Strike Force

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A Serco Strike Force

Strike Forces are almost identical to Station Guards, except in their AI. A Strike Force will chase a Hated or KOS player across multiple sectors and even sometimes multiple systems. They are violent and much more intelligent than Station Guards. They also have more allies- it is rare to see Strike Forces without their kamikaze Aerna Seekers.


Weapon XP Combat XP Hull Strength Mass Weapon Ports Max Speed Turbo Speed License ALA
_ _ 8300 5400kg 2 small 55 m/s 210 m/s 4/2/0/1/0 3,4,7,9

Strike Force Drops

All ion blasters.png Law Enforcement Damage Velocity Energy Delay Mass Port Targeting DPE
635 208 14/blast 0.13s 400kg S Good 45.36