/s 20/20/10/0/0 3,4,7,9

Station Guard Drops

All ion blasters.png Law Enforcement Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Port Targeting DPE
635 208 14/blast 0.13s 400kg S Good 45.36