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Armed with several capital gauss cannons on its dorsal and ventral sides, as well as heavy shielding, the Leviathan is easily the single most deadly entity within the Hive's hierarchy. This monstrosity should not be engaged by solo pilots; typically an assault force of more than three or four pilots is required to damage the Leviathan beyond repair. More pilots are recommended for most efficient results.

Developer's Desk From the desk of John "Incarnate" Bergman -- Leviathan (Taken from: Design Wiki)
The embodyment of the Hive. The Leviathan is a massive creature, on the scale of a large capital ship, heavily defended both by its own means and by its many minions. Created by the joining of many minor Hive drones into a single creature, when fully completed it becomes a single contiguous being and bears no likeness to the nature of its creation. Creator of the Hive Queens.

The Leviathan rarely stirs from its Stronghold, surrounded by large clouds of its many lesser minions, which often adopt geometric flight patterns around its vast bulk.


Weapon XP Combat XP Hull Strength Mass Weapon Ports Max Speed Turbo Speed License ALA
4000 _ 3000000 _ turrets _ m/s _ m/s 40/40/40/0/0 10

Court of the Leviathan

Leviathan w/ Queen

The giant worm-like Leviathan is always accompanied by a number of Hive Queens that are referred to as the Court. Destruction of one of the Court's Hive Queens will cause another to be constructed to take its place; pilots should keep this in mind when attempting to assault the Stronghold.

Developer's Desk From the desk of John "Incarnate" Bergman -- The Leviathan's Court (Taken from: Design Wiki)
The Leviathan is always surrounded by four Hive Queens. Whenever a Queen is dispatched to rule a new Bastion, another Queen is created to take her place in the Court. The Court sees to the maintenance of the other minions within the Stronghold, and act as destinations for those remote Collectors who have no other Queens nearer to their respective Settlements.

Minions of the Leviathan

Typically the Stronghold is filled to the brim with a number of smaller Hive drones, including Orun Collectors, Fennus R-12 Observers, Valent A-47 Assaults, Fennus R-18 Guardians, and Helman K-3 Overseers. No other drones have been sighted in Strongholds to date.

Developer's Desk From the desk of John "Incarnate" Bergman -- The Leviathan's Minions (Taken from: Design Wiki)
The Stronghold is filled with as many as a hundred other minions of various types. Observers are always associated with sightings of Leviathans, worshipping in large patterns, lending further credence to their nickname of "Eyes of The Leviathan". Collectors, Assaults, Guardians and Overseers fill out the rest of the living colony.

How to Kill

Killing a Leviathan is impossible without a group of at least three or four pilots with their pick of equipment. Outfit your Ragnaroks with the highest damage ordinance in the game. Park your ships at 5000m, which is just far enough to be out of radar range. Make sure you have no target selected. Have one player count down, and lock your turbo on at the same time. When you reach 3000m (you can tell by watching your sector list), begin firing. Do not deactivate your turbo until the shield has fallen, or you have failed and need to try again. Note: do not target the Levi with guided missiles; these will fly faster if left unguided. Your goal is to deal the maximum possible damage in the minimum possible amount of time. More players obviously makes this task easier. With enough players, a group could theoretically use energy weapons. The Leviathan has two blind spots, one at each end, that makes the use of energy weapons easier. However if you are using rockets in your attempt to drop the Leviathan's shields and fail, the concussive force from the rockets will cause the Leviathan to move slightly, so it will become increasingly difficult to coordinate an effective attack without being caught off guard by its turrets.

According to some players it is possible to solo a Leviathan. However, if you do, it's really hard[1] and you're probably a badass.[2]